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Defiant Lives Screening and Round Table on Disability Activism

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Inclusive Arts London’s Bridging Forward: Accessibility Arts Festival is bringing exciting works from local, provincial, and national artists to London over June and July 2018. For this event we will be screening Defiant Lives, a documentary on disability activism in the US, Britain and Australia. We will follow-up the screening with a round table discussion on disability activism in Canada with leaders from the movement, including Eliza Chandler, Jeff Preston, and Jenelle Rouse. All events are open to the public and presented in accessible locations.

Defiant Lives Screening and Round Table on Disability Activism
Introduction at 6:15
Screening begins at 6:30 PM (90 minutes)
Round Table from 8:00-9:00 PM

For more information: Defiant Lives Screening and Disability Activism Round Table on Facebook

Defiant Lives introduces the world to the most impressive activists you’ve never heard of and tells the story of the rise and fight of the disability rights movement in the United States, Britain and Australia.Featuring exclusive interviews with elders (some now deceased) who’ve led the movement over the past five decades, the film weaves together never-before-seen archival footage with the often-confronting personal stories of disabled men and women as they moved from being warehoused in institutions to fighting for independence and control over their lives. Once freed from their imprisonment, disabled men and women took on the big charities, criticising the use of celebrities to beg on their behalf. They chained themselves to public transport around the world and demanded access “to boldly go where everyone else has gone before”; and they lobbied for support to live ordinary lives in the community with family, lovers and friends.Defiant Lives is a triumphant film full of extraordinary characters who put their lives on the line to create a better and very different world where everyone regardless of impairment is valued and can participate.

About the speakers:
Eliza Chandler is an Assistant Professor in the School of Disability Studies at Ryerson University. She is the co-director of a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)-funded partnership project, Bodies in Translation: Activist Art, Technology, and Access to Life. From 2014-2016, she was the Artistic Director of Tangled Art + Disability, an organization in Toronto dedicated to cultivating disability art, and co-founder of Tangled Art Gallery, a gallery which showcases disability arts and advances accessible curatorial practices. Chandler regularly give lectures, interviews, and consultations related to disability arts, accessible curatorial practices, and disability politics in Canada.

Jeff Preston, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of Disability Studies at King’s University College at Western University where he teaches classes on disability, popular culture and policy. A long-time advocate and motivational speaker, Jeff’s work focuses on the intersection of disability, subjectivity, biopower and culture. Jeff’s first book, The Fantasy of Disability, was published in 2016 by Routledge.

Jenelle Rouse is a passionate person living her dream of being a kindergarten teacher and currently a PhD candidate. She is a self-taught Deaf artist in body movements and dance. While actively involved in Picasso Pro since 2006, Jenelle has been performed live performing artworks since 2010: “Talking Movement” (as a performing dancer); “Withered Tree” (as a choreographer and performing dancer); and “Perceptions II” (as a choreographer and performing dancer). She also performed a short dance film, “Perceptions” (2015). Jenelle has been recently involved with Bodies in Translation, London Arts Council’s Crossings, Tangled Art + Disability London and Centre[3]. Ultimately, she has continued her passion in dancing and performing since then.

About the filmmakers:
Sarah Barton is a filmmaker with more than 20 years’ experience and has focused mainly on making films about disability. Her first major film Untold Desires (1994) about sexuality and disability won the first Logie Award for SBS television and an AFI Award for most outstanding documentary. In 2003 Sarah created and produced the first 70 episodes of the award winning disability community television series No Limits. During her time as series producer of No Limits Sarah mentored and trained a number of disabled performers including the late comedian and writer Stella Young.Sarah’s short documentary Stroke A Chord (2012) about a choir of stroke survivors who can sing but not speak was a finalist in the ATOM Awards in 2013. Between 2011 and 2015 Sarah worked as Chief Executive Officer of Disability Media Australia an organisation she co-founded in 2005. She also returned to No Limits in the role of Executive Producer mentoring and training disabled producers, cast and crew. In 2015 Sarah returned to her production company Fertile Films to complete Defiant Lives and recently launched an online video distribution platform called DisabilityBusters.com. In 2010 Sarah received a Churchill Fellowship to travel to America and England to research a feature documentary about the disability rights movement. Screen Australia subsequently supported the project in 2015 and the film Defiant Lives is due for release in 2017.

