Past Events

January 26, 2020 Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story


Wild, witty and wonderfully inventive, this fusion of concert and drama tells the true tale of Chaim and Chaya, Jewish refugees from the pogroms of Romania. They meet in 1908,… Read More

January 26, 2020 Mother’s Daughter

Relaxed performance. Keep your enemies close, and your family closer. The Tudor throne is empty, and three would-be Queens contend for the crown. Sisters turn against each other in a… Read More

January 25, 2020 Queer Blind Date


The smash hit Blind Date returns to the High Performance Rodeo, with a wild twist! There’s nothing like the thrill of a first date… anything can happen! In this reimagined… Read More

January 25, 2020 The Shoplifters

Meet Alma, a career shoplifter who prefers the “five-finger discount” over any senior citizen’s deal. When a grocery store theft goes awry, her elaborate life of petty crime is halted… Read More

January 24, 2020 Certified


Comedian and certified insane person JD Derbyshire turns the audience into a mental health review board to help determine her current state of sanity. Jointhis irreverent fun of JD’s hilarious… Read More

January 24, 2020 No Languages Allowed

In conjunction with Seeing Voices Montréal, we are excited to, once again, to present No Languages Allowed! This exciting, exclusively silent improv show features Deaf performers from Seeing Voices Montreal,… Read More

January 22 - January 24, 2020 HAMLET (The Rest Is Silence)

Six different actors take turns inhabiting the role of Hamlet in this one-person-plus-visuals-plus-audience adaptation, set in the intimate dining room of Dalnavert Museum. From the company that brought you Hedda… Read More

January 21 - January 25, 2020 The Democratic Set


This is not a performance—it’s a model for the way we could live. In The Democratic Set, members of the local community are invited to help make a movie. The… Read More

January 18 - January 19, 2020 Fully Committed

Nobody wants to hear that a multiple-award-winning, ridiculously trendy restaurant is fully committed and can’t take a booking. When New York socialites and international a–listers wish to dine on the… Read More

January 18, 2020 Morro and Jasp: Save the Date


“You’re the only forever I’ve ever known.” Does saying “I Do” to someone new mean saying “I Don’t” to each other? For better or for worse, the sisters have to… Read More

January 16, 2020 Consumption Patterns


Take vacations. Shower regularly. Befriend the nanny. Hire a sex worker. Buy art. Murder the planet. Retire. Get comfy as a panicked CEO takes a surreal journey through the product… Read More

January 15 - January 19, 2020 49th Day


49th Day takes us to a cemetery in Việt Nam, where a young woman makes offerings and performs rituals for her deceased grandmother. A poetic investigation of intergenerational trauma and… Read More

January 15, 2020 Tita Jokes


Relaxed performance. Tita Power! One of the sell-out hits of the 2019 Toronto Fringe, Tita Jokes is back and better than ever. Featuring new sketches, new songs, and a sixth… Read More

January 14 - January 24, 2020 Crave

Written by uncompromising UK playwright Sarah Kane, Crave is a dizzying one-act story of love, loss, and desire. Four parts of a fragmented psyche spin through their obsessions about sex,… Read More

January 12, 2020 Call for Submissions

Deadline: January 12, 2020 Hamilton Artists Inc. (The Inc.) is seeking dynamic proposals from artists, collectives and curators at various stages of their careers for its exhibition platforms and public… Read More

January 12, 2020 The Land, The Animals


From the creative force that brought you last year’s High Performance Rodeo smash hit Live Your Prime, with Damien Frost comes an elegant comedy like no other. This timely tale… Read More

January 12, 2020 Anastasia

From the Tony Award®-winning creators of the Broadway classic Ragtime, this dazzling show transports us from the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s,… Read More

January 8 - January 19, 2020 Literally Titanium


Literally Titanium poses a question: In the age of body positivity, where does chronic illness fit? Throughout the cabaret-style show, multi award winning disabled artist Ophira Calof plays her body… Read More

January 4, 2020 The Paper Bag Princess

Prairie Theatre Exchange continues a holiday season tradition of bringing the indelible and charismatic characters of Robert Munsch to vibrant life on the stage. This year, we are excited to… Read More

January 2, 2020 Peter Pan

When Wendy, Michael and John find themselves whisked away to Never-you-mind-land by a mysterious flying boy, they have no idea what awaits them: peculiar pirates, a posse of Underdog Kids,… Read More

January 2 - January 3, 2020 Elf The Musical

ELF – The Musical is the hilarious tale of Buddy the Elf, who as a child mistakenly crawled into Santa’s bag of gifts and was transported to the North Pole.… Read More

January 2 - January 4, 2020 The Paper Bag Princess

Prairie Theatre Exchange continues a holiday season tradition of bringing the indelible and charismatic characters of Robert Munsch to vibrant life on the stage. This year, we are excited to… Read More

January 1, 2020 RAFF Student Film Contest

Deadline: January 1, 2020 ReelAbilities Film Festival Toronto is holding a nationwide contest for students to submit their films related to disability and Deaf experiences. Submissions are accepted from students… Read More

December 28, 2019 A Year with Frog and Toad

Relaxed performance. Waking from hibernation, Frog and Toad plant gardens, swim, rake leaves, go sledding and learn life lessons along the way. Part vaudeville and part make believe, A Year… Read More

December 27 - January 3, 2019 Snow White

Relaxed performance. Snow White is a classic British Pantomime written by the incomparable and irreplaceable Ellie King with music written by her brilliant husband and partner-in-crime, Geoff King. It wouldn’t… Read More

December 24 - January 3, 2019 Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley

A holiday confection filled with classic Jane Austen charm, Miss Bennet is a modern sequel about the bookish middle child of the Bennets. While Mary starts to dream of a… Read More

December 15, 2019 Xenia Concert: The Rolston Quartet

Winners of the 2016 Banff International String Quartet Competition, the Rolston String Quartet is a classical music superstar ensemble that will grace the Xenia stage for the first time this… Read More

December 14, 2019 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Relaxed performance. The beloved TV classic RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER soars off the screen and onto the stage this holiday season. Come see all of your favorite characters from the… Read More

December 14, 2019 The Crucible

Relaxed performance. The Puritan town of Salem, Massachusetts appears to be beset by evil acts of witchcraft. An accusation explosively turns the community upon itself; consuming the guilty and innocent… Read More

December 14, 2019 Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)

Relaxed performance. A beleaguered academic and unlikely heroine is convinced that Shakespeare’s Othello and Romeo and Juliet were never meant to be tragic. A magical manuscript sweeps her through time… Read More

December 14 - December 21, 2019 Seal Slippers: A Hall Family Panto

Relaxed performance. The Hall Family Panto is back, this time blending the story of Cinderella and classic teen movies of the 80’s, with a dash of the traditional Newfoundland Mummers… Read More

December 14, 2019 Mother Goose Panto

Relaxed performance. Mother Goose, this year’s musical comedy Panto, is chock full of song, dance, comedy, improvisation and interactive fun! Mother Goose, played by SFT favourite, J.P. Baldwin, is a… Read More

December 14, 2019 Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Relaxed performance. The classic story is brought to life in this very special holiday experience. Hilarious and sometimes spooky, Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has been lovingly recreated for the whole… Read More

December 14, 2019 Junior Claus

Relaxed performance. Junior Claus is the only son of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Like many teenagers, Junior is reluctant to take over the family business. Unsure of himself, Junior puts… Read More

December 13 - December 14, 2019 Disney’s Mary Poppins

When the Banks children write an advertisement for a new nanny, little do they know who they’ll get: Mary Poppins! Her magic and charm turn the family’s lives upside-down, taking… Read More

December 11 - December 15, 2019 Every Brilliant Thing

She writes lists. Lists that she hopes will inspire her mother to see the joy in life. She’s been writing these lists since she was seven. A heartrending and hopeful… Read More

December 10, 2019 Buffoon

Relaxed performance. A Clown, a Trapeze Artist, a love triangle, a one-man tour-de-force performance. WATCH as Felix the clown takes you on a journey from cradle to grave. WITNESS a… Read More

December 10, 2019 Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America


There are 70 countries in the world where same-sex sexual activity is a crime. 6 of those countries impose the death penalty. Against this backdrop of intense homophobia, Unsettled chronicles… Read More

December 9, 2019 Forget Me Not


What makes a mother give away her baby? This is the big question in Sun Hee Engelstoft’s poignant heartbreaker of a film about three Korean women who have become pregnant… Read More

December 8, 2019 Ximei


In the 1990s, China launched a campaign to extract blood plasma from its citizens. The government paid villagers to donate blood, but most of the equipment was contaminated with HIV.… Read More

December 8, 2019 Rewind


When Sasha Joseph Neulinger was a young boy, he was sexually abused by his own uncles. Now a grown man, he steps behind the camera to direct a deeply personal… Read More

December 8, 2019 Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley

This charming Christmas story, and imagined sequel to Pride and Prejudice, centres around the Bennets’ middle child. Though Mary has the company of her books and piano, she dreams of… Read More

December 7, 2019 The Two Faces Of A Bamiléké Woman


The Bamileke people are a group native to Cameroon, who have maintained a distinct set of traditions and beliefs. Having spent years in Belgium, Rosine Mbakam returns to Cameroon with… Read More

December 7, 2019 The Great Mother


Nora Sandigo is the legal guardian of over 2,000 US-born children of undocumented immigrants. She holds the unwavering goal that if the parents are deported, she can keep their children… Read More

December 7, 2019 The Little Mermaid

Relaxed performance. Based on the beloved Disney film by the same name, Ariel, the little mermaid, rescues a human, Prince Eric, from drowning and falls in love with him. In… Read More

December 7, 2019 Little Women

Relaxed performance. Spanning one turbulent and joyful year in the life of the four March sisters, Little Women is an all-Canadian musical adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott classic novel.… Read More

December 6, 2019 Opening Night Presentation – 16 Bars


America is infamous for having the highest incarceration rate in the world. 16 Bars presents an alternative solution to the crisis through the universal language of music. Speech, from Grammy… Read More

December 6, 2019 Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical

Relaxed performance. Inspired by the twisted genius of Roald Dahl, the Tony Award-winning Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical is the captivating masterpiece from the Royal Shakespeare Company that revels in… Read More

December 6, 2019 Last Christmas

Relaxed performance. Last Christmas, Jake’s wife Marge was still alive and every ritual was observed. This year, between two feuding daughters and a delinquent grandson, Jake’s holidays will be anything… Read More

