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Fault Lines: Leala Hewak and Laura Shintani

Left: Laura Shintani, Bodywashi!, 2019, installation view; Right: Leala Hewak, Clone, 2018, pigment print (detail)

A Featured Exhibition in the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival.

About the Exhibition
Acceptance of change and change through acceptance—Fault Lines explores processes emblematic of observant insight and growth gained from conditions of challenge and disruption. It approaches disturbance with openness and optimism and challenges the problematic and commonly accepted ideas about disability and aesthetics. Using altered photographs, video, fabricated materials, and immersive installations, artists Leala Hewak and Laura Shintani mindfully embrace ambiguity through spirited works that speak to lived experiences of neurodiversity and embodied difference. Reclaiming trauma and uncertainty, the artists explore ways of constructively reframing notions of recovery, adjustment, and adaptation. Fault Lines honours how these nuanced investigations of brokenness reconcile in relation to the unique formation of identities, experiences, and ways of being.

Fault Lines is presented by two of the leaders in disability and mental health in the arts: Tangled Art + Disability operates Canada’s first disability art gallery, and Workman Arts is a multidisciplinary arts organization that promotes a greater understanding of mental health and addiction issues through creation and presentation.

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Curated by Claudette Abrams and Sean Lee.

Image credits:
Left: Laura Shintani, Bodywashi!, 2019, installation view; Right: Leala Hewak, Clone, 2018, pigment print (detail)

MesoAmérica Resiste!

An illustration of a variety of animals in a group - some are wearing kerchiefs and some are holding objects like clipboards, papers and a microphone

Presented by the Beehive Design Collective. Come see a mural-sized pen and ink masterpiece that took over nine years to create!

The Beehive Design Collective works as word-to-image translators of complex global stories, shared with us through conversations with affected communities. MesoAmérica Resiste covers resistance to large-scale infrastructure development throughout Southern Mexico and Central America, touching on themes relevant to any community on the front lines of resistance to corporate globalization.

This interactive presentation will feature spoken word rhymes by MC Testament of Test Their Logik.

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Graphic History Collective: Drawn to Strike

A sketch of a protest scene in black on a background of red, yellow and white paint streaks

The Graphic History Collective presents two new book published by Between the Lines:

1919: A Graphic History of the Winnipeg General Strike commemorates one of the most important moments in Canadian history.

Direct Action Gets the Goods: A Graphic History of the Strike in Canada chronicles the history of the strike as a powerful tool that has and continues to propel progressive changes in our workplaces and society at large.

GHC contributors Robin Folvik and Orion Keresztesi will be in attendance presenting the books and Bookmark will be selling copies on site!

More information on the Mayworks Halifax website

Outliers on Tour

A black and white archival photograph of a group of children in a classroom, with a semi-transparent green triangle in the bottom right corner, with "Revisionist Toronto" in white capital letters

Outliers on Tour is bringing the outsiders in. Bridging the peripheries of both Toronto’s borders and the ways in which Disabled artists must operate on the margins. Tangled Art + Disability is disrupting the dominant narratives of who is invited to define the city through a reflection of their Tangled on Tour program. How do our experiences as outliers help us shape new perspectives of an inclusive city future?

As part of the opening reception, there will be a performance by artist Michel Dumont. The opening remarks will be live streamed on Tangled Art + Disability’s facebook page starting at 6:45.

Outliers on Tour – Opening Reception on Facebook
Outliers on Tour – Artist Talk on Facebook

Home Made Visible Tour

A photo illustration on a magenta background, with cutouts from vintage photos of a person wearing glasses, a person in a hat and plaid shirt, a hockey team, and a person leaning against a vintage car, all with pale yellow outliness and light blue squiggly lines behind them. "Home Made Visible" is in the centre in white lettering with a dark grey drop shadow.

Indigenous, Black and People of Colour communities are disproportionately underrepresented in all media. How do past images unearthed from personal and institutional archives come to shape new stories?

The Home Made Visible tour brings a personal lens to Indigenous and visible minority archives through FREE exhibitions, screenings, and workshops in libraries across Canada.

