Event Category: Festival

Public Good

A sculpture in a park, with tents in the foreground and trees in the background, with a large pink banner with "Non Violent" in block letters hung in front

Public Good is an interactive, participatory performance where the audience is asked to come to a collective agreement in the face of an unprecedented moment of conflict and change. In an emergency, what are the rules and social norms we agree to? Can we preserve our values in a new era of scarcity?

The listed run time includes a 30 minute Q&A after each show.

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Long Table on Making Space

A room full of people seated and standing around a table covered in kraft paper, with markers in the centre

The Long Table is a dinner party where conversation is the only course. The format ingeniously combines theatricality and models for public engagement. This edition will close out this year’s SummerWorks Exchange focused on the concept of ‘making space’. Come with your questions, and bring your ideas – this is the place to talk about what needs to be done and find folks to do the work with.

This is a free event and open to the public.

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A person at a holding a microphone, with their head and the microphone inside a large clear plastic bag

A look into a shimmering world of forgotten and brilliant things with the help of paper, plastic, foil, and a microphone.

Newfoundland-based artist Lois Brown shares a look into memory and dementia, value and worthlessness, and the rational and the magical. I AM A GENIUS… is an improvised sonic choreography of things, composed by Montreal-based James O’Callaghan and infused with Brown’s off-beat humour, her mis-use of objects, and her genuine playfulness with the audience.

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Cliff Cardinal’s CBC Special

Black and white photo of Cliff Cardinal, seated outdoors against a tiled wall, playing guitar

You’re listening to the radio in your kitchen. The program moves from the host to the story, the story to the song. An evening of words and music with internationally-lauded writer and performer Cliff Cardinal as he performs original, dark and catchy folk songs; miraculous stories of familial resilience; legends of Turtle Island survival; and new contributions to the ongoing mythology of the Canadian experience. This is Cliff’s eagerly anticipated solo follow-up to Huff, and teams him once again with acclaimed director/dramaturge Karin Randoja.

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A colourful map of Antartica, outlined in black against a grey background, with black lines separating the coloured sections

A post-apocalyptic moment in the near future.

Antarctica is being colonized as one of the last hospitable places on earth. 11 people born there in the last century are called “home” to stake a future land claim.

An immersive and durational work incorporating installation, film, textiles and performance, Antartica draws on speculative fiction to explore issues of climate change, colonialism, and disability justice.

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Two smiling people, one wearing black and one wearing burgundy, facing each other against a grey background

Receding ice levels off the coast of Greenland reveal that an area thought to be part of the mainland is actually an island. Meanwhile, a rift grows between the island’s discoverer and his increasingly distant family, set adrift after a catastrophic loss. Nicolas Billon’s internationally acclaimed work returns to SummerWorks 10 years after its smash hit premiere, as a staged reading in support of SummerWorks and Environmental Defence. Featuring original cast members and director Ravi Jain, the question remains: how much has changed?

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Wah Wah Wah

A person with long hair obscuring their face, pulling at one shoulder strap of their red top

Through extreme physicality, tantrums, and pigs, a young queer woman grapples with the messiness of being violated.

A gaze held too long, a dick pic in a DM, a hand behind the neck: Wah Wah Wah peels back the layers of violation. What happens if I love it and hate it at the same time? Did anything even happen? Am I remembering things correctly? Emerging Toronto creator and choreographer Celia Green tackles these questions around harassment.

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