December 5 - December 8, 2019 Undaunted: Into the Open

Inspired by the sold-out success of RAW’s last two concerts (From Rage Comes 2013 and Crooked Lines 2016), Undaunted: Into the Open is a jam of both new originals and… Read More

December 5, 2019 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Relaxed performance. The thrilling, well-known tale takes four children from a dusty English mansion to a mythical, far-away world gripped in an epic battle between the forces of good and… Read More

December 5 - December 27, 2019 A Christmas Carol

Classic. Humbug. Scrooge. Spirits. Charity. It’s a frigid Christmas Eve and with a heart as cold as the freezing London winter, Ebenezer Scrooge is paid a visit from the spirits… Read More

December 4 - December 10, 2019 A Million Billion Pieces

When a touch could be a lifeline – or lethal – two 16-year-olds dare to tempt fate. Pria and Theo are isolated by a rare disease that could prove deadly… Read More

December 4, 2019 The Merchant of Venice

For blind or visually impaired audience members we provide pre-show Touch Tours and Audio Described Performances. A touch tour is an opportunity for tactile exploration of the theatre prior to… Read More

December 1, 2019 The Sound of Music

The hills are alive! One of the most powerful and romantic musicals of all time, The Sound of Music brims with beloved tunes such as “My Favorite Things,” “Do-Re-Mi,” “Climb… Read More

December 1, 2019 Community Day & AGM 2019

If you haven’t been to Propeller’s annual Community Day event, this is your chance! This afternoon has always been our favourite way to end the fall recreational term AND celebrate… Read More

November 30, 2019 Call for Artists

The Bluenose Ability Arts and Film Festival is putting a call out to all artists who would like to collaborate and be involved in our festival programming! Youth and adults… Read More

November 30, 2019 Unity (1918)

Relaxed performance. A deadly and mysterious plague erupts across the world. A small town in Saskatchewan finds the Spanish Flu knocking at its door. Infused with biting dark humour and… Read More

November 30, 2019 Cinderella

Relaxed performance. This re-telling of the timeless fairy tale will delight audiences of all ages. After losing her mother at a young age, Cinderella finds herself at the mercy of… Read More

November 30, 2019 Poly Queer Love Ballad

Relaxed performance. Nina is a polyamorous bisexual poet. Gabbie is a monogamous lesbian songwriter. When the two meet at an open mic night, they must reconcile their mutual attraction with… Read More

November 30, 2019 Bad Hats Theatre’s Peter Pan

Relaxed performance. Pirates. Lost Boys. A ticking crocodile. And a child who never wants to grow up. With live folk music, this imaginative adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s classic story is… Read More

November 30, 2019 Secret/e

Billi and the Officer: Billi has been the victim of a domestic assault. She is being interviewed by an Officer about the events leading up to the attack. As the… Read More

November 30 - December 14, 2019 East Van Panto: Pinocchio

Relaxed performance. When a lonely old ice-cream seller named Gelato is given a puppet by the mysterious Beckwoman of Commercial Drive, his dreams of having a child suddenly come true.… Read More

November 30, 2019 Frozen 2

Relaxed screenings. Cineplex Entertainment in partnership with Autism Speaks Canada is delighted to present Sensory Friendly Screenings. This program provides a sensory friendly environment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder… Read More

November 30, 2019 Beauty and the Beast

Relaxed performance. Audiences of all ages will be thrilled by this dramatic retelling of the classic tale through movement and music. Here we encounter two worlds – the domestic world… Read More

November 27, 2019 Sherlock Holmes and the Raven’s Curse

Sherlock Holmes is summoned to his childhood home to investigate a mysterious death, and to uncover the truth about an ancient family legend. Can he unravel the mystery before the… Read More

November 26 - December 7, 2019 Mr. Burns, a post-electric play

In a post-apocalyptic future with no electricity, no food, and no hope humans gather together to retell their favourite Simpsons episodes to survive. Part musical, part dark comedy and all… Read More

November 26, 2019 How to Crip the Arts 2

Curated by Tangled Art & Disability in How to Crip the Arts 2, participants will have the opportunity to explore the topic of disability aesthetics. They will also have a… Read More

November 24, 2019 Come From Away

It’s been called the “edge of the world.” The weather is wild, but the locals never lack for warmth. And it’s here, in Newfoundland, where a remote town became the… Read More

November 23, 2019 Persephone Bound

Persephone Bound is an epic story of survival that follows a young woman’s journey through three vivid realms: The Underworld — a college party that holds the painful memory of… Read More

November 23, 2019 Girl From The North Country

Duluth, Minnesota. 1934. A community living on a knife-edge huddle together in the local guesthouse. The owner, Nick, owes more money than he can ever repay, his wife Elizabeth is… Read More

November 23, 2019 Closing Night Film: Atlantics


In Senegal’s bustling capital, Dakar, two lovers sneak private moments with the urgency of youthful desire. Their time is limited, as Ada is soon to be wed to a wealthy… Read More

November 23, 2019 The Farewell


Chinese-born, U.S.-raised Billi reluctantly returns to Changchun to find that, although the whole family knows their beloved matriarch, Nai-Nai, has been given mere weeks to live, everyone has decided not… Read More

November 23, 2019 Life Without Basketball


Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir broke records and barriers on her way to become the first Division I athlete to play basketball while wearing hijab. When a controversial ruling ends her chances at… Read More

November 23, 2019 Under Construction


Struggling to find herself in the sprawl of urban Bangladesh, Muslim theatre actress Roya suffers from her husband’s wish for children and traditional life. Not interested in motherhood, she decides… Read More

November 22, 2019 nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up


Colten Boushie, a young Cree man, is murdered after entering Gerald Stanley’s rural property with his friends. Stanley’s subsequent acquittal captured international attention, raising questions about racism embedded within Canada’s… Read More

November 21, 2019 Homecoming Shorts Program


Welcome home! Never failing to impress with their perspectives through storytelling, Homecoming features the shorts and web series episodes of RPFF alumni and filmmakers based in Regent Park. This programme… Read More

November 20, 2019 Cripping the Arts in Canada: Artist Panel

Please join us for an artist panel featuring artists Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Rebecca Sweets, Yousef Kadoura, and Alex Bulmer. For this event, part of the Disability Studies at Ryerson Speaker… Read More

November 19, 2019 How to Crip the Arts 1

Neighbourhood Arts Network and RBC Foundation present a free workshop series showcasing inspiring artists, vibrant spaces, and valuable information to help artists make new connections, increase their capacity and learn… Read More

November 19 - November 24, 2019 Translations

All Bodies Dance Project in partnership with Boca del Lupo Presents: Translations, an immersive performance for small audience groups created in collaboration with VocalEye. Accessible to both blind and sighted… Read More

November 17, 2019 Bang Bang

Who gets to tell your story? Lila is a black police officer who shot a young unarmed black man. Tim is a white playwright who used the incident as a… Read More

November 17 - January 26, 2019 Stage Access

Stage Access gives participants an introductory experience in performing for the stage. Over the course of these workshops participants explore physical movement, areas of the stage, voice, improvisation, character exploration,… Read More

November 17, 2019 Tiny Treasures

Relaxed performance. Thirteen-year-old James is caring for his unwell mother while helping to raise his younger sister. When a school trip comes up, James has to choose between caring for… Read More

November 16, 2019 Mythic

A sensational new pop/rock musical for ancient and modern times! The relationship between a mother and her teenage daughter can be sheer hell – especially if that daughter is a… Read More

November 16, 2019 2-Spirit Cabaret

Back for a fourth year, the 2-Spirit Cabaret is a celebration of the strength, beauty, and talent of queer and 2-Spirit Indigenous people. Buddies and Native Earth present an evening… Read More

November 16, 2019 Klaus

Relaxed screening. A young postman forms an unlikely friendship with a reclusive toymaker in this animated Santa Claus origin story from Sergio Pablos, the creator of Despicable Me and Annie-winning… Read More

November 14, 2019 Raine Hamilton

Resonant, acoustic chamber folk with an otherworldly edge, and a lyric presence that cuts deep. Prism-clear vocals and strings; A combination of vocal agility and power. Raine’s new album, Night… Read More

November 14 - November 17, 2019 Eastside Culture Crawl

Alternative Creations Studio is opening its gallery doors once again for the Eastside Culture Crawl. This year’s festival is a celebration and a call to action. With a special exhibition… Read More

November 13 - November 16, 2019 Three Ladies

In her new play Three Ladies, Edmonton-based dramatist and poet Lady Vanessa Cardona uses monologue, ceremony, poetry, hip-hop and traditional Colombian dance to tell the story of how her life’s… Read More

November 10, 2019 Raine Hamilton Trio

Raine’s ethereal voice and lyrics are at the forefront of these powerful and relatable tunes, written both in English and in French. Alongside cello + double bass, and with Raine… Read More

November 10, 2019 Indigiqueer Cinema


This year, TQFF hosted its second Indigiqueer Filmmaking Intensive, led by Thirza Cuthand and Fallon Simard and in collaboration with Trinity Square Video. Three videos produced in the Indigiqueer Workshop… Read More

November 10, 2019 New Queer Canadian Cinema


This eclectic program of documentary and narrative works offer a glimpse into a dynamic spectrum of queer and trans communities in our Canadian settler society. In Another Feather in Her… Read More

November 9, 2019 An Evening With Raine Hamilton

With prism-clear vocals and strings, Raine Hamilton is a combination of vocal agility and power, as well as a charming and funny storyteller, often pairing her vulnerable tunes with engaging… Read More

November 9, 2019 Surfacing


This assortment of narratives showcases the talents of ten Canadian post-secondary students. Exploring varied themes such as transness, sex work, borders, and coming out, this program is an invitation into… Read More

November 9, 2019 Queer Rebels


Queer history and art often foreground rebellion, transgression, and sedition. The resistors among us are called to action by the indignities inflicted upon our communities. My Fuzzy Valentine recontextualizes a… Read More

November 9, 2019 Pier Kids


Filmmaker Elegance Bratton begins Pier Kids with a title card that reads: “In the wake of the Stonewall Riots of 1969, the world cheered the advancement of white queers and… Read More

November 9, 2019 Fantasies of the Real


In this program of mysterious queer and trans shorts, each film takes up themes of chaos, rupture, and entropy. Goodbye Fantasy sends two people on a voyage towards and beyond… Read More

