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The Farewell

A group of people posed in front of a rainbow with clear balloons and fake clouds by their feet

Chinese-born, U.S.-raised Billi reluctantly returns to Changchun to find that, although the whole family knows their beloved matriarch, Nai-Nai, has been given mere weeks to live, everyone has decided not to tell Nai Nai herself.

Talkback with filmmaker Tiffany Hsiung and palliative care physician Dr. Craig Kung, moderated by filmmaker Betty Xie.

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Our Dance of Revolution / Haus

A parade on a city street with people holding signs; the sign in the foreground reads "May we never again need to remind you that we, too, are queer BLACK"

Joseph Amenta | Short Film | 2019 | Rated R | Canada
Makai is a young homeless queer boy sleeping on his friends couch. As he and Trevon prepare for a night of competition at a local Kiki Ball, Makai is forced to reconnect with his disapproving older brother. Yearning for distraction from his tumultuous familial situation, Makai chooses to resist when his new found family is threatened.

Our Dance of Revolution
Phillip Pike | Documentary Feature | 2019 | Rated PG | Canada
Our Dance of Revolution tells the story of how Black queer folks in Toronto faced every adversity, from invisibility to police brutality, and over a four-decade span rose up to become a vibrant, triple-snap-fierce community.

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Closing Night Film: Atlantics

A young person looking at the camera against a backdrop of windows

In Senegal’s bustling capital, Dakar, two lovers sneak private moments with the urgency of youthful desire. Their time is limited, as Ada is soon to be wed to a wealthy but frivolous man. Meanwhile, Souleiman is forced to leave land for the sea to find a better life. Ada is haunted by his memory, and then, perhaps more.

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Homecoming Shorts Program

Welcome home! Never failing to impress with their perspectives through storytelling, Homecoming features the shorts and web series episodes of RPFF alumni and filmmakers based in Regent Park. This programme explores the trials of discovering your sexuality, navigating spaces and friendships as a person of colour, and following your dreams and fantasies, despite the odds.

Talkback with directors after the screening.

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A Handmade Assembly

A pair of hands using scissors to cut out an images of scissors from a sheet of paper with multiple illustrations of scissors

A Handmade Assembly is a community event that brings together artists, curators, and others from the region and beyond to lead discussions, facilitate workshops, initiate projects, open exhibitions, and share in a common thread—the handmade. A Handmade Assembly is organized collaboratively by the Owens Art Gallery and Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre with the support of the Fine Arts Department at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick.

Now in its ninth year, the Assembly is a response to the significant number of artists who have in recent years been using materials and processes that are laborious, often intimate, and usually associated with traditional craft methods. In the process, Sackville has become a centre for the appreciation of the handmade in contemporary culture and a venue for artists to discuss their practices and make new and necessary networks.

The Assembly interprets the ‘handmade’ in the widest terms, embracing interdisciplinarity and wide-ranging critical inquiry. Artists as diverse as Karen Reimer, Jerry Ropson, Séripop, Ray Fenwick, Sandy Plotnikoff, Janet Morton, Yoko Homareda, Daniel Barrow, Graeme Patterson, and others have participated. Curators, academics, and writers including Mireille Eagan, John Murchie, Sarah Quinton, Jayne Wark, Janine Rogers and Danielle Hogan have also participated, offering their reflections on the handmade in contemporary practice at a wrap-up session on the last night of the proceedings. Another important component of the Assembly is the Heart & Pocket Revue, a crafters market supported by artists and crafters from Sackville and around the region.

We are excited to present A Handmade Assembly for the 9th time in Sackville, New Brunswick. We hope you can join us.

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Organizing Committee:
Colleen Coco Collins
Emily Falvey
Amanda Fauteux
Todd Fraser
Adriana Kuiper
Lucy MacDonald
Jerry Ropson
Rachel Thornton

New Queer Canadian Cinema

Still from Another Feather in Her Bonnet, directed by Aki Pagratis

This eclectic program of documentary and narrative works offer a glimpse into a dynamic spectrum of queer and trans communities in our Canadian settler society. In Another Feather in Her Bonnet, Kent Monkman’s alter-ego Miss Chief Eagle Testickle plays the bride in a wedding to famed designer Jean Paul Gaultier, using her attire to talk back to a particularly insulting form of cultural appropriation. Something beautiful emerges from Interphase, a splendidly rich animation. A sinister void stalks neurodivergent Gil in Hole. Farm Boy depicts a world of yearning and regret that hovers between dream and nightmare. In Behind Doors, a living saint receivers petitioners from all corners, but being sacred isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Battle Cry goes behind the scenes of the performance of a drag queen at Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times theatre, blurring the line between process and result.

