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Hear, Feel, See What!

Artist Jenelle Rouse making a pose in front of wall

Centre[3] for Print and Media Arts in Hamilton and VibraFusionLab in London, Ontario present Hear, Feel, See What!, a collaborative speculative soundscape and interactive installation. Five artists from Hamilton, London, and Toronto, including hearing, hard of hearing and Deaf artists, and an archivist co-authored a piece that captures and documents both the audio and vibrations of historical, existing, and future sounds of Hamilton and London. In a society that is in a constant state of rapid change, this piece aims to collect and preserve city sounds before they are lost to history.

The multi-sensory work invites spectators to engage either through sound, audio description, visual interpretation and/or vibrations while facing a video projection of Jenelle Rouse, a Deaf dancer whose practice responds, interprets and composes movement. In this work, Rouse offers us an embodied reflection and translation; an experiential and corporeal response to the local and digital soundscapes. Her dance embodies a symbolic intersection of the two cities as she streams the vibrations through her movements. Transmitting the speculative soundscape through dance, the two cities converge in a sentiment of live streaming, and digitization. Hear Feel See What! challenges the conventional ways in which we engage with and experience the arts and encourages us to question our notions about accessibility in both art making and presentation.

Exhibition link: http://centre3.com/exhibition/hear-feel-see-what/

Accessibility information: ASL interpreter will be present at the opening reception and both locations are wheelchair accessible.

About the artists:

David Bobier, who identifies as having a hearing disability, and Leslie Putnam are from the o’honey collective. Their collective explores the relationship in which humans either oppose or connect with their natural environment. They take iconic elements from the natural world and place them within the realm of human experience and transversely place human constructions within the natural world. The two artists work toward community engagement and the exploration of the intersection between the human and natural world, attempting to bridge the gap between what people know as the truth of their natural world, and the way we have come to experience it through our own constructed realities.

Jenelle Rouse lives an exciting life juggling between various roles. While working as a classroom teacher at a Provincial School for the Deaf for almost 10 years and working towards a doctorate in the Education field of Applied Linguistics, Rouse works as a part-time evolving dancer. She is a self-taught deaf artist with a desire to express thoughts and emotions through body movements and dance.

Lindsay Fisher is a visual artist and curator, disability arts advocate, and identifies as being a deaf artist. Fisher’s practice critically examines cultural understandings of disability, accessibility, and disability arts as an interventionist tactic to be used to make the city more inhabitable to people living with difference.

Michael Rinaldi is an actor/sound designer/writer living in Hamilton Ontario. He has been fortunate to have collaborated with some of Canada’s most exciting theatre companies: Tarragon, Factory, GCTC, Blyth Festival, Common Boots/Theatre Columbus, Theatre Calgary, Vancouver Playhouse, The Arts Club, Electric Company Theatre, Old Trout Puppet Workshop, and many more. He has been nominated for multiple awards in acting, collective creation, and sound design, most recently the 2017 Dora’s for Outstanding Sound design, and the OAC’s 2017 Pauline McGibbon Award for Emerging Designer.

TJ Charlton is an interdisciplinary artist, musician, arts educator and archivist currently based in Hamilton, ON.

My Head Lay on a Trusty Word

A fork sitting on a table top

You’re invited to experience My Head Lay on a Trusty Word, a documentary film exhibition by Roberto Santaguida. This is the final exhibition of Space Shapes Place, a national series of vibrant commissions produced by Tangled Art + Disability.

About the exhibition
My Head Lay on A Trusty Word marks a new installation by Montreal-born filmmaker Roberto Santaguida. The narrative sculpts a tale of his own personal journey: at fourteen years old, Santaguida ran away from home and dreamt he found redemption on the Atlantic coast. For this project, the artist replicated his travels east, revisiting the small towns, scenic routes, twilight beaches, and the woman who helped him find his way back.

Opening Reception: April 19, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Exhibition dates: April 19 – May 19, 2018
Location: Tangled Art Gallery S-122, 401 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON

About the artist
Since completing his studies in film production at Concordia University, Roberto Santaguida has worked extensively in documentary and experimental film. His films have shown at more than 250 international festivals around the world. Santaguida is the recipient of the K.M. Hunter Artist Award and a fellowship from Akademie Schloss Solitude in Germany.

Tangled Art Gallery is in a barrier-free location. Audio description will be available for the exhibit. For public engagements we will have ASL interpreters, live transcription and attendant care present. Service animals are welcome. We request that you help us to make this a scent-free environment

Tangled Art Gallery is located in studio 122 on the main floor on the 401 Richmond Building. The closest accessible subway station is at Osgoode Station. The closest accessible streetcar stop is the 510 Spadina Queen Street West Stop (Queen Street stop going south from Spadina Station, Richmond Street stop going north from Union Station.)