November 8 - November 9, 2019 Sex & SexAbility

Slick and sassy, this cabaret will feature drag, stand up, mime, multi-media, dance, storytelling, sketch comedy, music, and more performed by a daring display of extraordinary performers. Both evening performances… Read More

November 8 - December 20, 2019 Body Farm

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About Body Farm Is that a mushroom, or his “peen”? Is that a pile of leaves or a pile of bones? Is that the “trunk” of the body? Valentin Brown… Read More

November 8, 2019 Migration & Diaspora

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Origin and end-point become difficult to distinguish for queer and trans migrants. When the passage is from the Global South to the Global North, it becomes clear that the 5… Read More

November 8, 2019 So Pretty


Inspired by Ronald M. Schernikau’s German novel “so schön”, So Pretty marks the feature debut of trans filmmaker Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli. It frankly depicts the lives of four queer… Read More

November 8, 2019 Porn is So Boring


For many queer and trans people, sex is the backbone of our identity. The works in this program delve into strange truths about what exactly happens when we seek pleasure.… Read More

November 7, 2019 A Splendid Frame


The innovative films in this program fracture the typical coming out narrative into something far more complex. Recalling the cool restrained tone of a CBC Radio documentary, The Common Fag… Read More

November 7, 2019 In the Shadows of Fences


In mass media representations of migrants and migration, headlines and statistics often erase the visceral lived experiences of migrants themselves. These four films depict distinctly vivid individual voices who teach… Read More

November 7, 2019 The Vagina Monologues

University of Calgary presents the seventh annual production of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, joining the global effort to stop violence against women and girls. The award-winning play is based… Read More

November 5, 2019 In Flanders Field

Relaxed performance. This stunning work was our inaugural Remembrance play in 2010, when it received a Betty Mitchell Award nomination for Outstanding Production of a Musical. Based on the extraordinary… Read More

November 3, 2019 Almighty Voice and His Wife

Romeo and Juliet. Orpheus and Eurydice. Almighty Voice and His Wife. This powerful true story is shaken up and reimagined into an eloquent tale of tragic love and a fully… Read More

November 2, 2019 Curious George

Relaxed performance. Curious George: The Golden Meatball is a loveable adventure, specifically designed for young audiences, that is sure to leave them singing and swinging down the aisles. ​All You-Can-Eat… Read More

November 2, 2019 In Search of Signed Music

ASL Community of Niagara / Deaf Culture Centre present a special engagement of “In Search of Signed Music: An Anthology of the Work of Ian Sanborn” Master of Ceremonies: Dr.… Read More

November 1 - November 2, 2019 This London Life

This London Life is a story of identity—mistaken and otherwise—and how, sometimes, the worst of mistakes can lead to the best of outcomes. The Grand Theatre has commissioned Governor General’s… Read More

November 1, 2019 A Day in Bohemia

Relaxed performance. Bedrich Smetana: Overture to The Bartered Bride (Prodaná nevesta) Antonin Dvořák: Symphony No. 6 in D major Travel behind the scenes at a Friday morning matinee with an… Read More

October 31, 2019 CUE 2019 Grant Cycle

Deadline: October 31, 2019 at 11:59 P.M. Grants for new-generation artists living and working on the margins. Apply for up to $1000 to produce an art project in any discipline.… Read More

October 31 - November 2, 2019 Prescription: Murder

Providing the inspiration for the TV series Columbo, the theatrical predecessor Prescription: Murder tells the story of a brilliant psychiatrist and his mistress who hatch a plot to murder his… Read More

October 30, 2019 Come Down From Up River

Relaxed performance. Shaver Bennett has lived a rather solitary life as a logger in the woods of northern New Brunswick. One day he arrives at the doorstep of the daughter… Read More

October 30, 2019 Iceland

This powerful one-act, Canadian-born piece follows three expertly written, imperfect characters through their relationships with money, greed and righteousness. Told through three interconnected monologues, this dark comedy explores humanity and… Read More

October 29, 2019 Launchpad 3.0 – Drawing Power


Join us in celebrating our artists’ works before they travel to the Tracing Possibilities Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico! Launchpad 3.0 is a great opportunity to view the artwork being showcased… Read More

October 28 - December 16, 2019 Tabletop Tutorials

A sister program to Dungeons & Dragons designed for teens and young adults with developmental disabilities and/or ASD but open to all. Engage in other table top games & develop… Read More

October 27 - December 1, 2019 Stand-up Comedy & Disability: Part 1

Have you always wanted to try stand up comedy? If you are a person with a disability who loves to make people laugh, our 2-part Stand-up Comedy and Disability program… Read More

October 27, 2019 See & Be Seen

See & Be Seen explores movement as a means of creative expression. This interactive performance exposes the audience to diversity, difference, and the power of dance. It widens the spectrum… Read More

October 26, 2019 Dracula: the Bloody Truth

Relaxed performance. Happy Halloween! A hysterical and thrilling comedy perfect for the season! Bram Stoker’s Dracula may be 122 Years old this year but Professor Abraham Van Helsing, MD, D.Ph.,… Read More

October 26, 2019 This Is War

Master Corporal Tanya Young, Private Jonny Henderson, Sergeant Stephen Hughes, and Sergeant Chris Anders serve in the Panjwaii district of Afghanistan. While holding this volatile region, they live through an… Read More

October 26, 2019 See & Be Seen

See & Be Seen explores movement as a means of creative expression. This interactive performance exposes the audience to diversity, difference, and the power of dance. It widens the spectrum… Read More

October 24 - October 26, 2019 Top End Wedding


An Indigenous lawyer Lauren lives in Sydney with her non-Indigenous boyfriend, Ned. They are madly in love and when Ned proposes they decide to get married immediately in Lauren’s home… Read More

October 24, 2019 When Colour Bursts Through


Join us for a night of heartfelt films and insightful conversations as we explore the challenges and victories of living with disabilities. In partnership with posAbilities, Cineworks presents three new… Read More

October 21 - October 22, 2019 Theatre and Accessibility in a Digital World

The Arts Club Theatre Company in partnership with the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival will host a two-day symposium titled “Theatre and Accessibility in a Digital World.” The goal… Read More

October 20, 2019 Tale of The Sea

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This delicate and quiet film, part family drama part homage to older Iranian artists, comes from veteran director Bahman Farmanara. Taher Mohebi, a well-known writer, breaks down after witnessing a… Read More

October 20, 2019 Expressions: The 4th Art Show


Returning for its 4th year, the art show has become a much-anticipated gathering for art-lovers of the Addus community and beyond. “Expressions” features over 30 original works by artists of… Read More

October 20, 2019 Spider’s Web

Relaxed performance. In her second most popular and long-running comedy thriller, the Grande Dame of Mystery brings us a lively young woman whose imagination can sometimes get away from her,… Read More

October 20 - October 22, 2019 The Mush Hole

Relaxed performance. A dance performance about truths of the Mohawk Institute Residential School. From award-winning choreographer, director and producer Santee Smith and the internationally acclaimed  Kaha:wi Dance Theatre  comes a story of truth,… Read More

October 19, 2019 The Birds

Relaxed performance. Two humans seeking a better way of life arrive in the fabled land of birds. Soon, they begin to recreate this newfound paradise in their own image, with… Read More

October 19, 2019 Laughter vs. the Universe


For our closing night event, Comedy Bar and Rendezvous With Madness are thrilled to team up for a one night only special comedy showcase designed to remind us that sometimes… Read More

October 19, 2019 Retrospekt (Retrospect)


Retrospect is a chaotic puzzle of an unreliable narrator’s memories, anarchic bursts of punk music, sporadic and shredded timeline. And yet, in the heart of the story are Mette and… Read More

October 19, 2019 If You Ask Me (IYAM)

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Get Mad: IYAM shorts and 1-on-1 Professional Development talks For the third consecutive year, If You Ask Me (IYAM) has supported emerging filmmakers with mental health and/or addiction experiences to… Read More

October 19, 2019 Irene’s Ghost

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Closing Night Film Irene’s Ghost is a stunning 6-years-in-the-making documentary that follows a son’s search to find out about the mother he never knew. Cunningham breaks the silence and tracks… Read More

October 19, 2019 DEEP 2019

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Objective: Designing Enabling Economies Policies (DEEP) is an annual event to dig more deeply into emerging complex or “wicked” problems and opportunities that require multi-perspectival collaboration and insights from a… Read More

October 19, 2019 Bed & Breakfast

When Brett inherits a family estate, he and his partner, Drew, move to a quiet little tourist town to set up a B&B. But will these big city boys face… Read More

October 19, 2019 Age, Ableism and Art


In her final act as the Varley Art Gallery’s Community Artist in Residence, Golboo Amani hosts Age, Ableism and Art, on Saturday, October 19, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. A… Read More

October 18, 2019 Edmonton Art Show and Sale

Join us as we host our 11th annual art exhibition and sale. This exhibition is presented by ATB Financial and offers guests a way to experience the visual imaginings by… Read More

October 18, 2019 Junha’s Planet


Junha is a 4th grader who doesn’t make friends easily. Afraid he will attack or spit on them, his classmates keep their distance. Junha’s teachers spend most of their time… Read More

October 18, 2019 Kabul, City in the Wind


In this subtle and beautiful documentary portrait, first time feature film director Aboozar Amini captures the everyday lives of 12-year old Afshin and his younger brother Benjamin alongside bus driver… Read More

October 18, 2019 Private Lives

Divorced for five years, Elyot and Amanda are reunited by chance – while honeymooning with their new spouses. Succumbing to raging ex appeal, they run off together to Paris, only… Read More

October 17, 2019 M

, ,

Menahem Lang is an Israeli actor with a tragic past. He was raped as a child by several older men from his own community. Lang grew up in the Haredi… Read More

October 17, 2019 Community Art Night

Free monthly community drop in event. All art materials are supplied and individuals of all ages and abilities are invited to the accessible Cool Arts studio to get creative. More… Read More

October 17 - December 12, 2019 8-Week Company Workshop 2019

Join the Momo Movement ensemble in their 8-week company workshop series. Momo is excited to host guest facilitators who will teach dancers about clowning, creative movement and play, hip-hop, DanceAbility… Read More