Liz Burke is an independent producer specialising in compelling, stylish and often political television and feature documentaries. Documentaries include, ‘Yuletide (2000) SBS, ‘Just Punishment’ (2006) ABC, ‘The First Wave’ (2008), ‘Missing in the Land of Gods (2012) and ‘Helen Garner’s Monkey Grip’ ABC (2014) Her films have won AFI and ATOM Awards. ‘Missing in the Land of Gods’ was nominated for Best Feature Documentary IDFA 2012, FOXTEL Best Australian Documentary, Sydney Film Festival 2012 and has been screened at many international and national film festivals. Life’. Liz’s most recent documentary is ‘Defiant Lives’ which tells the story of the rise of disability activism in Australia, UK and USA. Liz also teaches into the BA of Film and Animation at Swinburne University of Technology. She is currently enrolled in a PhD at the University of Canberra researching the affordances of the transmedia documentary.

Present Tense: IAL Exhibition Opening

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Inclusive Arts London’s Bridging Forward: Accessibility Arts Festival is bringing exciting works from local, provincial, and national artists to London over June and July 2018. This exhibition features emerging to established contemporary visual and media artists from Southwestern Ontario and beyond, including: Elaine Stewart, Aislinn Thomas, Hailey Doxtater, Jenelle Rouse, Vero Leduc, Sarah L and Judith Purdy. All events are open to the public and presented in accessible locations.

Present Tense: IAL Exhibition Opening with works by:
Elaine Stewart
Aislinn Thomas
Hailey Doxtater
Jenelle Rouse
Vero Leduc
Sarah L
Judith Purdy

For more information: Inclusive Arts London Exhibition Opening on Facebook

Le Grand Continental®

A group of people with arms outstretched dancing on a wet surface; water is splashing up from the ground

Joyous and intoxicating Le Grand Continental® is a world-renowned extravaganza that brings together hundreds of dance enthusiasts to perform a sensational line dancing inspired contemporary dance. Twirling into a rhythmic human kaleidoscope of participants aged from the very young to the young-at-heart chosen from applicants from across the breadth of the city, will dance up an exhilarating storm.

Instruments of Happiness

Photo illustration: children playing ukuleles superimposed over a circle made of guitars

A reverberating tribute to George Harrison by 100 electric guitarists led by Montreal virtuoso Tim Brady and hundreds of Doane Uschool ukulele students.

Since 2015, composer/guitarist Tim Brady has been creating site-specific works for mass ensembles of electric guitars, enlivening shopping malls, old railway buildings and hockey arenas. Now, Luminato has commissioned him to write a new work for 100 spatialized guitars to pay homage to George Harrison, who would have been 75 years old in 2018.

With a mix of professional and community musicians, While 100 Guitars Gently Weep – Concerto for George is a monumental new work that celebrates the electric guitar and the sheer joy of playing it out loud, in public for all to hear!

This event is free.

For more information: Instruments of Happiness at Luminato

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The Fever

A man and a woman facing each other; the woman is holding the man's wrist aloft

This is no ordinary performance. The Fever tests the limits of individual and collective responsibility and our willingness to be there for one another. Performed in collaboration with the audience, The Fever examines how we assemble, organize, and care for the bodies around us. Who will you be when all eyes are on you? What will we see when we look your way?

Experimental New York theatre company 600 HIGHWAYMEN — moniker for theatre artists Abigail Browde and Michael Silverstone — invites you to a party hosted by someone named Marianne. Through interactions with fellow audience members and the actors, The Fever breaks down the unseen walls we all put up around ourselves in a reminder that we are all here together.

For more information: The Fever at Luminato

You can purchase tickets online or call the Luminato Box Office at 416 368 3100 x254. TTY calls from all Relay Service Providers accepted.


A group of people at a protest. One is holding a sign with the words Still We Rise

Always dynamic, often explosive, a town hall meeting is a public forum for the rigorous exchange of ideas. We expect this meeting to be no exception when a panel of game-changers take to the stage to offer their views on feminism today.

