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The Good Bride

A person wearing a white lace wedding dress, wearing silver handcuffs with their hands clasped together

The Good Bride is a one-woman comedy about a Quiverfull Christian girl. As 15-year old Maranatha waits excitedly for her 28-year old fiancé to carry her off to their wedding, we catch a glimpse into a teenage girl’s thoughts on love, sex, and milkshakes — and watch her pray to a God she loves without question. But as she’s made to wait, night after night, will her faith uphold? Inspired by true events. A co-production by the Firehall Arts Centre and Alley Theatre.

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Vancouver-based playwright Rosemary Rowe spent years ‘undercover’ on Quiverfull Christian women’s blogs and internet chat-rooms — listening to their experiences and discovering how their closed-door societies operate. During a time of US anti-birth control legislation, the #metoo movement, and rise of fundamentalism —The Good Bride strikes a vital balance of brutal truth mixed with absurd hilarity.

Come to the Edge

An illustration of a black, silver, red and green helicopter resembling a vintage car, containing six people and a small dog

A creative oasis animated by the Imagining Possibilities Leadership Team. You will witness a ritual inviting you to bring your imagination to the edge, and jump into the world that emerges. Those who wish, will become part of an envisioned environment, and stories that unfold.

The Imagining Possibilities Leadership Team is a group of 5 adults with Cerebral Palsy and who use alternative augmentative communication, that have been developing their artistic skills the last 7 years through ADCID’s community arts project, Imagining Possibilities. They have worked with ADCID artists to develop a style of creative improvisation which enables them to express their ideas and create stories as an ensemble. Together we are exploring ways of expressing these ideas, in a way that is participatory for not just the performer, but also the audience member with physical disabilities.

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Body Brake X

A spotlit dancer on a darkened walkway, by a brick wall. Long thin shadows of a railing are cast onto the walkway by the spotlight.

More dancing, more awesome – 10th anniversary edition! Part cabaret, part performance installation, part immersive environment, completely fun!

Combining the energy of a rock concert in an evening of dance, Body Brake freely and irreverently mixes popular, classical and contemporary styles into a large performance party that holds the dancing body in a curious and politically charged spectrum.

Where else can you see Aerial, Contemporary, Ballet, Post Contemporary, Drag, Burlesque, Tap, African, Indian, Street Dance, Bondage Performance Art, Parkour, Music and more all in one evening?

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For this special 10th anniversary edition of Body Brake, we are all in a state of transition as Anandam passes the sequined torch to a new curatorial team – the drag aliens from the future, xLq POP ART performance, and everyone’s favourite resident pop superstars, Half Second Echo (Miles Gosse, Denise Solleza, Justine Comfort, Maddie Bautista, Jordan Campbell).

BODY BRAKE X will take over the entire Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace and balcony, with audience areas on the ground level and in the balcony. The audience is also constantly in transition, as performances pop up in different locations throughout the evening. The TPM bar will be open upstairs!

Angela Sun
Olivia Short
Bailey Eng
Erin Ball
Ravyn Wngz
Sujit Vaidya
Irma Villafuerte

Prince Hamlet

A group of seven actors on a brightly lit stage in front of a black background with two large mirrors. The floor of the stage is made of wooden planks in a zig zag pattern and there are three piles of what appear to be dirt in the foreground. The actors are all in animated poses, some with arms outstretched

When he learns his father’s death was no accident, Prince Hamlet sets out to find the truth for himself. Staring down his own mortality, the prince uses theatre and trickery to gain a confession from his uncle, and ultimately becomes a killer himself.

Combining English and American Sign Language, this remixed, reimagined, and bilingual Prince Hamlet features a cross-cultural, gender-bent cast and creates a fully integrated retelling for both hearing and Deaf audiences. Starring Christine Horne as Hamlet (Dora Mavor Moore Award Nomination for Outstanding Performance) and Dawn Jani Birley as Horatio (Toronto Theatre Critics Award for Best Actress in a Play) – “this is no ordinary Hamlet.” – Toronto Star.

Visionary director Ravi Jain brings forward a Hamlet for our rapidly changing times: a daring, stylish and inclusive take on the world’s most famous play. The national tour of this highly-acclaimed production is not to be missed.

A Why Not Theatre production.

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Poly Queer Love Ballad

One person against a white background, holding a guitar and biting the shoulder of a second person who is looking directly at the camera and holding an open notebook with a page of writing

Poly Queer Love Ballad is an intimate, edgy new musical merging slam poetry with catchy pop-folk tunes. Nina, a polyamorous bisexual poet, meets Gabbie, a monogamous lesbian songwriter, at Cafe Deux Soleil. With two microphones, a loop pedal, and array of instruments, they struggle to reconcile their fierce mutual attraction with their opposing perspectives on love.

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4000 Miles

Poster for "4000 Miles" with a cyclist in red, a tractor trailer and police car, and a person wearing a robe and holding a phone

New York. The middle of the night. Vera, an irascible, politically active 90-year old is awakened by her grandson Leo, who has cycled from Seattle on a trip with his best friend. In their month together, Vera and Leo bewilder each other, argue and connect as they discover the thin line between growing up and growing old.

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The Tempest

An actor against a black background, wearing a sleeveless ivory dress and holding a long piece of silky dark blue cloth. The actor's hair and the cloth are blowing as if it's windy. "The Tempest" appears in large white block letters at the bottom left

A truly unique retelling of Shakespeare’s most magical story, directed by Josette Bushell-Mingo, former Artistic Director of Tyst Teater, Sweden’s National Deaf Theatre, from 2005-2018. The Tempest will feature Deaf and hearing actors onstage together.

In Shakespeare’s fantastic tale of loss and reconciliation, a deposed ruler uses his magic to seek vengeance on those who robbed him of his throne and marooned him on a remote island. But what shape will his revenge take?

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Act of Faith

An illustration of a close up view of the side of a wheelchair

Inspired by the true story of an inexplicable recovery from paraplegia by one of our own – a Vancouver teacher/dancer – after 13 years of life in a wheelchair, this is a story that baffles the medical/scientific community, arouses conflicting emotions in the disability community, and is celebrated by the religious community to which “Faith” belongs.

What happens when everything we believe to be true about ourselves or those closest to us is challenged by new information? If you aren’t religious, can you believe in a miracle? Inspired by a true story, this new play explores the mystery of faith-based healing, and the consequences of life-changing transformation.

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Under the Stairs

Photo illustration of a person peering from between coloured clothes hanging in a closet

Relaxed performance.

In this innovative musical play, the cupboard under the stairs is a portal to a magical place that provides young Tim with refuge from Mom and Dad’s bickering. One day, Tim escapes into the Narnia-like closet only to find he’s not alone – there are other children in this fantastical world. Together, they embark on an adventure to uncover surprising secrets that could repair the turmoil in Tim’s house.

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Dis merci

Four actors on stage during a performance of Dis merci

In Dis Merci, four neighbours are getting ready to throw a party for a refugee family arriving in Canada. Despite their best intentions to welcome the newcomers into their lives with genuine warmth, they quickly descend into prejudice, stereotypes, and dysfunction. Through dance, theatre, knitting, and even inflatable objects, this deliciously awkward and collectively devised piece cracks open complex issues around how we treat anyone who deviates from the norm.

Joe Jack & John incorporates elements of dance and visual arts into its politically engaged artistic practice, in order to throw into question the very notion of “normal”. Co-founder Catherine Bourgeois has created a searingly relevant show with an integrated cast of people living with and without disabilities.

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