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YOU dance

An adult facing an audience of children - everyone has their arms in the air

Relaxed performance.

The National Ballet of Canada’s YOU dance provides relaxed performances designed for audience members who may benefit from a more casual ballet experience, such as individuals who identify with or are on the Autism Spectrum, ADHD, neurodiverse, learning and/or development delays/disabilities or anyone who simply feels they may enjoy a more relaxed environment when attending the ballet.

During relaxed performances, the performance itself is unchanged, rather the sound levels are lowered, house lights are left on at a dimmer level and audience members are welcomed to move in and out of the space as needed.

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Our manifest galaxy: a performance about space exploration

An astronaut floating in space with the earth visible at the bottom of the image

Is space ours to explore and conquer at any cost? Who gets to decide who colonizes space? And how do our journeys into space inform the way we see ourselves, and the way we treat our home, Earth?

Artist Pamela Neil, Anishinaabekwe social innovator Melanie Goodchild, and observational astrophysicist Renée Hlozek present ‘our manifest galaxy’, an oral performance designed to bring the audience squarely into the conversation about space exploration.

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The Children

Promo image for "The Children" with a simple black silhouette of a house on a an angle, with a wavy white to represent water, with two people on the roof, against a yellow background

Robin and Hazel are two retired nuclear scientists, living in a seaside cottage on the east coast of England. But all is not as it seems. Their electricity is restricted to evenings, and they have a Geiger counter in the kitchen. On a warm summer’s evening, Rose, an old friend and colleague arrives from America with a startling request.

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Playing With Fire

Illustration of a silhouetted hockey player with their stick aflame in white, against a red and orange textured background

Relaxed performance.

You don’t need to know anything about hockey to love the exhilarating, heartbreaking and triumphant true story of courageous Canadian hockey legend, Theoren Fleury. With the odds stacked against him, the pint-sized Métis kid with huge ambitions from Russell MB overcame crushing obstacles to become an NHL All-Star, with the Stanley Cup and represent Canada twice at the Olympic Games where he earned a gold medal. This top-scoring theatrical tour-de-force has received rave reviews everywhere it’s played, from Calgary to Halifax to Hamilton and it’s performed entirely on ice! This is more than hockey. This is life.

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The Pianist of Willesden Lane

Promo image for "The Pianist of Willesden Lane" in black letters against a purple background, with an inset photo of a silhouetted person by a train

An exquisite musical memoir, The Pianist of Willesden Lane is based on the true story of a young Jewish musical prodigy, Lisa Jura, whose talent was her ticket to escape Nazi-ruled Vienna for the relative safety of London during the Blitzkrieg. In this inspirational show, Jura’s daughter, Grammy-nominated piano virtuoso Mona Golabek, performs some of the world’s most beautiful music as she shares her mother’s riveting story of survival.

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Stones in His Pocket

Illustration of two people wearing hats and sunglasses, behind a film clapperboard with "Stones in His Pocket" in white chalk lettering

Relaxed performance.

Winner of the 2001 Olivier award for Best New Comedy and nominated for Three Tony Awards. This hysterical comedy, penned by the same playwright as TNW’s 2016’s hit comedy Fly Me to the Moon, tells the tale of a Hollywood film that is being shot in a small town in Ireland and the extras and others involved in the shooting.

Two actors take on fifteen roles in this fast-paced comedy about the obsessions with celebrities and movie making. This will take your breath away and you will laugh all the way home!

1:45 run time with 15 minute intermission.

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