For images, interviews, or more information please contact: Kristina McMullin
P: 647 725 5064
E: kristina@tangledarts.org
Website: tangledarts.org

A still of My Head Lay on a Trusty Word. The frame features a table setting with a plate of food, one fork and one glass. The tablecloth is cream coloured with a bright red floral pattern. The image is grainy like old film.

The Maze Project & A Distant Memory 2

Digital image of white maze on teal green background

Fiona Legg

“We welcome the opportunity to have Fiona explore the complexities of her identity through these two pieces: one almost overwhelming in its size, but offering an inner space for solitude; the other a foreboding metaphor for the future of our evolving culture and disability identified peoples’ place in it.” – Barak adé Soleil, Curator and Artistic Director of Tangled Art + Disability

The Maze Project & A Distant Memory 2
The Maze Project is an inventive large scale work encompassing the gallery with its intricate repeating patterns and symbolic pair of shoes hovering above, encased thickly in concrete. For Legg, the installation represents challenges she, a self-identified Mad person, encounters when navigating the world. In addition to this new work, a new version of Legg’s A Distant Memory will be exhibited. Originally created for an outdoor garden space, this industrial sculptural piece will be reimagined within the interior of the gallery in complement to the maze.

Fiona Legg was born in England and moved to Canada at an early age. Always interested in the arts, she has tried her hand at a wide variety of media over the years. Almost entirely self-taught, Legg has always had an affinity for anything textile related. She has lived in various places across the country, giving her a unique perspective of Canada. Legg currently works full time as an artist in Barrie, Ontario.

Opening Reception: March 1, 6-8pm, 2018
Media Preview: March 1, 4-5pm, 2018
Exhibition Dates: March 1 – March 24, 2018
Second Saturday Social: March 10, 2018

VibraFusionLab: Bridging Practices in Accessibility, Art and Communication

View of gallery space with a row of cymbals suspended from the ceiling.

VibraFusionLab (VFL) began in 2014 in London, Ontario, growing out of an artist residency and collaboration between media artist David Bobier and the Inclusive Media and Design Centre at Ryerson University. The vision, to provide access to emerging inclusive or adaptive technology and design to artists of all disciplines and abilities, will be illustrated in the upcoming retrospective: VibraFusionLab: Bridging Practices in Accessibility, Art and Communication. Vtape is proud to host this immersive exhibition, which will feature educational ephemera in the Commons Research Centre, and works by seven artists involved in the residency program: Marla Hlady; Gordon Monahan; Lindsay Fisher; Alison O’Daniel; Ellen Moffat; Lynx Sainte-Marie; and David Bobier. The seven artists in the exhibition self-identify as either abled or disabled and all have been affiliated with VibraFusionLab over the past 3-4 years.

The works specialize in the exploration of “vibrotactility” in technology, investigating it as a creative medium, with a capacity to combine visual, audio and tactile elements into a highly emotional and sensorial art practice. Viewers can expect wearable devices, and new approaches to art-making that champion the senses beyond vision and hearing, to build new methods of communication and language.

An online catalogue has been published at www.vflvibrations.com with essays by Eliza Chandler, Evan Hibbard and David Bobier.

Deaf, what?

Black text on white background that reads: "DEAF, What?"

Deaf, what? is an exciting multimedia exhibit developed by Toronto-based artist Sage Willow in collaboration with photographer Alice Lo that highlights the experiences and contributions of activists, change makers and everyday people who identify within the Deaf spectrum – as having some degree of deafness. Filling Tangled Art Gallery with 50 portraits of individuals from across the country and interviews documenting their travels, these artists want to draw attention to the multitude of Deaf folk whose legacies continue to be ignored.

“The history of Canada’s treatment towards Deaf people includes acts of audism spanning more than a couple of centuries. It’s time for more visibility, awareness, and recognition. We are inviting you to explore our lives through our intersectional experiences in “Deaf, what?” – Sage Willow

As part of this project’s development, award-winning Canadian photographer Zun Lee will be serving as advisor.

For more information: http://tangledarts.org/gallery/space-shapes-place/deaf-what/


A close-up of artist, Cindy Baker, laying on her stomach on a small circular mattress on the floor of a glass-walled gallery.

Please join Tangled as we present our final exhibition of 2017, between December 7 – 16. Home: Body is a series of live performances featuring Jessica Leung [Vancouver, BC], Jenelle Rouse [London, ON], and Cindy Baker [Edmonton/Lethbridge AB], who are shaping space and place through the body in distinctive ways.

There are several different performances with the artists, beginning with the opening on Thursday, December 7, 2017.