October 16, 2019 2019 National Awards Ceremony


Join JRG Society for the Arts at our National Awards Ceremony. We will present the 2019 Emerging Artist Grant and the 2019 Atlantic Filmmaker Award. Refreshments, art exhibit, live music… Read More

October 15, 2019 Chaos


Winner of the Golden Leopard Award at the 2018 Locarno Film Festival, Chaos tells the story of three women in three cities and asks: what’s the effect of war on… Read More

October 15 - October 25, 2019 The Birds & the Bees

Sarah, a turkey farmer, has split up with her husband and moved in with her mom, Gail, a beekeeper. Add in Earl, the flirty neighbour, and Ben, an eager young… Read More

October 15, 2019 Calls for Artists

The Adams Prize for Musical Theatre Deadline: October 15, 2019 at noon Sponsored by the Pat and Tony Adams Freedom Fund for the Arts, this is a contest for composers/playwrights… Read More

October 15, 2019 An Evening in the Key of B

BALANCE is a support organization providing customized, specialized services to increase independence and community engagement for persons who are blind or living with sight loss. We have been providing support… Read More

October 13, 2019 The Band’s Visit

The Band’s Visit is a joyously offbeat story. Set in a town that’s way off the beaten path, a band of musicians arrive lost, out of the blue. Under the… Read More

October 13, 2019 509

Relaxed performance. 509 is a powerful story that weaves the personal experiences of MT7 Artistic Director Justin Many Fingers with a Blackfoot story told to him as a child. The… Read More

October 13 - October 25, 2019 Hilot Means Healer

Set in Manila, during World War II, and drawn from the long tradition of Philippine folklore, legends, and Indigenous spirituality, HILOT weaves the tangible with the intangible to tell a… Read More

October 12, 2019 In Search…


Director Beryl Magoko underwent Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as a child. Unlike many of her peers, she wasn’t forced into it. Feeling pressured by societal expectations, Beryl went through FGM… Read More

October 12, 2019 Piaf/Dietrich

Edith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich were two of the greatest names in international show business during the early 20th century. The first of them enchanted the world with her singing,… Read More

October 11 - October 20, 2019 Psychosis


PSYCHOSIS is inspired by the investigation of Ronald’s mental health episode in Canada and pulls into the present to explore an awareness of adversity, reconciliation and resilience. By connecting relationships… Read More

October 11, 2019 Foxy


Hair is just keratin protein and dead skin cells. Yet beauty standards today and historically have made hair and its appearance a signifier of status. When you are dissatisfied with… Read More

October 11 - October 20, 2019 In This House


Charlie is looking for happy, Remi is a struggling musician and bartender who has clinical depression, Jinx is a burlesque performer and PHD candidate who works at The Orange Balloon,… Read More

October 10, 2019 INCLUSION Art Show & Sale

posAbilities is proud to present its 15th Annual INCLUSION Art Show & Sale. October is Community Inclusion month in BC and we welcome you to join us for BC’s largest… Read More

October 10, 2019 The Role of the Amputee in Integrated Dance

An interactive presentation by Lawrence Shapiro, presented by All Bodies Dance Project. “An engaging one hour examination into this underrepresented population in contemporary performance art” – Prof. Sarah Watkins, Centre… Read More

October 10, 2019 Conviction


Bianca Mercer is one of many women affected by Canada’s ineffective prison system. With more resources being invested into prisons than communities, women have become the highest growing prison population… Read More

October 10, 2019 Dancing Lessons

Relaxed performance. Heartwarming and humorous, Dancing Lessons centers on a geophysics professor with Asperger’s syndrome who approaches a Broadway dancer to teach him how to dance for an awards dinner.… Read More

October 9 - October 27, 2019 The Election

In 2015, a group of theatre makers infiltrated the Canadian Federal Election as volunteers for three major political parties and documented their interactions. Exploring the intersection of Indigenous, Settler and… Read More

October 8, 2019 Crip Horizons: Disability Art Futurism

Radical. Disruptive. The Last Avant-Garde. The emergence of the Disability Arts movement has been pivotal to reframing our understanding of disability. Mobilizing art’s transformative possibility, Disability Art has brought with… Read More

October 6, 2019 The Children

Robin and Hazel are two retired nuclear scientists, living in a seaside cottage on the east coast of England. But all is not as it seems. Their electricity is restricted… Read More

October 6 - October 11, 2019 A Thousand Splendid Suns

In this sweeping tale set in war-torn Afghanistan, two women’s lives intersect through fate. The unlikely but extraordinary friendship of Laila and Mariam helps them cope with the tyranny and… Read More

October 5, 2019 Playing With Fire

Relaxed performance. You don’t need to know anything about hockey to love the exhilarating, heartbreaking and triumphant true story of courageous Canadian hockey legend, Theoren Fleury. With the odds stacked… Read More

October 5, 2019 Public Art Walk & Talk


Join Amy and Steph for a described tour of two outdoor public art installations in Olympic Village! We’ll spend about 15 minutes at each sculpture and finish the tour with… Read More

October 5, 2019 The Rainbow Fish

Relaxed performance. The Rainbow Fish will engage even the youngest child with his silver scales and heart of gold in this magical puppetry adaptation of Marcus Pfister’s award-winning book about… Read More

October 5, 2019 War of Art Group Reading

Kickstart is very excited to be hosting a free public group reading of the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. In this powerful, straight-from-the-hip examination of the internal… Read More

October 4 - October 5, 2019 Program 2


Shantala Shivalingappa featuring live music Shiva Tarangam by Shantala Shivalingappa Madras-born and Paris-based, acclaimed dancer Shantala Shivalingappa has trained in kuchipudi from a young age, with her mother, Savitry Nair,… Read More

October 4 - October 6, 2019 Program 3


The New Zealand Dance Company In Transit by Louise Potiki Bryant In this work, Māori choreographer, dancer and video artist Louise Potiki Bryant evokes a textured weave of earth and… Read More

October 4, 2019 Calgary Art Exhibition and Sale

Join us as we host our 9th annual art exhibition and sale. This exhibition is presented by ATB Financial and offers guests a way to experience the visual imaginings by… Read More

October 4 - October 10, 2019 O is for Orange


‘O is for Orange’ showcases a collaborative meditation on the skin of the fruit body, through the act of peeling. To contemplate the aspect of touch in care work, the… Read More

October 4 - November 2, 2019 Art Show & Sale


The Willow presents Art Show & Sale, featuring the work of Sarah Schulz, Lisa Forstinger & Amanda Plante. Support emerging artists living with mental illness/substance use. Featured artists set and… Read More

October 3 - December 8, 2019 Access is Love and Love is Complicated


CRITICAL DISTANCE and TANGLED ART+DISABILITY are pleased to present ACCESS IS LOVE and LOVE IS COMPLICATED, an exhibition and event series featuring Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Kat Germain, Wy Joung Kou,… Read More

October 2 - October 3, 2019 Program 1 Featuring Dare to Wreck


Toronto Dance Theatre with live music by Greg Harrison ​G.H 5.0 by Hanna Kiel Independent choreographer Hanna Kiel created GH 5.0 with Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT) at the invitation of… Read More

October 2, 2019 The Pink Unicorn

Some battles only a mother can fight. When Trisha Lee’s daughter announces that she is genderqueer, the small-town Texas widow’s world is upended. Suddenly at odds with her faith and… Read More

October 1, 2019 the8fest 13

Deadline: October 1, 2019 the8fest seeks your 8mm, Super 8, 9.5mm or other small gauge film projects (such as loops and installations) for our 2020 festival being held January 24th… Read More

September 30 - October 11, 2019 Layers


The FINA Art Gallery (1148 Research Road, UBCO) will host the third annual exhibition in partnership with Cool Arts Society in their gallery space this fall. The exhibition, Layers, will… Read More

September 29 - October 5, 2019 Fragments d’Ana

Relaxed performance. Fragments d’Ana is a celebration of life and memory. Falling somewhere between reality and fiction, the show subtly amd poetically explores the space of solitude, while appealing to… Read More

September 29, 2019 Walkabout Tour with David Bobier: Hands On!

Guest curator David Bobier leads an all-ages sensory tour of the vibrotactile art featured in new exhibit, VibraFusionLab: Bridging Practices in Accessibility, Art and Communications. About the exhibit: Experience sound… Read More

September 29, 2019 Film Camera Photography 101

Bring your camera and your questions to this interactive workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use their film SLR cameras in a more confident way, and… Read More

September 28, 2019 The Velveteen Rabbit

Relaxed performance. This enchanting version of the classic children’s story will touch your heart. Unbeknownst to Andrew’s grumpy nursemaid, there is a life to the playthings on the floor and… Read More

September 28, 2019 10 x 5: Artist Talk

In participation with BC Culture Days | Fête de la culture, Kickstart is thrilled to present for a second year 10×5: Artist Talk – 10 artists who identify as living… Read More

September 28 - November 23, 2019 Course Series in Inclusive Media

Course Series in Inclusive Media: Real-time Closed Captioning and Audio Description/Described Video Learn how to use the latest live closed captioning (CC) and audio description/described video (AD/DV) techniques and technologies… Read More

September 27 - September 29, 2019 The Joy of Sailing

This episode of AMI’s “Our Community” tells the story of the Okanagan chapter of the Disabled Sailing Association BC. The organization is made up of a group of passionate individuals… Read More

September 27 - September 29, 2019 Processing by Aiden Lee

My name is Aiden Lee. I am 15 years old, and I was born with Autism, ADHD and anxiety. This does not define me but instead adds colour to my… Read More

September 27 - October 9, 2019 Dafne


After her mother dies while the family is holidaying on the Tuscan coast, vibrant 35-year-old Dafne (Carolina Raspanti, magnetic), a supermarket clerk with Down syndrome, finds traditional father and daughter… Read More

September 26 - December 19, 2019 Disability on Film (Fall Session)

Disability on Film is a new series curated and hosted by Angelo Muredda, PhD in Cinema, University of Toronto. In this four-part series, see cinema through a critical lens on… Read More

September 25 - October 2, 2019 Noises Off

What typically goes on behind the scenes? Witness a group of actors humorously navigate their rehearsal just hours before performing British sex comedy “Nothing On.” This is an exhilarating farce… Read More

September 23, 2019 The Pianist of Willesden Lane

An exquisite musical memoir, The Pianist of Willesden Lane is based on the true story of a young Jewish musical prodigy, Lisa Jura, whose talent was her ticket to escape… Read More

September 21, 2019 The Unnatural and Accidental Women

Award-winning Métis-Dene playwright Marie Clements’ tender and provocative The Unnatural and Accidental Women courageously demands that we never forget the continuing crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls… Read More

September 21, 2019 Lethbridge Herald Author Stage

, ,

Participate in author readings, discussions, and activities, and shop in a marketplace that boasts the best selection of Canadian books and magazines you’ll find anywhere. There’s plenty to see and… Read More

September 21, 2019 Canadian Heritage Author Stage

, ,

Participate in author readings, discussions, and activities, and shop in a marketplace that boasts the best selection of Canadian books and magazines you’ll find anywhere. There’s plenty to see and… Read More

September 21 - December 21, 2019 Bust A Move Dance Party!

