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Comet in Moominland

a pair of adults acting out a scene with small dolls and figurines over the mouth of a cave with a dragon inside

Relaxed performance.

Beneath a canopied dome, a miniature universe of mysterious forests, magical caves and sailing seas fill the theatre. Tove Jansson’s story of trust, bravery and ingenuity has delighted children across North America and has become an Manitoba Theatre for Young People signature production.

60 minutes. No intermission.

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Life After

An actor onstage, lit by a spotlight, with their face upturned and arms stretched out by their sides, while flakes resembling snow fall onto the stage

Relaxed performance.

Sixteen-year old Alice is left to navigate life after her father, a superstar self-help guru, dies in a car accident. We plunge into Alice’s overactive inner world as she tries to decipher the events that led to that fateful day. An expanded and reworked production of the hit 2016 Toronto Fringe musical, Life After is a funny and frank story of love, loss and vivid imagination from one of the most exciting new voices in Canadian musical theatre.

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The Magician’s Nephew

An illustration of two children in black and white facing a scene of green foliage and blue sky, with a lion and a winged horse among the leaves

Relaxed performance.

This enchanting trip to Narnia is the must-see family show of the year! In Victorian London, young Digory and his new friend Polly stumble onto a magical portal into another world — but accidentally unleash a dark force that could destroy them all. Packed with stellar performances and spine-tingling music, The Magician’s Nephew is bringing audiences to their feet. Perfect for both Narnia lovers and first-time discoverers of this treasured literary series.

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The Negroes Are Congregating

A person standing against a blank wall, looking directly at the camera and extending a middle finger covered in dripping white paint

Relaxed performance.

The Negroes Are Congregating is a personal and contemporary piece delving into the psyche of generational internalized racism. Delivered through a fusion of spoken word, satire, and soulful dialect, audiences will enter a realm of private truths and leave with an understanding of what it means to be Black, proud, and ready.

Includes a 30 minute long table discussion that will take place after the performance.

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