Each event has its own link to RSVP. Due to the size of the gallery and access requirements, all interested in attending need to register. If you have any questions, please call or email Kristina: 647-725-5046 or kristina@tangledarts.org.

Thursday, December 7 Opening event: 6pm – 8pm
Featured for this opening to Home : Body, Deaf emerging artist Jessica Leung will present a selection from their poetry. To RSVP for this event – https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/home-body-opening-reception-tickets-40154371807

Friday, December 8 Performance: 7pm – 9pm
Emerging artist Jessica Leung and dance artist Jenelle Rouse perform new selections from poetry and original dance work reflecting their experiences as Deaf people of colour. Themes of intersectionality and navigating a hearing-centric society inform the individual performances. To RSVP for this performance – https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/home-body-december-8-performance-tickets-40154532287

Saturday, December 9 Live Described Performance: 7pm – 9pm
This is the second night that Jessica and Jenelle will present their individual performances. Live Description and ASL interpretation will be integrated. To RSVP for this Live Described performance – https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/home-body-december-9-live-described-performance-tickets-40154603500

Tangled partners with FADO Performance Art Centre to present Performance Artist Cindy Baker

Thursday, December 14 & Friday, December 15 Performances: 1 – 4pm
Cindy Baker will present a new iteration of her noted “Crash Pad” within the confines of the gallery space. Crash Pad centralizes the artist’s “failing,” disabled, or otherwise socially taboo body. No RSVP is needed to attend these afternoon performances.

Saturday, December 16 Live Described Performance: 7 – 9pm
For this evening performance of Cindy Baker’s “Crash Pad” Live Description will be integrated. Dialog with the artist follows.
To RSVP for this performance – https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/home-body-december-16-performance-tickets-40154764983

at The Commons on the 4th floor of 401 Richmond Street West Building —

Saturday, December 16 Performance: Academy: 2 – 4pm
For this unique public engagement. Cindy Baker will offer an “academy” that invites all who attend an opportunity to participate.
This engagement is hosted by FADO Performance Arts. To RSVP – https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/december-16-public-engagement-fado-performance-academy-with-cindy-baker-tickets-40154691764

Tangled Art Gallery is barrier-free and service animals are welcome. ASL interpretation and attendant care will be provided. We ask for everyone to support a scent-free environment. The closest accessible subway station is Union Station, the closest accessible streetcar stops are the 510 Spadina Queen Street stop southbound and, Richmond Street stop going northbound.

[Image Description: A photograph that is of a close-up of the artist, Cindy Baker, laying on her stomach on a small circular mattress on the floor of a glass-walled gallery. Her face is pointed towards the camera, eyes closed and she is embracing a blue and white mattress cover. ]

Salt of the Earth Opening Artist Talk

A photograph of a clay pot on a white window sill.

Please join us for an intimate artist talk with Bishara Elmi, whose new installation – Salt of the Earth – is the next exhibition to open at Tangled! If you are interested in attending this opening event, please RSVP using our Eventbrite page, linked here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/salt-of-the-earth-opening-artist-talk-tickets-38854530948

This talk will be held within the gallery and due to limited capacity and access, we are requesting that all interested in attending RSVP.

Exhibition dates: October 26 – November 25, 2017
Opening Artist Talk: October 26, 6:00-8:00 pm
Media Preview: October 26, 3:00-5:00 pm
Second Saturday Social: November 11, 1:00-4:00 pm
Location: Tangled Art Gallery S-122, 401 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON

Dirt is the central material that multidisciplinary artist Bishara Elmi works with in Salt of the Earth; signifying how this element is loaded with multiple meanings and legacies that span across continents to the artist’s homeland in Somalia. This new installation is comprised of crafted domestic objects made from earth that enact a “home” space. These dirt sculptures which Elmi labours over in the making of the work could fall apart at any moment within the installation, and the sense of stability that comes with home could cease to exist.

About The Artist:
Bishara Elmi is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, educator, and public speaker working in visual forms and with numerous materials and creative processes, currently residing in Toronto by way of Mogadishu. Elmi also works individually and within collectives centering BIPOC youth, women and femmes voices and stories and has created many spaces for these types of storytelling and skill sharing to take place.

Tangled Art Gallery is Canada’s first fully accessible disability arts gallery dedicated to advancing accessible programming and curatorial practices. Tangled Art Gallery is proud to be barrier-free, cost-free, and open to the public. All events include ASL Interpretation, Attendant Care, and trained sighted guides. Service animals are welcome. We ask that you help us make our events scent free.

Second Saturday Social with sab meynart

Gallery view of artist sab's artwork on walls and objects in the center. sab meynart and artistic director Barak adé Soleil talk to eachother in the space.

