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Access is Love and Love is Complicated

Porcupine quill embroidery in reds, pinks and browns in a zig zag pattern on soft white paper

CRITICAL DISTANCE and TANGLED ART+DISABILITY are pleased to present ACCESS IS LOVE and LOVE IS COMPLICATED, an exhibition and event series featuring Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Kat Germain, Wy Joung Kou, Dolleen Tisawii’ashii Manning, Andy Slater, Elizabeth Sweeney, Aislinn Thomas, and Adam Wolfond and Estée Klar. This program is co-curated by CDCC Education and Accessibility Coordinator, Emily Cook, and Tangled Art + Disability Director of Programming, Sean Lee and represents the next level in our ongoing series of programs providing opportunities for curators and artists to consider new and more collaborative aesthetic and conceptual approaches to accessibility within and beyond the gallery context.

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Fall 2019 Event Series

Critical Distance and Tangled Art + Disability are pleased to announce the following events in conjunction with ACCESS IS LOVE and LOVE IS COMPLICATED. All events will take place at Artscape Youngplace; exact locations within the building and further details will be provided closer to event dates. Admission to exhibitions is always free; public open events are free, and pre-registered (space-limited) workshops and events are pay-what-you-can. Critical Distance is committed to paying fair wages as well as reducing barriers to participation in our programs. Accessibility information is provided below and will apply for all events.

Indigeneity, Neurodiversity and the Arts
A Conversation with Vanessa Dion Fletcher and Dolleen Tisawii’ashii Manning
Sunday, October 20th at 2 pm

How to Make Your Own Word Scavenger Hunt with Vanessa Dion Fletcher
Monday, October 21st at 6 pm

Dream-Worlding with Dolleen Tisawii’ashii Manning
Saturday, November 2nd at 2 pm

The Culture of Crip Aesthetics
Panel discussion with Sean Lee, Elizabeth Sweeney, Andy Slater, Wy Joung Kou and Aislinn Thomas
Moderated by Emily Cook
Saturday, November 9th at 2 pm

Access is Love and Love is Complicated: A reading group
Thursday, November 14th from 6–9 pm

Experimental Audio and Image Description with Aislinn Thomas and Kat Germain
Saturday, November 16th at 2pm

Image: Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Quillwork in twenty-nine Parts, porcupine quill embroidery on paper, 6 x 9 inches.

Dancing Without Excuses or Limits!

Three people on a stage lit deep orange with a lighter orange spotlight on the backdrop

Double program with Shara Weaver (Ottawa) and Lazylegz (Montréal).

On our stages and screens, in the city as in the countryside, professional dance is reinventing itself. More and more artists who practice the ritual of dance are giving it a new social significance. Some invite young people from diverse abilities and backgrounds to be part of dance companies, to present works that transcend their physical state, and help redefine expectations.

Discover, through the three films of this double-program, how Ottawa choreographer Shara Weaver and her company Propeller Dance, LazyLegz of Montreal and the French Virginie Combet breathe new life into dance.

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A film by Propeller Dance (Ottawa)

Circuit explores societal and individual transformation, a journey through lands past and present. It is a call to get out of our heads and back to the heart of why we exist. Circuit is Propeller Dance’s premiere dance film, the result of a soulful collaboration with DRUMHAND.

Le pays où tout est à prendre au sérieux
A film by Virginie Combet

This film is the result of a year-long choreographic and cinematographic work with adolescents hospitalized in two psychiatric departments in France, Paris and Marseille. It is co-written and interpreted by them.

“Pas d’excuses, pas de limites” with Lazylegz (Montréal)
A film by Christian Lalumière

Lazylegz, a professional b-boy, has a condition that makes it almost impossible to use his legs. Pas d’excuses, pas de limites tells his incredible journey and his commitment to young people through his Project RAD, which trains urban-dance teachers how to work with children with physical and intellectual challenges. This film is in French only.

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No More Than Your Shoulders Can Handle

A painting with geometric shapes by Gloria C. Swain

Gloria C. Swain is multidisciplinary Black female artist, social justice activist, researcher, seniors right advocate, and writer. Gloria works within the mediums of installation, painting, performance, and photography to challenge systemic oppression against Black women and trans folks.

