Crip Interiors

Crip Interiors is an annual arts event that brings together disability-identified artists to consider how we understand accessibility and interior space through the process of dissecting what it means to be a “user” in the environments we inhabit. Each year, artists shape the event around life size interior white structures through a period of creative workshops.

This event is a provocative and enchanting demonstration of disability art and activism that brings together diverse and distinct creative perspectives and mediums into a single form. The work presented in Crip Interiors exposes that which is often hidden, revealing the everyday/night work, labour, collectively, humour, creativity, and love that goes into negotiating interior and exterior spaces that may be built and organized without disabled bodies in mind.

Interior of box painted black and displaying an altar of candles, and a bowl of white rice, and a hard boiled egg sitting inside a half of a coconut.

October 2, 2015
at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

Working with London, Ontario’s VibraFusion Lab, Creative Users invited the public to experience its second edition of CRIP INTERIORS which reached beyond just the visual while sharing views that aim to redefine what it means to exist in a body that society regards as misformed or of lesser value. Calling on the abundant nuances of family, interdependence, ancestral connections, gender and racial complexities CRIP INTERIORS interrogates the representation of space as it relates to the disabled form. Read more…

Close up view a person legs standing inside a yellow interior box with crumbled balls of yellow paper on the floor.

January 28, 2015
at Artscape Youngplace

Project Creative Users’s first instalment of CRIP INTERIORS asked the public to engage with innovative art from the disability justice movement – including people who make art about the ways they negotiate accessibility in the city – heralding a loud call for more improved forms of access built on disability justice terms. The work presented exposed that which is often hidden with the intention of revealing the everyday/night work, labour, collectivity, humour, creativity, and love that goes into negotiating interiors and exteriors. Read more…

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