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Hot Brown Honey

Six actors on stage - three are standing in front of rows of hexagon lights resembling a honeycomb, while the other three are elevated above the stage behind the lights

Fighting the power never tasted so sweet! For the Game Changers, Myth Slayers, Poets, Movers, Music Makers, Ground Breakers, Truth Sayers, Shake em up Women, Queens, Queers and Risk Takers:

Hot Brown Honey returns to turn up the heat, deliver lashings of sass and a hot pinch of empowerment! Packing a punch of hip hop politics, the Honeys will make you laugh, cry, clap and shake what your mama gave you. This stellar posse of phenomenal women make noise as they defiantly smash stereotypes and remix the system.

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Crying Hands

An actor performing in ASL against a backdrop with an image of a gas canister with a skull and crossbones

Crying Hands tells the tale of Hans, who was born deaf and grew up in Berlin before the war broke out in 1939. The production follows Hans’ fate as a deaf political prisoner in Sachsenhausen, and later we witness his struggle to survive the Auschwitz concentration camp. Created by Theatre Manu (Norway) this docu-drama is performed through a series of interconnected scenes accompanied by storytelling and projections.

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An actor on stage under a red spotlight, holding a microphone and wearing a beret

Chicho, an ashamed-queer-Catholic-man-boy from Venezuela, hilariously attempts to feel beautiful despite his warring identity politics. In this wildly entertaining exploration of a diasporic experience, CHICHO meticulously presents the disparity between his own Queer-ibbean coming-of-age journey in Canada and the worsening socio-economic crisis in Venezuela.

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Made In Italy

Illustrated poster for Made in Italy, with a person wearing an orange collared shirt against a light blue-green background. There are cutouts in the orange shirt in the shape of hands with red fingernails and "Made in Italy" appears in white lettering at the top of the illustration

Relaxed performance.

It’s the 1970s and Francesco is the only kid in his Jasper school with a three-piece suit and a lunchbox full of cured meats and aged cheeses. Torn between his father’s deep Italian roots and the desire to adapt to his new country, Francesco Mantini fights his way to a new identity, with John Travolta as his model. Will the family bond survive Francesco’s rise to fame as Frank Martin? In this funny and charming one-man play, the journey from Abruzzo to Alberta is rife with twists and turns.

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Eight actors, two in focus in the foreground and the others out of focous against a black background, in historical costume with worn edges and patches, and red eye makeup under their eyes

The story of the Donnellys– the shocking massacre of Johannah Donnelly and her dangerously devoted sons in nearby Lucan in 1880 – can still freeze the blood. With a pulsing rock musical score, the Donnellys come back to life to haunt us once more. Edmonton’s Catalyst Theatre returns with its powerhouse cast, led by the towering performance of Jan Alexandra Smith, in this tale of brutal revenge and frontier justice.

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Children of God

A person wearing a long mauve coat, looking to the right with their hair blowing across their face, in a field against a partially sunny sky with clouds

In this powerful musical, the children of an Oji-Cree family are sent to a residential school in Northern Ontario. This is a story of redemption: for a mother who was never let past the school’s gate, and her kids, who never knew she came. Children of God offers a thrilling blend of ancient traditions and contemporary realities, celebrating resilience and the power of the Indigenous cultural spirit.

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Contains swearing and sexual content. Due to the potentially triggering content of the performance, Emotional Support Workers will be available to provide support to audience members who may require it.

Circle Game

Six actors performing on stage, playing various musical instruments in mid-song

One of the most influential recording artists of the late 20th century, Joni Mitchell has often reflected on social and environmental ideals through her music. Circle Game reinterprets Mitchell’s iconic songs such as “Big Yellow Taxi,” “River,” “California,” and “A Case of You” through the ears and eyes of a new generation, connecting to the politics and world we know today.

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A colourful illustration of a roaring red bear on a riverbank, with a yellow butterfly flying past, while a person is being carried by the current in dark blue water. The person is reaching for a yellow hat floating behind them, and there are bright green trees on the shore

A politically charged theatre-dance hybrid that journeys through our wondrous and contested environment.
Pursued by the RCMP, Floyd has to get out of town fast. Heading through the Rockies for the Pacific, through the forests and along the rivers, he experiences changes – inside and out. Floyd’s journey is assisted by the wildlife he encounters – especially the bears.

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Apple Time

Photo illustration against a bright yellow background of a purple suitcase with light blue lining, with hands on sticks in different skin tones forming "Apple Time" in the ASL alphabet. There is an angled black bar at the top with "Deaf Crows Collective Production of Apple Time" in white letters

Apple Time is a bridge to all realms. It is a magical space where Deaf, Hard of Hearing, newcomers, oral communication and signing come together to create entire new worlds. Blending puppetry and ASL poetry with traditional Deaf storytelling, mime, mask, magic, and even a little bit of circus arts, the Apple Time ensemble invites you on a visually stunning, funny, and poignant mythical journey of immigration and migration on the Deaf high seas. Apple Time is a contemporary, youth-driven vision of the future Deaf community.

A talkback with cast and crew will follow each performance.

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