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The Mind Palace

Promotional image for the Mind Palace with a white mannequin head wearing a wig made from purple textured textiles with pink and blue accents against a white background

Momo Movement presents The Mind Palace, a co-created contemporary performance exploring the imaginations of our ensemble members. This fantastical show will take you on a journey through the landscapes, emotions and visions of each individual. Prepare for the unexpected.

Featuring set design and and costume pieces by artists from the Indefinite Arts Centre, music by Eric Smith, and an accessible theatre experience for every body made possible by Inside Out Theatres’ Good Host Program.

Concept co-created by the Momo Movement ensemble and Kyra Newton. Choreography by Kathy Austin, Shannon Parker, Chawna Exner and Kyra Newton.

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To make arrangements to purchase tickets in cash, please call 403-452-1220.


Promotional image for Masquerade at Luminato, with a grid of hexagons in various sizes. The hexagos have photographs of costumed performers on stage

One of Moscow’s oldest theatre companies returns with a show that will sweep you off your feet and into a storm of intrigue, hidden truths, and heaps of snow.

Based on the writings of Mikhail Lermontov, one of Russia’s most important 19th century poets, the tragi-farce Masquerade uncovers the real moralities of modern society behind the masks that everyone wears. Discover scandalous love affairs and squandered opportunities; exposed lies, truths, and the words that can kill. Literally.

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House of Mirrors

Promotional image for House of Mirrors at Luminato - with a diagonal grid of reflected photos of a hallway of pillars with lights strung between them

Relaxed performance.

From Narcissus to Alice, reflections have fascinated and intrigued us throughout the ages.

House of Mirrors is a reality-bending, sensory-altering, mind-dizzying experience that has enchanted audiences across the southern hemisphere. Sitting at over 12.5ft and weighing in at over 55 tonnes, this reflective wonder makes its North American debut, taking Toronto by storm, simultaneously mesmerizing, disorienting and delighting Luminato audiences.

Optical illusions meet vanity in this house-sized kaleidoscope where reflections are fragmented: shadow, ghost, stranger, or is it just you? Nothing is what it seems as you stumble around thousands of bewildering reflections.

Seeing is believing…or is it?

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True North

A black and white photograph of a group of people of various ages standing in a suburban street. The person in the centre of the group is holding a basketball

Making the National Basketball Association (NBA) is every young player’s dream, but for Toronto’s hopefuls, it seems the ultimate goal might be just a bit closer to reach. Next to USA, Canada provides more talent to NBA than anywhere else in the world, and Toronto is at the centre of this boom. The city’s programs and coaches are some of the country’s best, but what does it really take to make the ultimate hoop dream come true? This slick documentary series follows five of the city’s leading players, including Keone Davis, Malachi Ndur, Cordell Veira, Jalen Celestine and the world’s top-ranked 12 year-old Elijah Fisher. But as courtside cameras and intimate exchanges reveal, it takes more than athletic ability to navigate their paths to success. Strong communities, emotional bonds and mental focus don’t happen on the hardwood, but somewhere much deeper. As fast-paced and as engaging as the game itself, this striking series takes us into the very heart of Toronto’s basketball scene.

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Join us immediately after the film screening for The New Locker Room Talk – Healthy Male Community Through Sports, a FREE forum discussion with athletes and thought leaders.

In this forum, we dig deeper – in our current world, what are the resources, activities, and community support groups that men can utilize to build healthy communities while working towards a brighter future? How can we as a community reframe the “locker room” talk and build healthier interactions in sports? With input from a variety of facilitators working this field, as well as thought leader and athletes from True North, we’ll discuss the accountability and actions needed, from all genders.

Monday Nights

Promotional image for Monday Nights at Luminato, with photographs of people playing basketball wearing various coloured jerseys and shirts

Who you are on the court reveals who you are off the court. Five men came together every Monday night and stayed until the lights turned off. They didn’t come to watch. They came to play.

Based on the ongoing real-life pickup basketball games played for the better part of a decade, Monday Nights is an interactive basketball and theatre experience with the same five men recreating their stories for the stage and exploring how a simple game can help us understand ourselves and connect to our community.

No matter your age, skill, knowledge or passion for basketball, lace up your sneakers, get off the bench and into the game – the ball is in your court.

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Rite of Spring

Promotional image for Rites of Spring at Luminato, with a black and white photo of performers in costume on the left, and a colour photo of a performer in a red costume on the right

For the first time in North America, one of China’s most prolific performers and choreographers, Yang Liping, well-known in China as the Peacock Princess, presents her incredible new work, Rite of Spring.

Created for 15 dancers, the Rite of Spring is set to the Igor Stravinsky score of the same name with additional original compositions inspired by traditional Tibetan music. Liping’s choreography breathes new life into Stravinsky’s epic masterwork, using ancient Tibetan and Chinese symbols and rituals to illustrate themes of incantation, sacrifice and reincarnation.

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Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools

Promotional image for Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools, with triangular panels of varying sizes filled with photographs from the performance

Inuk artist Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory and queer theatre-maker Evalyn Parry met on an Arctic expedition from Iqaluit to Greenland. Now they share the stage in Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools; a concert, dialogue, and symbolic convergence between the North and the South of our country. These two powerful storytellers map new territory together in a work that gives voice and body to the lived histories, culture, and climate we have inherited, and then asks how we reckon with these sharp tools.

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Swallowed Whole

An illustration of a vintage television with two dials and two cables plugged into the front. On the screen are three faces with elongated necks disappearing down a sink drain

Picture this: a sketch series that draws from absurdist images of socio-economic issues, isolation, and fragile privileged entitlement, with the comedic wit behind “Mating Rituals” from last year’s Toronto Festival of Clowns.

3 actors, 20 characters, 3 bad celebrity impressions, 3 songs, 55 minutes, 1 is the loneliest number, 4+2=7. Rachel Parry brings her unique style to the stage for the first time in this collection of peculiar sketches, featuring three of Toronto’s most axolautlomatic performers!

Tickets on sale June 6th!

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NAAW on This! – Comedy Night

A microphone on a stand against a blurred background of light and shadow

“NAAW On This!” is a hilarious lineup of unconventional comedians who will celebrate the lighter side of disability and mental health while telling stories from lived experience in The Westin’s Yuk Yuk’s venue. Hosted by Hello City’s Gil Anderson and Henricus Gielis, some dark comedy and mature themes will be explored. Buckle up for a night of personal stories, killer jokes and all the realness in a night of inclusive comedy featuring: Cathy Jones, Meg McDowell, Josh Dunn, Adam Myatt, Owen Redden and others. It’s the perfect opportunity to lighten up on the topics of disability and mental health. We’re all in the same boat and the boat will be rocking from all the laughter on May 29th!

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A performer in a bright costume with red, orange, burgundy and brown strips of fabric, and yellow and red striped tights, holding on with their arms and legs to a structure made with pipe and ropes

TWEET TWEET! is a 30-minute contemporary circus performance experience for our youngest audience, age 0-5 years and their caregivers. The show takes place on a magical tree apparatus (built by Upstage Fabrication Inc. and Kelsey Carriere), with 2 nests and 2 wood swings hanging from the branches. The performers move from the nests, up into the aerial tree canopy, through the rope tree trunk, and on the floor. There is a large forest floor carpet that lies under the tree branches for the audience to sit and lie on.

Touch tour at 1:30 PM. Show begins at 2 PM.

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