Second Saturday Socials are part of the public programming of Tangled Art Gallery’s Series: Space Shapes Place. October’s Second Saturday Social will take place in tangent with sab meynert’s exhibition, Progress is a Spiral Upwards, and will include a guided live description tour of the exhibition, a dialog between the artist and Tangled Art Gallery’s Artistic Director, Barak adé Soleil, as well snacks and beverages.

The live description tour will begin at 2:00pm, followed by a dialog with the artist.

Space for this event is limited and is available on a first come first serve basis.Please RSVP to this event on our eventbrite event listing here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/second-saturday-socials-tickets-38543801548

Progress is a Spiral Upward by sab meynert

A photograph of a piece of artwork. The artwork features white and black figures and visual elements on a dark brown, metallic background.

Progress is a Spiral Upward, a visual arts exhibit by Toronto-based artist sab meynert, consists of vivid drawings and sculptural pieces. meynert utilizes organic repetitive patterning, interweaving poetic imagery and text to reveal graphic maps reflecting life’s infinitely unfolding nature. For this premiere exhibit, meynert will show new pieces that incorporate semi-precious crystal, alabaster stone, 24k gold and silver, and organic matter, in addition to handcrafted ink and paint paper works. These new elements call upon their traditional knowledge, rooted in ways that intentionally draw out the metaphysical abilities of material, and move the work beyond the limits of form.

That’s So Gay

A view of children playing in the water on a beach with the words "That's so gay, uprising. June 14-August 17.

Join us for the Gladstone Hotel’s 8th Annual TSG exhibition; a group show celebrating new works by LGBTTI2QQ artists curated by Syrus Marcus Ware.

TSG: Uprising considers the ways that we mount (small scale/daily and large-scale global) uprisings through collaborative change making across the globe to fight for our self determination as queer and trans people with multitude interlocking experiences of marginalization- thinking about migration, disability, sexuality, gender and race and their intersections.

Uprising, refers to many things, descriptive of the kinds of massive protests, civic engagement and wide-spread calls for systemic change that we have witnessed across North America. Some of the most pressing of these calls to action have come from within the Toronto queer and trans communities.

The last year has witnessed dramatic arts-based displays of activism within Toronto’s Pride Parade by Black Lives Matter-TO, widespread support for INAC shut downs by Indigenous youth and ongoing actions in support of land defence and water protection.

Indeed, 2017 is a time for reflecting on these fires of change, burning bright and largely nurtured by LGBTTI2QQ and two-spirited activists and artists. We have witnessed unprecedented coverage of cross-movement building amongst Indigenous, Black and POC Two-Spirited and LGBTTI2QQ communities, collective struggle and the need to unify and call for creative responses to transphobic and homophobic violence that is dis-proportionally affecting Indigenous and racialized trans women. TSG: Uprising highlights the need for artistic engagement and responses to propel our activisms into a new dimension.

We have seen such a thrust towards right-wing conservatism across North America over the past five years, and in particular since the US election in November 2016. This conservatism threatens particularly vulnerable queer and trans community members across both the US and Canada, limiting our abilities to move and be in public space (proposed travel bans, limited border crossings, inability to access public washrooms for trans people, cuts to disability supports and the list goes on).

This neoliberal turn threatens artistic sustainability, freedom of speech and the survival of human on this planet. Now more than ever we need the to engage with arts-based activisms, artistic considerations of social issues and arts-informed problem solving.

TSG: Uprising offers an opportunity to imagine new ways of being together, of working together and of shaping the world together. The artists in this year’s show root their practices in social justice and liberation theory and offers us a way forward through to a world where we all get to be free.

Featuring artists: Raven Davis, Anique Jordan (Jashoba Jordan), Melisse Watson, Lynx Sainte-Marie+ Ciel Sainte-Marie, Andrew Mcphail, Mikiki Burino, Lindsay Fisher, Amber Williams-King, Vanessa Kwan, and Patchwork Mckenzie Rodney Diverlus Ella Cooper

See you at our OPENING PARTY on all 4 floors of the Gladstone Hotel’s exhibition galleries on June 22nd 7-10pm, in conjunction with 10×10 PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT (curated by James Fowler) and Pride Month in Toronto.

Join us on July 27th for the TSG Artist Pecha Kucha 7-9pm

Join us after the Opening in the Gladstone Melody Bar for after-party drinks, eats and fabulous beats by DJ Ace Dillinger!

ACCESS INFO: The Gladstone Hotel is located at the corner of Queen and Gladstone. The closest subway is Dufferin Station.

There is an access ramp at the front entrance and accessible washrooms throughout the hotel. There is an antique hand operated elevator that can fit about 4 people standing and 1 person seated with the lift operator.

Remarks will be in English, we are working to secure ASL interpretation at the moment.