More information about Home Made Visible
Home Made Visible Tour – Thunder Bay on Facebook

Being Scene 2019

Artwork by tired bees, Untitled (Wading Table), 2018. A picnic table sitting in still water in subdued light with the reflection visible. The Workman Arts logo appears in white in the top left corner, with "Workman Arts Presents: Being Scene 18th Annual Juried Exhibition, Feb 28 - Mar 23, Toronto Media Arts Centre" in block white letters

Workman Arts presents BEING SCENE, a sweeping exhibition encompassing over 100 artworks by 60+ artists that examine all facets of mental health and addiction experiences. Being Scene covers a wide range of conceptual and material approaches, giving voice to unique life experiences.

Exclusive VIP Preview: Wednesday, February 27, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 28, 6-9 PM
With performance by James Buffin

Artist Activation – Kat Singer: Unravelling Stories
Saturday, March 9, 3-5 PM

Meet-The-Artist Talks & Acoustic Performance by Simone Schmidt (AKA Fiver)
Saturday, March 16, 1-5 PM

Resistance/Acceptance: works that live beyond the gallery walls
Saturday, March 23, 3-4 PM
Panellists: Claro Cosco, Paula John and claude wittmann
Moderator: Sean Lee

Art Cart Showcase
March 13 – 23
Reception: Wednesday, March 20, 6-8 PM
TMAC – Gamma Gallery Space

More information on the Workman Arts website
More information on Facebook

Featuring work by:
Ashmeed Ahamad, Stephanie Avery, Wendy Belcourt, Mel Bender, Cathy Bennett, Diana Bershadsky, Jenny Chen, Coley, Claro Cosco, Eve Crandall, Trinley Dorje, Jean Fode, Sylvia Frey, Gaetan Genesse, Genova, Kate Gorman, Eduardo Hatch, Hanan Hazime, Paula John, Robin Ashley Jones, Andrew Johnston, Naomi Hendrickje-Laufer, LAVEH, Esmond Lee, Fiona Legg, Jaqueline Lewis, Wendy Lu, Elaine Lum, Lorette C. Luzajic, Karine McDonald, Gregg Allan McGivern, Claire Mercer, Rick Miller, Michael Morbach, Brad Necyk, Amy Ness, Alan Parker, Neri Paul, John Perera, Ben Priede, Marisha Pula, Susana Rizzi, Kurt Rostek, Moshe Sakal, David Salazar, Jepherson Salazar, Chris Scott, Annette Seip, Simon Shimout, Laura Shintani, Kat Singer, Leslie-Anne Smith, Emily Sweet, Jan Swinburne, Monika Szopinska, Apanaki Temitayo, tired bees, Jace Traz, Toshio Ushiroguchi, Véronique Vallières, Lisa Walter, claude wittmann, TK Workman

Described Tours

A group of nearly two dozen people, some seated, some standing, and some with service dogs, in a brightly lit gallery, listening to a person who is speaking at a microphone.

Described tours by VocalEye on the first Saturday of the month. Each tour lasts approximately 1 hour. Sighted visitors are welcome to attend. Please meet in the Gallery Lobby.

More information on the Vancouver Art Gallery website

January 5: A Curator’s View: Ian Thom Selects
February 2: The Metamorphosis
March 2: A Curator’s View: Ian Thom Selects 2
April 6: French Moderns: Monet to Matisse
May 4: Mowry Baden
June 1: BC Access Awareness Day

Cripping the Arts

Cripping the Arts logo in black block letters, followed by a square yellow period, on a grey background

Cripping the Arts 2019 is three days of programming – panel discussions, co-creative workshops, exhibitions and performances – animating how Deaf, Mad, and Disability arts and activism changes how we experience art and culture as well as the ways our sector contributes, and leads to, the achievements of disability rights and justice movements.

More information and tickets

We invite you to join us as we explore, debate, and share emerging ideas and practices that relate to themes of representation and new models of leadership, disability culture in an increasingly digital world, and working in solidarity between disability rights, racial justice, decoloniality, and Indigenous sovereignty.

Panel discussions will be live streamed for those unable to attend in person.

Cripping the Arts 2019 is co-hosted by British Council, Creative Users Projects, Tangled Art + Disability, Ryerson University, and Harbourfront Centre.

Generously funded by Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, TD, Canadian Heritage, Re-Vision: Centre for Art and Social Justice and Bodies in Translation.