Come out once a month to meet new people, dance, and have fun! For youth 16-30 with developmental disabilities and/or ASD, and open to all. Dance party facilitated by Bust… Read More

September 21, 2019 Toronto Disability Pride March 2019

This year’s march is going to be a little different. On July 9, we lost our dear friend and fellow organizer Kevin Jackson, who is also the partner of another… Read More

September 21, 2019 Bodies In Resistance

At Bodies in Resistance we are centering the creative work and voices of bi+, pansexual, fluid and 2Spirit artists with lived experiences at the intersections of sickness, disability, race, gender,… Read More

September 21, 2019 YOU dance

Relaxed performance. The National Ballet of Canada’s YOU dance provides relaxed performances designed for audience members who may benefit from a more casual ballet experience, such as individuals who identify… Read More

September 17 - September 29, 2019 Broken Branches

Rachel runs away with her daughter, arriving unexpectedly at her childhood home; Jade spends more nights in the college art studio than she does in her own bedroom; the sudden… Read More

September 17 - November 19, 2019 Open House Sessions

Interested in joining as a Member Artist? Come to Rodman Hall Art Centre to learn more at one of our upcoming Open House sessions. No appointment required, first come first… Read More

September 15, 2019 Betrayal

Relaxed performance. Betrayal charts a compelling seven-year romance, told in reverse chronological order. Witness a love story unravel with poetic precision, rich humour and extraordinary emotional force. More information and… Read More

September 15, 2019 Perv Hunters


Police officers and best friends McNally and Rick have one duty: catching pervs. When the notorious Butt Photocopy Pervert continues to elude them, McNally goes off the deep end, jeopardizing… Read More

September 15, 2019 Opening Party: New Fall Exhibitions

Carleton University Art Gallery (CUAG) will host a party to celebrate the opening of its four new fall exhibitions. CUAG’s new exhibitions are: Rah: SuperNova; Olivia Johnston: Saints and Madonnas;… Read More

September 14 - September 21, 2019 Grant Writing Workshop

Join artist & arts consultant Elizabeth Chitty in this 2-day professional development series aimed at building skills & confidence in grant writing. These seminars are designed for our Emerging &… Read More

September 13, 2019 Othello

Undeterred by the differences in their backgrounds and life experiences, Othello and Desdemona defy prejudice to be united in marriage. But deadly malice lurks where the newlyweds least expect it,… Read More

September 13 - October 25, 2019 Ancestral Mindscapes

, ,

Ancestral Mindscapes is an autobiographical collaboration using video, sound and photography to explore the intersection of madness, indigeneity, colonialism, environmental destruction and the healing power of nature. Ancestral Mindscapes is… Read More

September 12 - September 14, 2019 No Foreigners

What does it mean to be a “foreigner” in your own community? Shopping malls become a portal into surreal worlds that carry the nuanced stories of loss and resilience from… Read More

September 10 - December 3, 2019 Community Youth Program

Participants in the after school art program will be offered exciting and fun art instruction employing a broad range of techniques and mediums. Artists will be given a chance to… Read More

September 10 - September 20, 2019 Vanessa Dion Fletcher: Curiosity and Quillwork


Vanessa Dion Fletcher’s solo exhibition Curiosity and Quillwork demonstrates an appreciation for repetition and pattern-making using and diverging from traditional quillwork forms. As a mode of working through complicated limitations… Read More

September 9 - October 14, 2019 Fall Dance Classes

You are invited to participate in BAMDance – Universally designed dance classes for children, teens and young adults with disabilities. What to expect: Each 6 week program will focus on… Read More

September 7 - September 15, 2019 Destiny, USA


When Laura moves from Toronto to Syracuse, New York, she wasn’t expecting to be residing in Trump’s America. Gaining her first job as a Relay operator for the Deaf and… Read More

September 6, 2019 Northern Lights

Join us this summer on Parliament Hill as key figures, events and achievements from Canadian history are brought to life against the backdrop of the Centre Block and Peace Tower.… Read More

September 6 - November 6, 2019 Automatisme Ambulatoire: Hysteria, Imitation, Performance

Curated by Amanda Cachia Works by Diane Borsato, Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz, Claire Cunningham, Brendan Fernandes, Every Ocean Hughes, My Barbarian “Automatisme ambulatoire,” or ambulatory automatism, is an expression that conjures… Read More

September 6 - September 14, 2019 Sound of Metal


Riz Ahmed is a noise metal drummer. Shirtless and full of coiled intensity, he hammers out ferocious sets with his girlfriend and bandmate (Olivia Cooke). But with each show, a… Read More

September 4 - September 22, 2019 Camille : Un rendez-vous au-delà du visuel

In this immersive work that circumvents our sense of sight, audience members follow the protagonist through a landscape of emotions and memories in which the intimate becomes tangible. This multisensory… Read More

September 1, 2019 This Man is an Island


A hot air balloon mishap leaves Evan stranded alone on a remote, uninhabited island with a terrifying companion…his own mind! His resourcefulness will be pushed to the limit as he… Read More

August 31, 2019 Pippin


Multiple Tony award winning Broadway musical Pippin tells the story of one young man’s music-filled quest to find the extraordinary at war, in love and via other such conquests and… Read More

August 31 - September 7, 2019 Tales from the East Coast


What happens when an American comes to Nova Scotia to visit his friend for a tour of the Maritimes? Come and have a good laugh as his friend teaches him… Read More

August 31, 2019 CRIP RAVE™ • 01

CRIP RAVE collective & Bricks & Glitter present: DJ Syrus Marcus Ware DJ Crip Time (aka Stefana Fratila) 3 N 3 R G Y (live set) crip rave™ • 01… Read More

August 31, 2019 The Rolston Quartet

Relaxed performance. The Rolston Quartet, winners of the 2016 Banff International String Quartet Competition (BISQC) will perform a relaxed concert on Saturday, August 31st at 11:00 a.m. at the Indefinite… Read More

August 30 - September 1, 2019 The World at our Feet


Erin Ball and Vanessa Furlong of LEGacy Circus present The World at our Feet, a contemporary circus story. Follow the journey of Erin and Legacy (Vanessa) as they discover how… Read More

August 29, 2019 Bring it On

Relaxed performance. Set in the high stakes world of competitive high school cheerleading, Bring It On: The Musical tells the story of Campbell, cheer captain and most popular girl at… Read More

August 29, 2019 Atrocities ‘R’ Us


The 2018 Montreal Fringe Creativity Award-winner presents intellectual and visceral performance art for the purpose of healing. In a time of mass extinction, standup tragicomedian/elderish person Tasha Diamant utilizes figurative… Read More

August 29, 2019 ASL Performance Night


Join us for a Bricks & Glitter sponsored event of a Deaf Queer Trans ASL Performance Night. More information on Facebook

August 27, 2019 Fringe Preview #2


Get ready for a second preview at Venue 3 with all-new shows arriving in the second week of the Fringe! It’s worth staying up late on a school night to… Read More

August 27 - August 31, 2019 LUB DUB


A variety show for the marginalized, angry, unseen. LUB DUB is unapologetic, political, fiercely entertaining. Centering experiences of Black, Filipino, Queer, disabled, low income folks, LUB DUB invites you to… Read More

August 26 - August 28, 2019 The Trophy Hunt


A rolling world premiere being performed in five Canadian cities, The Trophy Hunt is a dark comedy exploring who eats who in a world where everything is observed, everything a… Read More

August 26 - September 1, 2019 Destiny, USA


Creator of hit fringe show, Pitch Blonde! When Laura moves from Toronto to Syracuse, New York, she wasn’t expecting to be residing in Trump’s America. Gaining her first job as… Read More

August 25 - August 27, 2019 Art

There’s no accounting for taste… or friends. Lines are drawn when an extravagant purchase leads three life-long friends to question the bonds they’ve taken for granted. A sharp comedy about… Read More

August 25, 2019 LUB DUB


A variety show for the marginalized, angry, and unseen. LUB DUB is unapologetic, political, and fiercely entertaining. Centering the experiences of Black, Filipino, Queer, disabled folks, LUB DUB invites you… Read More

August 25, 2019 Queer ASL Workshop


Want to get your ASL on?! Want to learn queer and trans vocabulary in American Sign Language? This workshop is for you! More information on Facebook

August 24, 2019 FringeKids Fest 2019


This action-packed, interactive event introduces young Fringers to live performance and unleashes their creativity as part of the Victoria Fringe Festival. Paint the giant Cardboard Castle, get your face painted,… Read More

August 24 - August 29, 2019 Personal Demon Hunter


Personal Demon Hunter is an exploration and confrontation of anxiety through a mixture of storytelling, original music, stand-up and improvised comedy. It is a cabaret which contains moments of good-natured… Read More

August 24, 2019 Scaredy Cat


Award-winning storyteller Carlyn Rhamey (The ADHD Project) is afraid… of everything. Scary movies, haunted houses, the ocean, her job, wrinkles, death, FOMO, glitter, sleepovers, cheese graters, first graders, the cover… Read More

August 24, 2019 Dissection of a … Mixed Heritage Woman


Dissection of a Indian Aboriginal First Nation Indigenous Native Status Full-Blood Non-Status Halfbreed Métis Rez Urban Mixed Heritage Woman Which part belongs to who? Told through family and personal stories,… Read More

August 24, 2019 Unpacking Ableism in the Queer Community


The CRIP Collective presents a special Bricks & Glitter version of their Unpacking Ableism workshop! Unpacking Ableism addresses ableism within an intersectional framework, defines accessibility and accommodations, facilitates conversations around… Read More

August 23, 2019 ASL Cabaret


ASL Cabaret is honored to have their first international show as part of the Voices of Today Poetry Festival in Toronto Canada! With the help of Deaf Spectrum we are… Read More

August 22, 2019 If Beale Street Could Talk

In early 1970s Harlem, daughter and wife-to-be Tish vividly recalls the passion, respect and trust that have connected her and her artist fiancé Alonzo Hunt, who goes by the nickname… Read More

August 22, 2019 The Coast Is Queer


Our perennial local shorts program returns, highlighting the work of homegrown queer filmmakers both emerging and established. These short films range in genre and style, from documentary to narrative, animation,… Read More

August 22 - September 1, 2019 Dear Samantha


With 20,000 views and rising on her YouTube advice channel, the very modern and multiaward-winning spinster librarian Ms Samantha Mann spills the beans on her life as a semi-professional advice-giver.… Read More

August 22 - August 25, 2019 Destiny, USA


When Laura moves from Toronto to Syracuse, New York, she wasn’t expecting to be residing in Trump’s America. Gaining her first job as a Relay operator for the Deaf and… Read More

August 21, 2019 Fringe Eve Preview


The famous and free Fringe Eve Preview gives you a sampler of nearly all the shows on offer at the festival. Each show gets just two minutes to win you… Read More

August 21 - August 24, 2019 Bluebirds


Relaxed performance. 1917. France. Three Canadian nurses meet overseas to serve their beloved country in the devastation of The Great War. A moving, poetic tribute to the women who helped… Read More

August 20, 2019 Have We Met Before?


