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Between Us

A person in a plaid jacket with their hand on the jaw of another person, who is facing the camera

What if you were in love with your own demise? Between Us explores the lives of William and Anna, a match made in heaven, or so they thought. An electric encounter between the pair sets in motion a passionate, turned heart-wrenching romance with actions and consequences that will reshape both their lives.

Handsome Alice’s latest creation explores the question “why doesn’t she leave?” Between Us is a beautifully intimate, imaginative and raw exposé of coercion. Audiences are invited to participate in discussions facilitated by Sagesse during each performance, to further the conversation and connect community with resources.

Join us for a one of a kind theatre experience, written as an act of love and resistance.

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Early Morning Rain

Promo image for "Early Morning Rain: The Legend of Gordon Lightfoot" with an illustrated acoustic guitar against a burgundy background

Relaxed performance.

Leisa Way and Way-To-Go Productions have once again created musical magic with this spectacular concert celebrating Gordon Lightfoot, one of the greatest and most prolific Canadian singer-songwriters of all time. Enjoy the incredible music of this Canadian legend, and sing along to Sundown, For Loving Me, Early Morning Rain, Canadian Railroad Trilogy, Did She Mention My Name, If You Could Read My Mind, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Alberta Bound and many more hits!

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Two people facing each other, backlit in dim light

After 63 years, the Beacon Hill Body remains a Vancouver Island cold-case murder. Forensic toxicologist Grace Godard thinks her scientific expertise is leading her close to an answer, closer than anyone has come before. But when she meets Aqeel Saleemi, a young man with a personal stake in the mystery, their efforts to crack the case have consequences neither of them imagined. This theatrically innovative and exhilarating world premiere will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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The Ministry of Grace

Promo image for "The Ministry of Grace" with an illustration of a person wearing a red robe and holding a book to their chest, against a blue background with moon

It’s 1950 in the deserts of Southern California. Evangelist Brother Cain has a booming trade; his tent revival show moves from town to town, fleecing crowds desperate for something to believe in. When he discovers Mary, a Ntlaka’pamux woman from the Nicola Valley, reading the bible, he puts her onstage, renames her Grace, and displays her as a miracle: an Indian who can read.

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12 Minutes Max Studio Showing

Two dancers against a black background - one is bending forward with arms down, the other is looking and reaching up

Dance Artists All Bodies Dance Project, Oksana Augustine, and Brenna Metzmeier, Eowynn Enquist, Isak Enquist, Sarah Formosa, and Ted Littlemore give an informal studio showing of works they have developed as part of the 12 Minutes Max program, with mentorship and feedback from guest curators Idan Cohen/Ne. Sans Opera and Dance and Raïna von Waldenburg.

12 Minutes Max aims to foster experimentation and the development of new work, along with critical feedback and community dialogue. Participating artists research and create short new pieces at Scotiabank Dance Centre with input from the guest curators, and share their work in an informal studio showing.

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Hétu and Franck

Promo image for "Hétu and Franck" with a black and white portrait of a person

Relaxed performance.

Travel behind the scenes at a Friday morning matinee with an open rehearsal and concert performance. Hear the conductor’s introduction the music, a complete performance of the work, and participate in a Q+A – All in one hour!

All Matinees begin at 10:30 am on Fridays.

Pre-concert chats begin 25 minutes before each performance on the Piano Nobile.

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An illustration of simmple figures in black with a blue wood grain texture and "Crippled" in white letters at the top

“Crippled” – that’s what the guys in Tony’s small community of Shale Harbour, NL used to call him growing up. The name stuck. Years later, Tony finds himself on the St. John’s, NL waterfront at a crossroad. Tired of living with a disability, of being ‘the cripple’, and still grieving the death of his same sex partner three years earlier, Tony believes there’s only one way to escape a life he no longer wants to live. His mind is made up, until a stranger appears with other plans. In “Crippled”, playwright Paul David Power shares his true experiences of growing up with a physical disability and grief after loss. “Crippled” is a story about love, death, life and redemption. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will walk away with a new perspective about life and what matters.

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The Louder We Get

The cast of "The Louder We Get" on stage, each with an arm in the air

Destined for Broadway, this dazzling musical follows the compelling and inspirational true story of Marc Hall as he navigates the Catholic school system to fight for his right to take his boyfriend to prom. With colourful pop-inspired songs and heart-warming unity, you won’t want to miss this electric love story at Theatre Calgary.

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