Co-Partner: Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC)

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Another Feather in Her Bonnet. Dir. Aki Pagratis, 2018, Canada, 5 min.
Interphase. Dir. Kenny Tran, 2019, Canada, 2 min.
Hole. Dir. Gil Goletski, 2018, Canada, 6 min.
Farm Boy. Dir. Kalil Hadad, 2019, Canada, 17 min.
Behind Doors. Dir. William Vitória, 2019, Portugal/Canada, 17 min.
Battle Cry. Dir. Kyle Reaume, 2018, Canada, 15 min.

Image: Another Feather in Her Bonnet, Dir. Aki Pagratis

Indigiqueer Cinema

Still from Majur, directed by Rafael Irineu

This year, TQFF hosted its second Indigiqueer Filmmaking Intensive, led by Thirza Cuthand and Fallon Simard and in collaboration with Trinity Square Video. Three videos produced in the Indigiqueer Workshop series, alongside four other contemporary Indigiqueer cinematic delights, go beyond issues of colonization to rep a small but vibrant community. Positions is a day in the life of a young sex worker who negotiates with both grateful and problematic clients. Activate NDN Consciousness combines found footage of harmful Indigenous portrayals with contemporary NDN protest and revolt. Part Three is a poetic video about gender as told through an ambiguous being describing their relationship to land and the animals which inhabit it. Mowitowak questions how the filmmaker is perceived by those who may wish to do them harm. Flash Flood is a dreamy look at the aftermath of a flood and the three genders and identities it reveals. Rosie follows a young Indigenous orphan given to her white Francophone Auntie who is clueless about children and hesitant to take on this new responsibility. Majur takes us out of Canada to Brazil where we meet the head of communication in an Indigenous village who is an integral member of his community, but who is still struggling with being accepted for who he is.

Co-Partners: Trinity Square Video, imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival.

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Positions. Dir. Justin Ducharme, 2018, Canada, 12 min.
Activate NDN Consciousness. Dir. Natalie King, 2019, Canada, 6 min.
Part Three. Dir. Kaya Joan, 2019, Canada, 4 min.
mowitowak. Dir. Megan Feheley, 2019, Canada, 4 min.
Flash Flood. Dir. Alli MacKay, 2017, Canada, 6 min.
Rosie. Dir. Gail Maurice, 2018, Canada, 17 min.
Majur. Dir. Rafael Irineu, 2018, Brazil, 20 min.

Image: from Majur, Dir. Rafael Irineu.

Fantasies of the Real

Still from Goodbye Fantasy, directed by Amber Bemak and Nadia Granados

In this program of mysterious queer and trans shorts, each film takes up themes of chaos, rupture, and entropy. Goodbye Fantasy sends two people on a voyage towards and beyond one another. In The Bedroom and the Street, a love story blossoms amidst anti-capitalist struggle. Peeling back the shrouded image of queer love, Exhumation is a reanimation of long lost desire. In The Stories We Tell Ourselves, the filmmaker documents their history of self-harm by using the same instruments that they once used to hurt themselves with to decay the celluloid of their family’s home movies. Santam emerses us in an otherworldly bakery where the simple quest for a good Churro reveals the powerful impact of a gender non-conforming presence. Sabien and Anna is a slice-of-life film-essay offering a meditation on the day to day life in an elderly couple. Finally, in Happy, a circular journey on a seemingly endless loop arrives at an undeniable truth.

Co-Partner: Images Festival.

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Goodbye Fantasy. Dir. Amber Bemak & Nadia Granados, 2019, Colombia/Mexico/USA, 15 min.
The Bed and the Street. Dir. Mike Hoolboom & Heather Frise, 2018, Canada, 5 min.
Exhumation. Dir. Daniel McIntyre, 2018, Canada, 8 min.
The Stories We Tell Ourselves. Dir. Belle Krupcheck, 2019, USA, 17 min.
Santam. Dir. Joaquín Gutiérrez, 2019, Mexico, 2 min.
Sabien and Anna. Dir. Jeehye Kay Jang, 2019, Denmark/The Netherlands, 10 min.
Happy. Dir. Seyed Ahmadreza Mousavi, 2018, Iran, 9 min.

Image: still from: Goodbye Fantasy, Dir. Amber Bemak/ Nadia Granados.