Longing, loneliness, serendipity, missed connections and parallel lives are the themes explored throughout this charming short film program. Have We Met Before? documents the history of queer men’s hook-up culture,… Read More

August 20, 2019 5 South


Relaxed performance. From the critically acclaimed company that brought you “Bountiful,” this captivatingly honest, and often hilarious, solo performance revisits the author’s journey in the psych ward, secluded away on… Read More

August 20 - August 27, 2019 The Winter’s Tale

Shakespeare in the Ruff brings one of Shakespeares most transformative plays, The Winters Tale, to Withrow Park. Moving from darkness to light, The Winters Tale magically explores forgiveness, repentance, and… Read More

August 19, 2019 Transfinite


This sci-fi anthology feature film is composed of seven stand-alone short stories where supernatural trans and queer people from various cultures use their powers to protect, love, teach, fight and… Read More

August 18, 2019 Cinderella

Artistic director Jeremy Webb ’s original musical comedy that’s fun for the whole family brought laughter to over 24,000 patrons on the mainstage; wowing theatre-goers with its toe-tapping songs, belly-laughs… Read More

August 18, 2019 The Bonds of Interest

The Bonds of Interest is a brilliant comic intrigue about two con artists who swindle an entire town of crooked merchants, powerful elites and grasping pretenders, all of whom will… Read More

August 18, 2019 TD Fringe Forward Award

Deadline: August 18, 2019 The Vancouver Fringe Festival, in partnership with Neworld Theatre and generously sponsored by TD Bank Group, are establishing this Award to recognize an excellent production that… Read More

August 18, 2019 No Box for Me: An Intersex Story


An estimated 1.7 percent of people are born with variations to their sex characterisitics that defy medical and societal perceptions of “male” and “female” bodies. Intersex people and their identities… Read More

August 18, 2019 Troublemakers 4.0


Our intergenerational film project Troublemakers is back for a fourth year! The Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Reel Youth and Love Intersections have gathered a fresh team of aspiring young filmmakers… Read More

August 18, 2019 Nothing to Lose


Nothing to Lose follows the fierce, fat, queer cast of Force Majeure’s award winning, groundbreaking dance theatre production of the same name. The film explores the inherent movement potential of… Read More

August 17 - August 30, 2019 Journey / Identity

Colleen McTigue lives and works in St. Catharines. She has been a member of the Willow Arts Community since June 2018. Primarily self-taught, she began pursuing visual arts in March… Read More

August 17, 2019 Closing Night Party

Say goodbye to another year of the Festival. Come for the drinks and celebration, and stay for the announcement of the SummerWorks Awards. More information on the SummerWorks website

August 17, 2019 Shift Change


Explore the heartbreaks and joys of the women who take centre screen in this program. Terminally In Love is a journey through the mind of Quinn, a neurotic stoner trying… Read More

August 17, 2019 Coming Into Our Own: Youth Shorts


Emerging queer, trans and gender non-conforming youth meet their lives head on in this collection of short films that showcase the diversity of experiences that they face every day with… Read More

August 16, 2019 The Merry Wives of Windsor


Pursuing two respectably married women at the same time, a would-be seducer fails to anticipate that his targets will, quite literally, compare notes. Nor has he reckoned on the mischievous… Read More

August 15 - September 14, 2019 Take 2: 2019 Members’ Show

Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba is proud to present their second annual members show Take 2. The 20 artists with disabilities in this exhibition represent 10% of our members. Our membership… Read More

August 14, 2019 SummerWorks Exchange Closing Reception

Converge at our final toast to SummerWorks Exchange 2019. An opportunity to reflect on learning, identify lingering questions, and make plans for future connection. More information and tickets

August 14, 2019 Cinderella

With a healthy dose of hilarity, this Tony Award winner combines the timeless songs you know and love with a fresh new take on the beloved fairly tale. Rediscover some… Read More

August 14, 2019 Long Table on Making Space


The Long Table is a dinner party where conversation is the only course. The format ingeniously combines theatricality and models for public engagement. This edition will close out this year’s… Read More

August 14, 2019 Open Studios

, ,

An opportunity to see new works in development. Six artists have been selected to share short excerpts of their next big idea with industry professionals and the general public. This… Read More

August 14, 2019 Public Good


Public Good is an interactive, participatory performance where the audience is asked to come to a collective agreement in the face of an unprecedented moment of conflict and change. In… Read More

August 13, 2019 Creating Sign Language Magic

, ,

Explore of the different ways of making theatre accessible to d/Deaf communities. Creating Sign Language Magic leads you through various methods of creating accessible sign language productions for d/Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing,… Read More

August 13, 2019 Info Fair

An opportunity to meet with and ask questions of funders before the next grant deadline as well as learn more about resources and initiatives impacting the community including. Coffee and… Read More

August 13, 2019 Cliff Cardinal’s CBC Special


You’re listening to the radio in your kitchen. The program moves from the host to the story, the story to the song. An evening of words and music with internationally-lauded… Read More

August 12, 2019 Industry Welcome

An opportunity to connect with colleagues, meet new artists and presenters, as well as learn more about SummerWorks and our partners. Coffee and snacks will be provided. More information and… Read More

August 12, 2019 Pitch Sessions


Six artists from a range of disciplines will share their performing arts projects with industry professionals and the arts community. An opportunity to discover exciting tour-ready works and large-scale projects… Read More

August 12 - August 17, 2019 Antarctica


A post-apocalyptic moment in the near future. Antarctica is being colonized as one of the last hospitable places on earth. 11 people born there in the last century are called… Read More

August 12, 2019 The Breath Between


“Run to the places where you are not welcomed; expand your body so it is all that they see.” Created by the young artists of The AMY Project 2019 theatre… Read More

August 11 - August 17, 2019 Wah Wah Wah


Through extreme physicality, tantrums, and pigs, a young queer woman grapples with the messiness of being violated. A gaze held too long, a dick pic in a DM, a hand… Read More

August 11 - August 15, 2019 Greenland


Receding ice levels off the coast of Greenland reveal that an area thought to be part of the mainland is actually an island. Meanwhile, a rift grows between the island’s… Read More

August 10 - August 18, 2019 Gender Reveal Party


You’re invited! Enact a garden party fantasy of gendered revelations, where the highlights and surprises shared are decided by the person doing the revealing (and where there are always more… Read More

August 10 - August 17, 2019 805-4821


Not all men are men. Welcome to the movies. 805-4821 is a trans coming out story made out of other stories: a dialogue from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a half-remembered swim lesson,… Read More

August 10 - August 16, 2019 Bonjour Hi


What if an audience was paid for contributing to an artwork? Four artists that blur disciplinary, linguistic and cultural borders, reflect on what it means to participate. Shifting between the… Read More

August 10 - August 12, 2019 CLOSER


A dance in public space for this post / not-so-post #metoo moment. Through forward motion (and some hard steps back), solidarity and connectivity are used as choreographic tools of propulsion… Read More

August 10, 2019 Found Messages for Public Spaces


Using Image Theatre of Theatre of the Oppressed, we will investigate our own personal challenges and social struggles to create short, concise messages/reminders, written stylishly on flat pieces of wood,… Read More

August 9 - August 14, 2019 Deafy


Nathan Jesper has flown in for his big talk and is desperately late. Upon arriving, he launches into his speech but things are soon found to not be what they… Read More

August 8 - August 22, 2019 Bell Manor Park Outdoor Film Series


Toronto Outdoor Picture Show heads to Etobicoke for the fourth and final location of its summer-long Dynamic Duos programme in parks across the city. On Thursday evenings in August, residents… Read More

August 8, 2019 Opening Night Party


SummerWorks kicks off the Festival with a big party. Join us for a wild night of music, dancing, performance, and all around revelry. More information and tickets

August 8 - August 14, 2019 burn, burned


After the revolution is won, after the burning of Babylon, and as the dust settles, what next? In a fictitious future, after decades of race wars, a cadre of revolutionaries… Read More

August 4, 2019 Vancouver Pride Parade 2019

A celebration. A protest. A party. A place to take up space. An opportunity to don our finest and shiniest. A chance to recognize how far we have come and… Read More

August 3, 2019 Glory

Relaxed performance. It is 1933 and four friends set out to prove that hockey isn’t just a sport for men. But with the Great Depression weighing heavily on the nation,… Read More

August 1 - August 30, 2019 The Ladykillers


Is it really so hard to kill one little old lady? Based on one of the best-loved British films of all time (featuring Alec Guinness), this comedy tour-de-force is set… Read More

July 28, 2019 Little Shop of Horrors


Skid Row florist’s clerk Seymour Krelborn is too shy to declare his love for his co-worker Audrey – until a mysterious exotic plant brings him unexpected fame and fortune. There’s… Read More

July 28, 2019 Snatch Game

Halifax’s favourite way to end pride: a show of full of laughter, lip-syncing and shade! Join us as some of the funniest drag performers come out to play the impersonation… Read More

