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Short Films – Relaxed Screening

Still from the animated film of Biidaaban, wearing glasses and a coat with the hood up, against a dark snowy background

Relaxed screening.

Carrizos — 12 minutes, Spanish/Mixtec with English subtitles
Carmen and her grandparents live in Oaxaca’s Mixtec region. When a drought threatens her family’s livelihood, Carmen finds a practical – yet profound – way to make it rain.

HOOGHAN — 10 minutes, English/Navajo with English subtitles
Larry A. Lowe and Carmelita B. Lowe talk about the history of their homestead as we witness the construction of a Hogan, a traditional Navajo home.

Tama — 9 minutes
Struggling with the realities of living with a broken father, a deaf boy finds courage and strength in his culture, which holds promise to heal his family’s wounds.

Qilliqtu (Shiny Object) — 5 minutes
Kevin Joseph Tikivik makes insightful and beautiful use of archival footage while reflecting on both his cultural teachings and personal struggles.

Gobmemáinnas — 7 minutes, Sámi with English subtitles
Storyteller Áslat Pieski shares a gripping story from his childhood. As a young, Sami boy, his usual trip home from the store turns into a chase when he realizes he isn’t alone.

Mahiganiec (Baby Wolf) — 5 minutes, Anishinaabe with English subtitles
A grandmother sits around the campfire telling her grandchildren about a young girl who was raised by a wolf. When the young girl is found by a woman, the worlds of wolf and human collide.

Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes) — 18 minutes
Biidaaban, a young, Anishinabe maple harvester, defies the rules of time, space and gender in this compelling and beautiful stop motion short, told through different times and dimensions. Biidaaban carries on the tradition of harvesting maple syrup in present time in urban Ontario with help from her friends, including Sabe, an ancient shapeshifter.

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Image: still from Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes).

Pegasus Inspirational Film Festival

The Second Ever PIFF (Pegasus Inspirational Film Festival) in black and burgundy lettering on a pink background with bright yellow in the bottom right corner

The Pegasus Inspirational Film Festival (PIFF) was founded to provide an opportunity for adults in the disability community to tell stories, their way. In 2017, the four program sites of Pegasus Community Project collaborated with volunteer film students across the GTA to create six short films that were written by, made by and starred Pegasus participants.

Now PIFF is open to other members of the disability community and developmental services agencies so they can submit films and experience the joy of seeing themselves represented on the big screen.

Join us for the 2018 Pegasus Inspirational Film Festival! Featuring movies from all 4 Pegasus program sites, and, new for this year, 4 other agencies in Toronto! We will have movies from:

  • Addus
  • L’arche Sol Express
  • Montage
  • Purple Carrots Drama Studio

There will be 2 screenings of the films, so don’t worry if you can’t make it for doors opening, as well as a concession stand with delicious refreshments being sold by The Coffee Shed and a silent auction! There’ll be live red carpet interviews so get your glad rags on!

We hope to see you there!

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A Mother Brings Her Son To Be Shot

A person holding the flag of Ireland, with another person playing the flute, in silhouette in front of a large blazing fire

Open captioned.

The War in Northern Ireland, also known as “The Troubles,” formally ended in 1998 with the Good Friday Agreement. But in the streets of Cregan, Derry blood is still shed and turmoil unobtrusively prevails. Members of this community reject any outside help and practice violent self-policing under the guise of keeping their community safe. One day, they give Majella O’Donnell, a mother of a teenage boy accused of dealing drugs, a choice: either she brings her son to be shot in the legs or he will experience something much worse. Sinéad O’Shea investigates the story of O’Donnell family to understand how such atrocities could happen within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

Closing night film.

There will be a discussion following the screening. 84 minutes. North American premiere.

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La prière (The Prayer)

A group of people wearing sweaters and kneeling on a patch of bare grass, with a backdrop of clouds and snowy mountain peaks

Cédric Kahn’s solemn and beautifully shot feature examines the close relationship between spirituality and recovery through the story of 22-year-old Thomas. Thomas is a drug addict who decides to put an end to his habit by checking into a rehab center in a remote rural area at the foot of the French Alps. The rehab consists of a tight-knit community of young men who come from rough backgrounds and struggle with addiction. All of them follow a strict, almost militaristic set of rules that help them stay clean. They also pray – consistently and fervently – as a way to treat their addiction. In his uneasy route to recovery, Thomas discovers faith and love, and learns to make tough choices…

107 minutes. Toronto premiere.