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Black Artist’ Network in Dialogue (BAND) is dedicated to supporting, documenting and showcasing the artistic and cultural contributions of Black artists and cultural workers in Canada and internationally.

The Role of the Amputee in Integrated Dance

Three stick figures outlined in orange against a white background; the figure in the middle has one leg

An interactive presentation by Lawrence Shapiro, presented by All Bodies Dance Project.

“An engaging one hour examination into this underrepresented population in contemporary performance art”
– Prof. Sarah Watkins, Centre for Dance Research University of Coventry, UK

This presentation is dedicated to the memory of the late, great Geoff McMurchy, past leader of the Vancouver Society of Disability Arts and Culture who in the fall of 2005 gave Lawrence his very first opportunity as a disabled dancer.

Lawrence Shapiro
From the stages of London and Vienna to world class training in New York City, Lawrence Shapiro (he/his) is an accomplished, passionate and pioneering practitioner of integrated dance. Lawrence is a validated Deaf and Disability Artist with the Canada Council, a multi-grant recipient of the Ontario Arts Council’s “Deaf and Disability Arts Projects” program and has performed at dance festivals in both Europe and North America. In 2016 his production of “Discovering” at the Daniels Spectrum Theatre in Toronto became the first dance piece in Canada to feature an above knee amputee in a leading role. In addition to his performing career, he has delivered his presentation on the role of the amputee in integrated dance to disability dance conferences across Great Britain as well as University of Toronto’s Festival of Original Theatre in 2018. He is currently in training with Dance Umbrella Ontario in the creation of his own integrated dance company.

Vanessa Dion Fletcher: Curiosity and Quillwork

A microscopic image of porcupine quills, repeated and inverted to make a pattern.

Vanessa Dion Fletcher’s solo exhibition Curiosity and Quillwork demonstrates an appreciation for repetition and pattern-making using and diverging from traditional quillwork forms. As a mode of working through complicated limitations of colonial impacts, on language and limited access to traditional Indigenous knowledge. Dion Fletcher interacts with visual and creative means as a way of connecting to her ancestral relations and reclaiming her culture. The exhibition features three new works: Zigzag in twenty-nine parts (2019), a series of works on paper; Shifting Focus (2019), a microscopic digital video; and Advancing Colors (2019) a delicate installation of an ornate pattern that emulates the traditional practice of birch bark quillwork.

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Canadian Heritage Author Stage

Jenna Butler standing outside in a red coat in a snowy northern landscape with open water, ice floes and mountains

Participate in author readings, discussions, and activities, and shop in a marketplace that boasts the best selection of Canadian books and magazines you’ll find anywhere. There’s plenty to see and do at southern Alberta’s biggest literary event!

More information and schedule on The Word On The Street Lethbridge website

11:15 AM: Karen Anderson and Matilde Sanchez-Turri – Food Artisans of Alberta
From the coulees of the badlands to the combines of the wheatlands, discover Alberta’s diverse terroir, and be captivated by the distinct tastes of this majestic province. Food Artisans of Alberta is a robust travel companion for local food lovers and visitors alike.

12:00 PM: Jenna Butler – Magnetic North
Magnetic North: Sea Voyage to Svalbard takes the reader from the endangered Canadian boreal forest to the environmentally threatened Svalbard archipelago off the coast of Norway, connecting continents and tracing the impacts of climate change on northern lands. With a feminist gaze, Jenna Butler questions explorer narratives and the mythic draw of the polar North.

1:00 PM: Audrey Whitson – The Death of Annie the Water Witcher by Lightning
Three years into the second millennium, Majestic, Alberta is a farm town dealing with weakened crop prices, international borders closing to Canadian beef, and a severe drought. Older farmers worry about their way of life changing while young people concoct ways to escape: drugs, partying, moving away. Even the church is on the brink of closing. When local woman Annie Gallagher is struck by lightning while divining water for a well, stories of the town’s past, including that of Annie and the grandmother who taught her water witching, slowly emerge as everyone gathers for her funeral.

2:00 PM: Susan Forest – Bursts of Fire
Bursts of Fire begins an epic political fantasy of revenge, addictions, and redemption. In an empire where magic has become suspect, love and loyalty–for one’s lover, one’s family, one’s country–are tested. If Heaven desires the very earth be burned, what place can those below hope for, when the flames come for them?