July 28, 2019 Ensemble Made In Canada

Join us for this special summer Xenia Concert to hear the fabulous Ensemble Made In Canada performing a program that revels in the many cross-cultural influences that have shaped classical… Read More

July 27 - October 2, 2019 The Neverending Story


Hiding in a closet to avoid school bullies, ten-year-old Bastian becomes immersed in a strangely compelling book: the tale of a hero’s quest to save the realm of Fantastica from… Read More

July 27, 2019 Not Quite Sherlock


One Man, One Mystery, No Clue. In 2005, Chris Gibbs premiered this one-man comedy play about Victorian London’s most overlooked detective at the Winnipeg Fringe. It won Best of Fest.… Read More

July 26, 2019 If You Could Wear My Sneakers


Zookeeper Ed learns important lessons about animal (and human) rights in this delightful, poetic musical for kids. Sheree Fitch’s poems, brilliantly told through the eyes of animals, are based on… Read More

July 26, 2019 Summer Spice Variety Show

If variety is the spice of life, we’re are stirring up a hot pot of fun with this one! Join us as the Queens of the Glamazon take the stage… Read More

July 26, 2019 Disney’s Newsies

They delivered the papers, until they made the headlines! In 1899, New York City had its papers delivered by an army of ragged orphans and runaways called ‘newsies’. When newspaper… Read More

July 26, 2019 Xenia Concerts: Stephen Prutsman

Award-winning pianist and composer Stephen Prutsman has been presenting concerts for families with children on the autism spectrum in San Francisco since 2012. Freedom of movement and conversational interaction between… Read More

July 26, 2019 The ADHD Project


Award-winning storyteller Carlyn Rhamey shares the trials and triumphs of growing up a little bit “Special” and embracing what makes us different. A hilariously honest journey exploring ADHD and celebrating… Read More

July 25, 2019 The Swine

Eureka Love hosts as some of Halifax’s best drag queens try to polish folks who have never done drag into presentable drag princesses. Watch as one by one these drag… Read More

July 25, 2019 Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Lee Israel (Melissa McCarthy), the best-selling celebrity biographer (and cat lover) who made her living in the 1970’s and 80’s profiling the likes of Katherine Hepburn, Tallulah Bankhead, Estee Lauder… Read More

July 25, 2019 I Lost on Jeopardy


“Look, if you had one shot. One opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?” – Eminem George let… Read More

July 24, 2019 Ben-Hur


A tiny troupe and an epic story. What could go wrong? The film features 200 camels, 2,500 horses and over 10,000 extras. This hilarious adaption of the vengeful saga includes… Read More

July 24, 2019 The Stallion

Eureka Love hosts as some of Halifax’s best drag kings try to polish folks who have never done drag into presentable drag princes. Watch as one by one these drag… Read More

July 24, 2019 LUB DUB


A variety show for the marginalized, the angry, the unseen. LUB DUB is unapologetic, political and fiercely entertaining. Centering the experiences of Black, Filipino, Queer, disabled and low income folks,… Read More

July 23, 2019 Monica vs The Internet


One Filipina. Thousands of racist internet trolls. One deep dive into the comments section. Award-winning storyteller and accidental comedian Monica Ogden sheds light on activism in the age of the… Read More

July 22, 2019 LakeCity Works Open House and Tour

LakeCity Works offers free therapeutic woodworking classes to self-identified women, transgender and gender non-binary people living with mental illness. To learn more about LakeCity Works, join us for an open… Read More

July 22, 2019 Whose Voices are Heard?

Come to a panel discussing why some voices are heard and others are not. Hosted by RRANS at 6:30 pm on July 22 in the BMO Room, Central Library. More… Read More

July 21 - September 8, 2019 The Taming of the Shrew

The 2007 ‘spaghetti western’ version of The Taming of the Shrew – one of Bard’s most beloved productions – is the inspiration behind this hilarious Wild-West love story, where two… Read More

July 21, 2019 Constellate | OUTspoken

Constellate is a live storytelling event, connecting community through true stories that explore ourselves and our place in the world. Join us for an evening of 2SLGBTQ+ stories. All proceeds… Read More

July 21, 2019 Waitress

Meet Jenna, a waitress and expert pie-maker who dreams of a way out of her small town and rocky marriage. Pouring her heart into her pies, she crafts desserts that… Read More

July 21, 2019 The Comedy of Errors


This season’s The Comedy of Errors is a fast paced, farcical journey to a southern Florida trailer park with two sets of twins and mistaken identity. Separated in a violent… Read More

July 21, 2019 My Frozen Heart: A Comic Tragedy


Relaxed performance. Sarah Beau-DeMers, a “female filmmaker” from small-town Ontario, will stop at nothing to make her film, a definitely-not autobiographical coming-of-age film. But after a series of compromises, she’ll… Read More

July 20 - August 11, 2019 Shakespeare in Love

Young Will Shakespeare has writer’s block. The deadline for his new play is looming and he’s in desperate need of inspiration. And then he finds his muse – Viola. She’s… Read More

July 19 - July 20, 2019 The Bump

What goes bump in the night? You, Kennedy Davenport, Chi Chi DeVayne, Halifax Pride, and a slew of performers. The Bump is part drag extravaganza, part dance party, bringing you… Read More

July 18, 2019 Halifax Pride Comedy Night

You’ve got to be kidding?!? The Halifax Pride Comedy Night features the amazing Martha Chaves, Tranna Wintour, Jane Kansas, Lindsay Dauphinee, and host Bill Wood! This incredible line-up of local… Read More

July 17, 2019 Lilia!

Relaxed performance. Austrian stage actress Lilia Skala flees the Third Reich, escaping to New York City, where she finds herself working in a zipper factory to make ends meet. But… Read More

July 17, 2019 El Diablo of the Cards


An award-winning clown/magic show, El Diablo of the Cards comes all the way from Brazil to bring you an unforgettable night. El Diablo is crossing 52 countries thrilling audiences with… Read More

July 14, 2019 the astrology play


Mercury’s going retrograde again and we are dreading it! On July 7, 2019, — right smack in the middle of the festival — the planet of organization and communication goes… Read More

July 14, 2019 Things the Trees Taught Them


A play about the Canadian Rite of Passage: tree planting. The audience will be brought into the world of tree planters: sore feet, extreme dehydration, being amongst “regular civilization” on… Read More

July 14, 2019 Fingerworks for Fireworks 2019

Learn and practice VocalEye’s innovative tactile approach to describing fireworks for people who are blind and partially sighted with the creators of the technique, Collin van Uchelen and Steph Kirkland.… Read More

July 14, 2019 Accessing Facebook and Social Media

This introduction to Social Media is designed to demystify the workings of Facebook for users with sight loss. Perfect for first-time users and for current users who want to get… Read More

July 12, 2019 Tita Jokes


Meet the Spice Girls of Comedy with a Filipina Twist. They sing, they dance, and they’re going to make you snort-laugh halo-halo through your nose! Join the Toronto SketchFest 2019… Read More

July 12, 2019 Love Notes


I can’t explain the feeling’s plain to me, say can’t you see… A medley of live music and movement to share our stories of infatuation, romance, family, and friendship. A… Read More

July 12, 2019 Strings for Peace Concert


Amjad Ali Khan is the undisputed master of the sarod, and one of India’s most celebrated classical musicians. His ancestors developed and shaped the beautiful nineteen stringed instrument, and his… Read More

July 12, 2019 The Little Mermaid

Relaxed performance. In a magical kingdom beneath the sea, the beautiful young mermaid, Ariel, longs to leave her ocean home to live in the world above. Based on one of… Read More

July 12, 2019 As You Like It


As You Like It will take you on a fantastical journey to an enchanting place where your quirks and oddities are celebrated, and you are free to love whomever you… Read More

July 12 - July 29, 2019 Spring – Free from Stigma

, ,

This exhibition represents the work of 70 artists with lived experience of mental health/addictions who participated in our Spring 2019 multi-disciplinary Arts Training Season and Open Studio. This is made… Read More

July 11, 2019 Clitoria: A Sex-Positive Superhero!


A sexually repressed high school science teacher accidentally turns herself into a sex-positive Vixen of Kink through a science experiment gone wrong. As the sex ed curriculum is scrapped in… Read More

July 11, 2019 Heart of Matter

Heart of Matter is a meditation on memory and the special artifacts that spark recollection. It is dedicated to objects we keep or forget. This whimsical and poetic dance-theatre work… Read More

July 11, 2019 Gremlin Hour


All Gremlins, including you, are invited to a meeting of gremlins. The child we have to scare is asleep all the time. It’s hard to be spooky when they don’t… Read More

July 11, 2019 Tianna The Traveller

Tianna is a daring escape artist who travels the world collecting unusual stories and stunts. Her cheeky grin shines in the face of a challenge, and her charm pulls audiences… Read More

July 10 - August 14, 2019 Under The Stars

Pre-show at 7 PM – pre-show activities to be announced! Movie at sundown (around 9 PM). Rain date: in the event of rain, we will cancel the scheduled screening date… Read More

July 10, 2019 Outside Ethel: Inside


Ethel lives alone (well, mostly). She is advanced in years. She is having some trouble actually getting out the door. Will she get “bye” with a little help from her… Read More

July 10, 2019 High School High


Multi award-winning show High School High makes it’s Toronto debut from Toasted Theatre’s Alli Harris. Directed by Canadian Comedy Award Winner Al Connors, comes a solo-musical-comedy about how much high… Read More

July 9, 2019 Get Better


Life changing concussions aren’t just for football players. What happens when a busy perfectionist bumps her head too many times? Get Better is a quirky, and dark look into the… Read More

July 9, 2019 Horseface


Meet Alex, a 61 year old woman who is charged with assaulting a man on a train. An older, mostly invisible and very British lady who is pushed to the… Read More

July 8, 2019 Swallowed Whole


Picture this: a sketch series that draws from absurdist images of socio-economic issues, isolation, and fragile privileged entitlement, with the comedic wit behind “Mating Rituals” from last year’s Toronto Festival… Read More

July 8, 2019 The Laundry List


It’s 1919, and Frankie’s Laundry is gunning to be the number one bootlegger in Toronto. His competition thinks otherwise, and a group of chorus girls find themselves in a showdown… Read More

