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Growing Room: A Feminist Literary Festival

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Growing Room: A Feminist Literary Festival is Room magazine’s annual literary festival, a celebration of diverse Canadian writers and artists which takes place every March on the traditional, unceded, and ancestral territory of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish peoples (Vancouver, British Columbia).

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Funny Feminists
Red Gate Revue Stage, 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Punch up at the patriarchy with an afternoon of witty poetry and prose featuring some of the most incisive and hilarious writers in the country—Ivan Coyote, Molly Cross-Blanchard, Jo Dworkshack, Eden Robinson, Hana Shafi, and Lindsay Wong. Hosted by Jocelyn Tennant.
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The Vast Inscape: Writing About Mental Health
Native Education College, 4:30pm – 6:30pm

To write is to reflect and ruminate, to follow the twists of one’s inscape and mine its vulnerabilities—this can be healing, but it can also intensify the wounds. Four writers—Meghan Bell, Amanda Leduc, Shazia Hafiz Ramji, and Lindsay Wong—discuss the complexities and challenges of writing about mental health: how it can be both a source of inspiration and one of the greatest barriers to a writer’s “productivity” (ugh), how the ways we talk about “mindfulness” and “self-care” in popular culture can do more harm than good, and how to write responsibly about mental health in a culture that stigmatizes, marginalizes, and gaslights people who are struggling to stay “sane”—if there can be such a thing—in our mad and maddening world. Moderated by Lydia Kwa.
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Body & Soul
Native Education College, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Join us for the launch of Body & Soul, with featured readings by contributors Sharon Bala, Betsy Warland, Meharoona Ghani, and Amanda Leduc. Edited by Susan Scott, the anthology invites women from marginalized or misunderstood communities to speak to faith, practice, religion and ceremony, to confess our sublimely unconventional modes of spiritual yearning. It’s about asking those who have been so often excluded from conversations about spirituality, to step up, to lead, dare to ask those questions and break that silence. Hosted by Susan Scott.
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Lost Together

Two people wearing black t-shirts, with black marker on their faces outlining the contours, against a white wall with black and white drawings of faces taped to it

Lost Together invites you to share a story about something you’ve lost. Throughout the conversation, Shira and Michaela will work together to recreate that lost thing for you. The objects we create will become part of an ever-evolving exhibition, reminding us that loss doesn’t have to be a solitary reckoning.

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Round Table Discussion with the Citadel’s “The Tempest”

A discussion with the cast and creative team of the Citadel Theatre’s upcoming production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest which will be directed by Josette Bushell-Mingo, past artistic director of the Tyst Theatre, Sweden’s National Theatre of the Deaf. The production will feature a collaboration between hearing and Deaf actors. Join the conversation as they examine the unique considerations of interweaving Shakespeare and ASL and the dynamics created by the joining of these two different groups on stage.

Presenters: Cast and crew of the Citadel’s The Tempest

More information on the SOUND OFF Festival website

Engaging and Working with ASL/English Interpreters, ASL Coaches and Deaf Consultants in Theatre: A Guide for the Community

A performance’s over-all aesthetic is one of the resounding factors that leads to its success or ultimate failure in the patron’s and critic’s view. Many factors impact this aesthetic when utilizing inclusive measures to incorporate something like American Sign Language (ASL). Where do you find competent theatre skilled Interpreters? How will the performance use them? Should you be using a Deaf Interpreter? What about a Deaf actor on stage? Have you considered the need for a Deaf Consultant or ASL Coach? Did you budget correctly or did you budget at all? …. And most importantly, why are you doing this in the first place?

During this workshop we will delve into these questions and many more. With the current shift towards greater inclusion in the mainstream, we will uncover the truths about access versus inclusion and what that really looks like from the Deaf perspective.

Presenters: Nicole Sander and Catherine Joell MacKinnon

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Theatresports: SOUND OFF Edition

Three chimpanzees on three coloured panels (orange, blue and green). The first chimp is covering its eyes, the second chimp is plugging its ears, and the third chimp is holding a finger up to its lips. "Theatresports: SOUND OFF Edition" appears in black text along the top

SOUND OFF and Rapid Fire Theatre return for the third year running to bring you more of our special brand of hilarity! In a new twist this year, “Team Deaf” and “Team Hearing” have been thrown together, with each side now featuring an equal number of Deaf and hearing. As always, language is forbidden! Each team cannot use signs or speech and must boldly act out your suggestions with the physical limits of their bodies alone.

Featuring the extraordinary improvisors from Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre along with fired up performers selected from SOUND OFF’s shows, this improv event is sure to leave you SPEECHLESS with laughter!

One show only!

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Apple Time

An illustration of a blue hand with thumb, index and pinky fingers extended and middle and ring fingers folded. There is a sailboat on the folded fingers, and the hand has a cream cuff that reads "Adventure on the Deaf High Seas." There are three red apples on the bright yellow background, and "Apple Time" appears in red on a mint green scroll at the top.

From the creators of the smash hit Deaf Crows comes a brand new show, Apple Time!

The play is a bridge to all realms: a magical, liminal ‘third’ space, in which Deaf, Hard of Hearing, locals, newcomers, oral and signing come together to create entire new worlds. Blending puppetry and ASL poetry with traditional Deaf storytelling and ensemble theatre, Apple Time invites you on a mythical journey of immigration and migration on the Deaf high seas. This event is accessible to all audience members regardless of language spoken.

Presented by Deaf Crows Collective.

** Stay after the 6:45 PM performance on February 17 for a talk-back with the artists!

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