3:00 PM: Antoine Mountain – From Bear Rock Mountain
In this poetic, poignant memoir, Dene artist and social activist Antoine Mountain paints an unforgettable picture of his journey from residential school to art school—and his path to healing. As a celebrated artist and social activist today, Mountain shares this moving, personal story of healing and the reclamation of his Dene identity.

4:00 PM: Christian Guay-Poliquin – The Weight of Snow
A badly injured man. A nationwide power failure. A village buried in snow. A desperate struggle for survival. These are the ingredients of The Weight of Snow, Christian Guay-Poliquin’s riveting new novel. After surviving a major accident, the book’s protagonist is entrusted to Matthias, a taciturn old man who agrees to heal his wounds in exchange for supplies and a chance of escape. The two men become prisoners of the elements and of their own rough confrontation as the centimetres of snow accumulate relentlessly.

Lethbridge Herald Author Stage

Black and white photo of Waubgeshig Rice

Participate in author readings, discussions, and activities, and shop in a marketplace that boasts the best selection of Canadian books and magazines you’ll find anywhere. There’s plenty to see and do at southern Alberta’s biggest literary event!

More information and schedule on The Word On The Street Lethbridge website

11:15 AM: Jim Brown – The Golden Boy of Crime
Jim Brown, filmmaker and CBC Radio host, tells the incredible true story of “Red” Ryan, a larger-than-life criminal whose fame and legend were much encouraged by the media—he was the “Kardashian” of the time—and whose story endures.

12:00 PM: Lorimer Shenher – This One Looks Like A Boy
In this candid and thoughtful memoir, Shenher shares the story of his gender journey, from childhood gender dysphoria to teenage sexual experimentation to early-adult denial of his identity—and finally the acceptance that he is trans, culminating in gender reassignment surgery in his fifties.

1:00 PM: Karlynn Johnston – The Prairie Table
Featuring more than 100 recipes–from salads to vegetable dishes; home-baked breakfasts to easy main meals; crowd-pleasing appetizers to portable desserts; a chapter dedicated to the Ukrainian heritage of the prairies, and much more!–The Prairie Table is filled with Karlynn’s approachable and tasty dishes.

2:00 PM: Lee Maracle and Tania Carter – Hope Matters
Hope Matters, written by multiple award-winner Lee Maracle, in collaboration with her daughters Columpa Bobb and Tania Carter, focuses on the journey of Indigenous people from colonial beginnings to reconciliation. Written collaboratively by all three women, the poems in Hope Matters blend their voices together into a shared song of hope and reconciliation.

3:00 PM: Waubgeshig Rice – Moon of the Crusted Snow
With winter looming, a small northern Anishinaabe community goes dark. Cut off, people become passive and confused. Panic builds as the food supply dwindles. While the band council and a pocket of community members struggle to maintain order, an unexpected visitor arrives, escaping the crumbling society to the south. Soon after, others follow. Blending action and allegory, Moon of the Crusted Snow upends our expectations. Out of catastrophe comes resilience. And as one society collapses, another is reborn.

4:00 PM: Anne Emery – Though the Heavens Fall
As 1995 dawns in the North of Ireland, Belfast is a city of army patrols, bombed-out buildings, and “peace walls” segregating one community from the other. But the IRA has called a ceasefire. So, it’s as good a time as any for Monty Collins and Father Brennan Burke to visit the city: Monty to do a short gig in a law firm, and Brennan to reconnect with family. And it’s a good time for Brennan’s cousin Ronan to lay down arms and campaign for election in a future peacetime government. But the past is never past in Belfast, and it rises up to haunt them all.

Poetry Panel and Author Conversation

Doyali Islam by a window in a pale blue room

Friday Night at the AfterWords Festival with Doyali Islam, Afua Cooper, Gwen Benaway, Sue Goyette, Caroline Adderson, Cary Fagan, Stephanie Domet.

7 PM – 7:45 PM Poetry Panel Halifax Poet Laureate Dr. Afua Cooper, Doyali Islam, and Gwen Benaway join host Sue Goyette to talk poetry.

8 PM – 9 PM Caroline Adderson and Cary Fagan join host Stephanie Domet in conversation.

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