July 8 - August 19, 2019 Anne of Green Gables


This family musical tells the poignant and funny story of a freckle-faced, red-haired orphan named Anne Shirley who arrives at the Bright River Railway Station full of hope for a… Read More

July 8, 2019 Mami Wata

The story about the thirst of life. Tamyka Bullen visited Guyana to know her ancestors, but instead found something she didn’t expect. She realized that to know herself is like… Read More

July 8, 2019 Night Cows


Relaxed performance. Night Cows begins in the evening. A calf, or baby cow describes her mother as she removes the shackles of the day and society transforming herself into a… Read More

July 7 - July 9, 2019 Above & Beyond


Welcome to Bright Star Tours, a travel company where every student shines! In this relatable workplace comedy, best friends Jamie and Nicole will have to outshine macho coworkers and navigate… Read More

July 7 - July 14, 2019 Through the Bamboo


SAVING THE WORLD, ONE GRANDMA AT A TIME. When Philly’s Lola (grandma) dies, she finds herself in the fantastical land of Uwi. Will she be able to end the reign… Read More

July 6, 2019 Nerves


After the sudden death of her grandfather, a young woman learns to juggle her own life with her new found responsibilities as the primary caregiver for her mother, who struggles… Read More

July 5 - July 14, 2019 Red Knows: A Play on Words


A sassy scrumptious analysis of words and silence through the lens of human relationship and connection and complicated exaggeration around an exhilarating yet inspirational display of beautiful-not-perfect. More information and… Read More

July 5 - July 13, 2019 Destiny, USA


From the creator of hit solo shows Pitch Blonde and The Homemaker! When Laura moves from Toronto to Syracuse, New York, she wasn’t expecting to be residing in Trump’s America.… Read More

July 5 - July 13, 2019 Personal Demon Hunter


Velvet Duke is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker. He is a gifted communicator skilled at exorcising your personal demons through his patented PATH!© system. Today his demons are getting their… Read More

July 5 - July 13, 2019 I Christopher


I Christopher deals with the struggles of finding and maintaining a job with our lead character Christopher who is on the Autism spectrum. The struggle also goes into depth in… Read More

July 5 - July 14, 2019 Scadding


Grab your headphones and favourite pair of shoes for this walkabout audio play. Produced with binaural audio recording, including sound effects and music, 5 mini plays bring to life the… Read More

July 5, 2019 Boy vs Fly


BOY vs FLY, What could possibly go wrong? Dean Bean disrupts his class chasing a fly, trying to be just like his Dad. His impulsive nature gets him into trouble.… Read More

July 5, 2019 Mom’s the Word: Nest 1/2 Empty

From the world-renowned creative team behind the Mom’s the Word series comes another chapter in their stories of family and fracas. The kids are grown, marriages have “evolved,” and bodies… Read More

July 4 - July 14, 2019 Cyrano de Bergerac


Cyrano, Christina, and the Comte de Guiche vie for the affection of Roxanne, one using their wit, another their beauty, and the third . . . well any trick in… Read More

July 4 - July 25, 2019 Corktown Common Outdoor Film Series


For the fourth year of our Corktown Common series, Toronto Outdoor Picture Show invites attendees to enjoy four weekly screenings this July in the glow of our brand-new, magnificent, much… Read More

July 4, 2019 For Sama

To celebrate seven years of JAYU Programming, we are offering a very special and FREE presentation of the award winning favourite For Sama. This film is generously co-presented with: Hot… Read More

July 3 - July 13, 2019 The ADHD Project


Award-winning storyteller Carlyn Rhamey shares the trials and triumphs of growing up a little bit “Special” and embracing what makes us different. From her diagnosis and placement in a segregated… Read More

July 3 - July 14, 2019 Drink of Choice


You walk into a bar, someone comes to take your order, and what happens next is your choice. Join us at the bar for a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure storytelling experience where the… Read More

July 3 - July 13, 2019 I, Malvolio


Is this the kind of thing you find funny? I’ll be revenged on the whole pack of you. A new production of Tim Crouch’s acclaimed play. Follow impel-theatre on snapchat… Read More

July 3 - July 13, 2019 Philip & Lucinda Dino-Show


Philip and Lucinda, dinosaur explorers extraordinaire, set out to understand the Paleozoic Era with song, dance and acrobatics. Philip and Lucinda may be “dino explorers” but they soon discover that… Read More

July 2 - July 23, 2019 The Young Ones


The earth is in a terrible way. The sun is too hot. The land is too dry. But the Young Ones are looking for hope. Join us in a park… Read More

July 1 - August 30, 2019 Re:Record

RE:RECORD is the latest collaboration between Cool Arts member artists and art educator, Shimshon Obadia. In this project, artists listened to dozens of vinyl records donated by Milkcrate Records. Once… Read More

June 30, 2019 Anne of Green Gables

Relaxed performance. A young red-haired orphan girl is mistakenly sent to a farm in Avonlea, PEI, and the rest is history. This timeless classic is a poignant story about love,… Read More

June 30, 2019 Youth Drama Camps

Participants will experience the fundamentals of drama, dance, film, and work on the creation of a short play that will be presented at the end of the week. Fun activities… Read More

June 30 - August 25, 2019 Christie Pits Film Festival


Christie Pits Film Festival is Toronto Outdoor Picture Show’s signature project. This weekly screening series in Christie Pits Park has been a summertime staple for the local community since 2011,… Read More

June 30 - August 31, 2019 2 Exhibition


Cool Arts Society is partnering with The Portland Art & Learning Studio (PALS), based in Portland, Oregon, to celebrate work created by artists living with developmental disabilities. Both studios will… Read More

June 29, 2019 SIghted Guide Basics

How do you help a blind person cross the road? How do you get the attention of a blind person? Is it okay to say “see you later” to a… Read More

June 29, 2019 Sidewalk Summer Open House

Save the date! Our fifth 307 open house event called Sidewalk Summer Open House is on Saturday, June 29. Come check out ideas, prototypes and see Sidewalk’s vision for the… Read More

June 28, 2019 Queer Songbook Orchestra


Celebrated national chamber ensemble Queer Songbook Orchestra unearth the queer backstories and personal narratives inspired by musicof the past several generations. Weaving together stories told by local narrators with arrangements… Read More

June 28 - June 29, 2019 Circus Sessions – Professional Artists

Circus Sessions is a weeklong circus laboratory and think-tank that will offer a small group of contemporary circus artists the opportunity to work with internationally renowned circus artist/ instructor/ researcher.… Read More

June 28, 2019 Call for Instructors

Deadline: Friday, June 28 (for contracts that begin in September 2019 and end in June 2020) Instructors will develop and teach programs, workshops and classes offered at Workman Arts as… Read More

June 27, 2019 A Century Songbook

Relaxed performance. A musical journey celebrating one hundred years of Montreal Jewish history. Performers take us through daily life, historic landmarks, and events that shaped our community such as the… Read More

June 25, 2019 Diaspora


The Frank Theatre presents a reading of Diaspora: an interdisciplinary, devised performance created by queer refugees and immigrants. This collaboration between the Frank’s Artistic Director, Fay Nass, and an ensemble… Read More

June 24, 2019 Jesse – An ASL Opera


Jesse – An ASL Opera is a workshop reading by Landon Krentz, Heather Molloy & Paula Weber resulting from a two-week experimental process that gathered Deaf and Hearing artists to… Read More

June 23 - August 30, 2019 Billy Elliot


Dreams don’t come easy in the hardscrabble mining town, riven by a bitter national strike, where eleven-year-old Billy lives with his bereaved family. But Billy’s discovery of his talent for… Read More

June 23, 2019 A Dinner Party

When Boo, Darling, Baby and Sweetie are unable to agree on a common definition of Love, their otherwise normal dinner party spirals into an absurd chaos of marriage proposals, identity… Read More

June 23, 2019 Blockorama

Blockorama, the largest and longest running stage at Pride has a vibrant history as an activist-based, artistic space. Curated by Blackness Yes!, a committee of artists and activists from Toronto’s… Read More

June 23, 2019 Pride Parade 2019

Stand loud and proud with more than 200 groups marching in Pride Toronto’s Pride Parade, one of the largest in North America. Bursting with performances, floats and thousands of marchers,… Read More

June 23, 2019 Intro to Letterpress

Intro to Letterpress with Kay Slater. This workshop will prioritize Deaf and Hard of Hearing participants, instruction will be spoken as well as signed but we ask that Deaf and… Read More

June 22, 2019 Rite of Spring


For the first time in North America, one of China’s most prolific performers and choreographers, Yang Liping, well-known in China as the Peacock Princess, presents her incredible new work, Rite… Read More

June 22 - June 23, 2019 ASL / Deaf Stage

Kick off your Pride Saturday and Sunday at the Fido South Stage with some carefully curated programming by queer ASL artists. Pride Toronto website 2019 Pride Guide (PDF only)

June 21 - June 22, 2019 Circus Sessions – Emerging Artists

Circus Sessions is a weeklong circus laboratory and think-tank that will offer a small group of contemporary circus artists the opportunity to work with internationally renowned circus artist/ instructor/ researcher.… Read More

June 21 - June 22, 2019 The Queen in Me


The Queen in Me explores the constraints of conventional opera roles and their reliance on gender and sex stereotypes, exploding operatic expectations of demure muses and femme fatales by turning… Read More

June 20, 2019 Where Words Once Were

Relaxed performance. Young Orhan lives in a world where words are both very precious and very dangerous. Only 1,000 of them can exist: new ones are forbidden, and anything newly… Read More

June 20, 2019 Curator Roundtable


QAF visual artists and curator Elwood Jimmy convene for a panel discussing the visual art exhibition. More information on the Queer Arts Festival website

June 20 - September 5, 2019 Movies in the Square 2019

Every Thursday at dusk. Bring your own lawn chair. June 20: Back to the Future June 27: Wayne’s World July 11: Top Gun July 18: Mamma Mia! Here We Go… Read More

June 19 - June 21, 2019 Frame of Mind

Propeller Dance once again breaks barriers with FRAME OF MIND. Featuring the premiere of an evocative new work, A Look Inside, the theme of mental health gets a breath of… Read More

June 19, 2019 A Night of Storytelling


Danny Ramadan brings his much-loved nights of readings to the Queer Arts Festival. Featuring Kai Cheng Thom, Andrea Jenkins, Tash McAdam, Monica Meneghetti and Michael V. Smith. More information and… Read More