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Le film de Cédric Kahn, imposant aux prises de vue magnifiques, explore la relation intime entre la spiritualité et la réhabilitation en racontant l’histoire de Thomas, 22 ans. Thomas est un drogué qui décide de sortir de sa dépendance en rejoignant un centre de désintoxication situé dans une région rurale isolée au pied des Alpes françaises. Le centre est composé d’une communauté soudée de jeunes hommes issus de milieux hostiles, qui se battent contre la dépendance. Tous suivent un ensemble de règles strictes, presque militaires, qui les aident à ne plus toucher à la drogue. Ils prient aussi avec constance et ferveur – comme un moyen de traiter leur addiction. Tout au long de son parcours vers son rétablissement, Thomas découvre la foi et l’amour, et il apprend à faire des choix difficiles…

Laila at the Bridge

A person crouching down by a metal fence, speaking to a person on the other side of the fence

Open captioned.

Drug addiction affects millions of people in Afghanistan and has become one of the country’s deadliest problems. Amidst this crisis, Laila Haidari, the “Mother of the Addicts,” founded her own trailblazing addiction treatment facility. She finances the centre by running a restaurant, where she employs recovering heroin addicts as waiters. Local authorities chastise Laila and her methods while doing nothing to help the victims of Kabul’s opioid crisis. Laila has to stand against the corrupt government, financial hardships and even death threats to keep her center alive.

There will be a discussion following the screening. 96 minutes.

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Les mondes de Vincent (The Worlds of Vincent)

A person sitting partially in shadow with their chin in hand, beside a plant that is casting shadows on them

Open captioned.

Vincent lives in two worlds. One world is his “reality” where he leads a regular life and the other is his “delirium,” where he is famous and extraordinary. In this delirious world, there are mystical creatures, danger and fighting where Vincent constantly battles against his greatest friends and enemies along with the numerous voices that live in his head. Vincent’s sister and director, Rozenn Potin, returns home from Québec to document her brother’s daily life and his struggle with mental illness. Through Vincent’s accounts of his delusions and paranoia, Potin tries to deconstruct and understand the mind of a person affected by schizophrenia – the world of her brother.

There will be a Q&A following the screening. 80 minutes. Toronto premiere.

Screening with Naomi’s Secret – Dutch with English Subtitles (15 Mins)

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SPK Komplex (SPK Complex)

A photographic negative rectangular viewfinder markings

This year’s Mad To Be Normal (our 2017 opening night film; a portrait of anti-psychiatrist R.D. Laing) is a fascinating documentary of a radical anti-therapy group. In 1970, Dr. Wolfgang Huber and a group of patients founded the “Socialist Patient’s Collective” (SPK) in Heidelberg, Germany. Controversial therapy methods, political demands, and a massive interest in the movement from patients deeply distrustful of conventional “custodial psychiatry,” led to run-ins with the University of Heidelberg and local authorities. Their experiment in group therapy ultimately ended in arrests, prison and the revocation of Huber’s license to practice medicine. SPK Complex shares the untold story of events before the German Autumn; connecting the dots from Germany’s failure to address its Nazism after WW2 to present day inadequacies of the “modern” psychiatric system.

Director in attendance thanks to generous support from the Goethe Institut Toronto. Screening to be followed by a panel discussion. 111 minutes. Canadian premiere.

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Qu’importe la gravité (Regarding Gravity)

A person standing with arms oustretched on a lawn among lawn chairs, a small table, and a leafless tree

Open captioned.

Regarding Gravity is a touching and poignant portrait of a friendship between two completely different people. Christian, 63, lives with a rare genetic condition that impairs his vision. Bruce, 71, is hard of hearing and bipolar. While Christian is usually calm and reserved, Bruce is boisterous and loud. Nevertheless, the two men share a big dream: to defy gravity and fly. Christian has become skilled at paragliding. Now, he wants Bruce to join him in this adventurous sport. Filmmaker Matthieu Brouillard meekly observes the two men as they passionately fight gravity while deconstructing the conventional notions of living with physical and mental disabilities.

There will be a discussion following the screening. 79 minutes. Toronto premiere.

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Demons in Paradise

Two people holding hands and walking down a dirt road lined with trees and foliage

Ten years in the making, Demons in Paradise is breaking the silence on Sri Lanka’s devastating civil war.

