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The Darlings

A panel of four portrait photos of each of The Darlings in costume

The deconstruction and reimagining of the memories of four queer performance artists. Dissecting the ideas of nostalgia, history, and trauma and how those things form our present state. Circumstance that has been formed by a lifetime of happenings that couldn’t be explained to someone who hasn’t lived them. A completely personal queer existence shown through our lens, as a collective.

The Darlings are a multidisciplinary non-binary drag performance collective based in Vancouver. Their work challenges the boundaries of conventional drag and explores genderqueer, non-binary, and Trans experience through the use of movement, poetry, performance art, theatre, and immersive installation.

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Pearle Harbour’s Agit-Pop!

Pearle Harbour holding a microphone and looking up under a spotlight against a dark blue background

Award-winning drag tragicomedienne Pearle Harbour presents her cabaret spectacular Agit-Pop! – musical meditations for the pre-post-apocalypse. Song, storytelling, and socio-political tirades galore, as Pearle dishes piping hot takes and spills scalding tea on some of the most troubling issues facing the new century. Developed over five years of live performance, Agit Pop! is an ever-changing collection of Pearle’s favourite, best, and most heart-wrenchingly hilarious short acts. With accompaniment by musical director Steven Conway, Pearle serenades audiences with new arrangements of old classics and little known gems by David Bowie, Judy Garland, Tom Waits, and more.

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eat your heART out Cabaret

A heart-shaped cookie broken down the middle - the right side is frosted in white and the left side frosted in red

Raucous cabaret numbers. Fabulous performance art. High camp. This cabaret celebrates and deconstructs Valentine’s Day as local & festival performers explore relationships, love, breakups and cupids through a queer lens.

Featuring the patriarchy-smashing, politically-oriented queer burlesque troupe, Riot Grrrls Burlesque and the high-energy, singing, dancing, girl group from the Fringe hit, GRL PWR, Salty Broad Productions, alongside festival performers.

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No Languages Allowed

Cartoon illustration for "No Languages Allowed" with two people facing each other against a pale yellow background

In conjunction with Seeing Voices Montréal, we are excited to, once again, to present No Languages Allowed! This exciting, exclusively silent improv show features Deaf performers from Seeing Voices Montreal, alongside players from Montreal Improv.

Featuring: Francois Fortin, Frank Birikundavyi, Hodan Youssouf, Jack Volpe, Kate Bradley, Laura Flynn, Mariana Vial, Pierre-Olivier Beaulac Bouchard, Ramesh Arya and Sylvain Lavendure.

Seeing Voices Montreal is a diverse group of volunteers ranging from native ASL users, native LSQ (Langue des signes québécoise) users, ASL students and other hard-working individuals from the Montréal D/Deaf* community.

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Sensory Friendly Comedy

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We are thrilled to be the first venue to offer a relaxed stand-up comedy series, designed to make comedy more welcoming to those with sensory and communication sensitivities, developmental delays, social barriers or anyone who feels a more laid back approach is their comfort.

Lighting and sound are adjusted in the space and there is no loud music in the transitions between acts. We provide additional signage and paper order forms at the box office and in the bar area to accommodate various forms of communication.

Performing comics have all been specifically selected based on style and persona.Their performances are non-abrasive, non-confrontational and their delivery is calm and pleasant. These events do not include crowd work.

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The Children’s Hour

A black and white photo of a group of school children in uniforms against a brick wall - one uniform has been coloured red

Written in 1934, Lillian Hellman’s potent exploration of the power of lies – and the culture of fear which allows them to thrive – remains startlingly relevant in our era of “fake news” and online deception.

Lifelong friends Karen and Martha are the headmistresses of a prestigious all-girls boarding school in a small New England town in the months preceding WWII. When a vengeful pupil whispers a rumour that the two women are having an affair, it triggers a devastating chain of consequences, entangling their entire school in this toxic story of deceit. At the peril of destroying their careers, their relationships, and their lives, Karen and Martha courageously risk public shame and fight for the truth to be heard.

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Brain Storm

A person wearing a white jacket and surgeons cap, snapping a latex glove onto one of their hands

A visually arresting and comically haunting look at the ramifications of brain surgery and how one woman finds her way in a reality that is forever different. BRAIN STORM takes you into the operating theatre, to dissect the question; are our brains magic, machines – or both?

Writer/Director Taliesin McEnaney draws on the work of famous Canadian neurosurgeon Dr. Wilder Penfield, the writings of her spiritual medium grandmother, and a brain injury in her own family to craft this unique piece of physical theatre.

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Anywhere But Here

A painted mural on a corrugated wall, with monarch butterflies flying above against a blue sky

From North to South, a family reverses the refugee’s path in this darkly humorous vision of exile. The action is set in 1979, along the border between the US and Mexico. There, a father and his two daughters drive in a chrome convertible. They’re returning to Chile from Canada, and as they travel, visions of the past and future surround them. Their encounters with people crossing—and guarding—the border range from the poignant to the comical to the fantastical, and the audience is privileged to their internal journeys as individuals as well as their external journey as a family unit.

Inventively staged, inflected by magic realism and boasting stunts, a terrific musical score and two rap tracks by Shad Kabango, Anywhere But Here pulls out all the stops in its portrayal of a Latinx family and its hopes, fears and fantasies. It’s a feverish commentary on the power of the state and the condition of statelessness, and as such it carries a special resonance today.

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