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Heart of Matter

A group of people, all wearing white shirts, in dim lighting. The person in the center of the frame is in focus

Heart of Matter is a meditation on memory and the special artifacts that spark recollection. It is dedicated to objects we keep or forget. This whimsical and poetic dance-theatre work reflects on feelings of opening and closing, and the human experience of holding on, or letting go.

Heart of Matter was originally developed as a commission from the Ryerson School of Performance for Springworks 2019. Thanks to the original cast of dancers, Vicki St Denys, and the production team (including Kathleen Preston, Arun Srinivasan, Piotr Mrugacz), for their ongoing support and inspiration.

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Table 7 – A Plays in Cafes Creation

An illustration in three panels - the first and third panel depict monochrome sections of building exteriors and the third panel is a photograph of artwork on the wall of a cafe

Two different worlds collide in a busy Regent Park cafe and the altercation is layered with troubling undercurrents. When do you step into the middle of an unnerving situation? How do you know if what you think you saw is the truth? Every reality is skewed by the personal lens that we look through.
Come witness the event and see what side of the table you’re on.

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A digital illustration of a light brown horse's face with light purple eyes and a few strands of a dark brown mane falling across its forehead, with "Horseface" in white letters on a pink bar across the middle of the illustration

Meet Alex, a 61 year old woman who is charged with assaulting a man on a train. An older, mostly invisible and very British lady who is pushed to the limits when an innocuous encounter goes horribly wrong. Her experience of growing up as a good girl in the 1970’s , her father’s penchant for pornography, her years of being a great girlfriend to penniless musicians, and her rejection of Jane Fonda’s sex advice all culminate in an explosive act.

Come along for the ride and judge for yourself as to whether her defence is legitimate in an era of Twitter insults and the Me Too Movement.

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Get Better

A collage of a person the top of their head off and to the side, with black geometric shapes coming out of their head like a cloud of smoke. "Get Better" in block letters and the silhouette of a bicycle appear on the bottom left

Life changing concussions aren’t just for football players. What happens when a busy perfectionist bumps her head too many times? Get Better is a quirky, and dark look into the emotional journey of recovering from a minor traumatic brain injury. Using narrative and physical theatre, “Get Better” reveals the uncomfortable truths about living with invisible injury. This mostly true story explores how this common injury effects relationships, and identity. Co-produced by Buzzkill.

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The Laundry List

A chorus dancer in a sequined dress and headband, repeated in a diagonal row against a black and red background with "The Laundry List" in pink letters on the top left

It’s 1919, and Frankie’s Laundry is gunning to be the number one bootlegger in Toronto. His competition thinks otherwise, and a group of chorus girls find themselves in a showdown of guns…..and tap shoes. The Laundry List will whisk you back to the golden age of jazz, flappers and gangsters. With live music, singing, and tap dancing, this cast of 12 will leave you with a song in your heart and a skip in your step.

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