Whether advocating as an artist, student, filmmaker, or youth network leader, each panelists brings an outspoken and determined voice to the table, backed up by action and achievements. They were selected by an equally inspiring committee of entrepreneurs, policy makers, and executive leaders between the ages of 16 to 27, invited by Luminato to suggest exemplary people whose contribution to the status of women they deeply admire.

Building on the historic achievements of the suffragettes the second wave feminists burst forth vociferously in the 1970s making significant gains in the fight for equality. Now, with intersectionality as its driving concern, the third wave, and more recently a fourth, defined by their use of technology and the hashtag call to arms, is themselves taking on the existing power structures. Today it’s the Millenials’ turn to figure out how to deal with and break down the systems and structures they’ve inherited, and finally transform society for good.

Panelists: Vivek Shraya, Arezoo Najibzadeh, Krysta Williams, Tessa Hill
Moderated by: Celina Caesar-Chavannes

For more information: NO GOING BACK at Luminato and NO GOING BACK on Facebook

Free. Reserve your seat here: https://luminatofestival.com/Tickets/ChooseSeats.aspx?eventid=66801


A woman on a darkened stage, lit by a spotlight

bug is a timely reflection on the cycles of abuse and addiction in which too many Indigenous women in contemporary Canada find themselves. Yolanda Bonnell, an exciting young performer and playwright of Ojibwe and South Asian descent, was named one of NOW Magazine’s Toronto theatre artists to watch in 2017. Bonnell gives life to this story with visibility and resilience through poetry, prose, and song.

bug is a solo physical theatre piece about the life of The Girl; taken from her alcoholic Mother and cycled through the damaging foster care system, The Girl develops an addictive personality that clings to anything that gives her power or makes her feel loved. As The Girl grows so do her addictions and they manifest as the creature Manidoons (Ojibway word for bug, insect or worm). When Manidoons takes over her addictions become more and more dangerous.

There will be a post show talk with Yolanda Bonnell following each performance.

For more information: bug at Luminato

You can purchase tickets online or call the Luminato Box Office at 416 368 3100 x254. TTY calls from all Relay Service Providers accepted.

June 23 at 1:00 PM
June 23 at 6:00 PM

Out the Window

A pencil sketch of a Toronto intersection

What would you do if you saw a stranger die? In August 2000, Liza Balkan witnessed the beating death of a man during an altercation with the police in the west end of Toronto. Called to the witness stand, Balkan kept careful track of the aftermath, then turned verbatim court transcripts, audio, video and text derived from interviews with top lawyers from both sides of the bench, into Out the Window.

The result is a rousing theatrical forum investigating a highly charged and provocative subject that remains topical today.

For more information: Out the Window at Luminato

You can purchase tickets online or call the Luminato Box Office at 416 368 3100 x254. TTY calls from all Relay Service Providers accepted.

June 22
June 23

Swan Lake / Loch na hEala

Two actor performing a scene from Swan Lake on stage

From the imagination of one of Ireland’s foremost dance and theatre-makers, Michael Keegan-Dolan, comes a magical, contemporary adaptation of the most famous ballet in the world. Swan Lake/Loch na hEala transforms this age-old folk tale into a transcendent and original illumination of the familiar, with searing contemporary resonance and visceral impact.

Through powerful dancing and compelling imagery, this new and raw interpretation of Swan Lake is rooted in the midlands of Ireland where ancient mythology and the modern world collide. A company of 13 world-class performers, including beloved Irish actor Mikel Murfi, weave story-telling with song and movement. Dublin-based band Slow Moving Clouds combines traditional Nordic and Irish music with minimalist and experimental influences infusing Swan Lake/Loch na hEala with a remarkable energy.

There will be a post show talk following the performance on June 9.

For more information: Swan Lake / Loch na hEala at Luminato

You can purchase tickets online or call the Luminato Box Office at 416 368 3100 x254. TTY calls from all Relay Service Providers accepted.


Two men seated by a wall

Seventeen-year-old Asher has always been a troublemaker and terrible student due to his learning differences. A charismatic teacher prompts a fascination in the world of literature, but also forces a conflict with Asher’s brash father, who expects him to take over the family scaffolding business.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/reelabilities-toronto-presents-scaffolding-tickets-44998412463

More information on the film: Scaffolding at ReelAbilities Film Festival