Creative Users Projects explores the intersection of art and design, accessibility, and disability. Creative Users Projects is a shapeshifter, cultural connector and sector builder of disability arts and accessible curatorial practice. Our work stems from a desire to activate art and make visible an inclusive arts culture.

Throughout all our projects, Creative Users Projects aims to bridge disability, accessibility and arts communities by:

  • Creating opportunities for art-making, mentorship and co-creation.
  • Cultivating the visibility of artists with disabilities as well as the spaces that are built with different bodies in mind.
  • Helping to mobilize change of both the built environment and the way we think about space towards creating more accessible communities.
  • Building opportunities for artists and art lovers to network, connect and see themselves represented in Canada’s cultural arts scene.

The Creative Users Projects Team

image of Lindsay FisherLindsay Fisher

Lindsay is a multi-disciplinary artist, curator, and producer working in the arts and not-for-profit sector. Lindsay’s devotes most of her time exploring creative ways that accessibility aesthetics impacts curatorial arts, arts culture and design thinking. As an artist with a disability, Lindsay is motivated by a desire to build more opportunities and spaces with different bodies in mind and to highlight the ways that activism and disability arts culture is reshaping Canada’s arts ecology. Lindsay holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University and a Bachelor of Graphic Design from OCAD University.


Image of Emily ServaisEmily Servais
Outreach and Development Manager

Emily is the Outreach and Development Manager at Creative Users Projects. With a background in the public sector, she has worked for the federal government and in higher education, researching, designing and developing accessible websites, virtual exhibitions and content. She has a keen interest in the intersection of access and design, and the human factors of sustainability.


Board of directors

Image of Alex BulmerAlex Bulmer is an award-winning Canadian writer, performer and art maker. She has written for CBC radio, BBC radio, film and television and UK Channel 4. Alex has worked locally with Buddies, Nightwood, Theatre Centre, and internationally with Royal Court Theatre, the London 2012 Olympics, Polka Theatre and Graeae Theatre Company. She is also the artistic director of the UK based company, Invisible Flash. Alex is a fellow of the Winston Churchill Trust and was named one of the UK’s most influential disabled artists in 2014. Alex celebrates the infusion of disability into the arts and welcomes participatory design for a more inclusive world.

Sean Lee speaking at art openingSean Lee is part of a new generation of artists, curators and arts leaders bringing fresh perspectives to the contemporary art field. Working in performance art and using the body as a medium, his practice negotiates the realities and inevitable conclusions drawn surrounding his identity as a queer, Asian and disabled artist. Sean was the inaugural Curator in Residence in 2017 at Tangled Art Gallery and is now their Gallery Manager. Working for Tangled has shown that the diversity of those who help bring the arts to Ontario is as vital as that of the artists that create work and the communities that are touched by it. Creating inroads into the profession can remove barriers to access and help make for an inclusive cultural landscape that benefits everyone.