“Director Jude Ratnam was five when civil war broke out in Sri Lanka in 1983. The war would go on for 30 years; Jude and his parents fled by train from Colombo to the north of the country to escape persecution of the Tamils. His uncle, who lived there, joined the Tamil militants. Ratnam once again takes the same train from south to north, this time as a documentary filmmaker. He follows the traces of the war: the violence, the people who helped and the self-destructive terrorism of the militant groups. His uncle, who now lives in Canada, travels with him. We see the country’s still painful wounds from Ratnam’s point of view. Plants cover the ruins of homes abandoned by Tamils and Ratnam’s compatriots wrestle with painful memories. The constant fear of the wartime period has left deep scars in his family, down to the very yongest generation.” – IDFA catalogue, Amsterdam.

Director in attendance. Screening to be followed by a panel discussion in English and Tamil. 94 minutes. North American festival premiere.

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புதன்கிழமை, அக்டோபர் 17,மாலை 6:30, AGO

சுவர்கத்தில் அரக்கர்கள்

ஜூட் ரத்தினம் , 2017, பிரான்ஸ் /இலங்கை , 94 நிமிடங்கள்,

‘சுவர்க்கத்தில் அரக்கர்கள்’ ஆவணப்படம் பத்து வருட கால பணியின் மூலம் உருவாக்கப்பட்டது. இப்படம் இலங்கையை சின்னாபின்னமாக்கிய யுத்தத்தை பற்றிய நிசப்தத்தை உடைக்கிறது.

“இலங்கையில் 1983ஆம் ஆண்டில் போர் தொடங்கியபோது, இப்பட இயக்குனர் ஜூட் ரத்தினத்திற்கு 5 வயது. அதன்பின் இந்த யுத்தம் அடுத்த 30 ஆண்டுகளுக்கு தொடர்ந்தது . கொழும்பில் தமிழர் மீதான தாக்குதலிலிருந்து தப்ப ஜூடம் அவரது பெற்றோரும் வட இலங்கை நோக்கி புகையிரத வண்டியில் சென்றனர். வட மாவட்டத்தில் வாழ்ந்து வந்த ஜூடின் மாமா தமிழ் போராளிகள் குழுவில் சேர்ந்தார். பலவாண்டுகள் கழித்து ரத்தினம் அதே புகையிரத வண்டியில் தெற்கிலிருந்து வடக்கு நோக்கி பயணித்தார். இம்முறை அவர் ஒரு ஆவணப்பட இயக்குனராக சென்றார். போரின் இழைகளையும் , சுவடுகளையும் ரத்தினம் தொடர்ந்தார். வன்முறையின் சுவடுகள், உதவிசெய்தொர் சார் இழைகள், தற்சிதைவு உருவாக்கிய ஆயுதம் ஏந்திய குழுக்களின் சுவடுகள், ஆகியவற்றை தொடர்ந்தார். கனடாவில் வாழ்ந்துவரும் அவரது மாமா அவருடன் பயணித்தார். இலங்கையில் இன்னும் ஆறாத காயங்களை நாம் ரத்தினத்தின் பார்வையில் காண்கிறோம். தமிழர்கள் விட்டு ஓடிய பாழடைந்த வீடுகளில் செடிகொடிகள படர்ந்துள்ளதை காண்கிறோம். ரத்தினத்தின் சகநாட்டார் வலிமிகுந்த நினைவுகளுடன் போராடுவதை காண்கிறோம். போர்க்கால பயத்தின் ஆழமான தழும்புகள் ரத்தினத்தின் குடும்பத்தில் எல்லோர்மேலும் – இளம் தலைமுறையிநர் உட்பட- பதிந்திருப்பதை காண்கிறோம்.” – IDFA Catalogue, Amsterdam, 2017.

படத்திற்குப் பின் இயக்குனருடன் தமிழிலும் ஆங்கிலத்திலும் கலந்துரையாடல் நடைபெறும்

The Breadwinner

Still from The Breadwinner: animated characters seated and kneeling on the floor of a dim room by a daylit window

Nominated for an Academy Award in the category Best Animated Feature Film, The Breadwinner follows an 11-year-old girl growing up under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. When her father is wrongfully arrested, she cuts off her hair and dresses like a boy in order to support her family. Equal parts thrilling and enchanting, The Breadwinner is an inspiring and luminously animated tale about the power of stories to sustain hope and carry us through dark times.

94 minutes.

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