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A pack of greyhounds wearing colourful jackets racing on a racetrack, kicking up dirt behind them

Relaxed performance. According to what criteria and in whose eyes do we achieve success? Lévriers is a theatrical investigation led by director Sophie Gee and five others who, like her, have remade their lives in Montreal: a Dutch actress, a Québécois dancer, a Rwandan rugby player, an Antillian rapper, and a retired Jewish businessman. Over the course of a creative laboratory, they all look back on their journey and their culture for ways to define success. Beyond North American performance anxiety and individualist worries, a debate is opened that is at once complex, touching, and existential.

A graduate of the National Theatre School, Chinese-Canadian director Sophie Gee develops a unique space of creation, between theatre, dance, research, and contemporary art.

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A Doll’s House, Part 2

Illustration of a person in a red dress in a doorway, encircled by a large gold band. An urn with two fronds sits by the door. The words A Doll's House, Part 2 by Lucas Hnath appear in black on white on the left

In 1879, when Nora left her husband and children at the end of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, her door slam reverberated around the world, creating a storm of controversy; much of it focussed on Ibsen’s clarion call for gender equality.

Lucas Hnath’s new drama begins with a knock on that same door 15 years later, as Nora returns with an urgent request, confronting husband, daughter and the woman who raised her children.

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Raine Hamilton String Trio Saskatchewan Tour

The Raine Hamilton String Trio standing among cedar branches in front of a plain neutral backdrop

This October, the Raine Hamilton String Trio heads out on their first tour with American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation. Raine started presenting concerts with ASL interpretation in 2017, in consultation with the Deaf community. And now her first tour with ASL interpretation is just around the corner! Raine believes that music is for everyone who wants it, and she is working to make concerts and the music community more inclusive.

All of the concerts will be entirely ASL interpreted, with every spoken and sung word interpreted into the visual language. The trio will perform songs from the new album Night Sky, some from the first album, Past Your Past, and some new songs, too.

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October 1 – Indian Head, SK
Grand Theatre, 7:30 PM

October 2 – Hudson Bay, SK
St. Stephens United Church, 7:30 PM

October 3 – Rosthern, SK
Station Arts Centre, 7:30 PM

October 4 – Kindersley, SK
Norman Ritchie Community Centre, 7:30 PM

October 5 – Swift Current, SK
Living Sky Centre, 7:30 PM

October 6 – Saskatoon, SK
The Bassment, 8:00 PM

Polyphonic Ground Concert: Ariko / Gaelynn Lea Album Release

Gaelynn Lea in a colourful wooden chair in a room with green walls

Gaelynn Lea returns to Toronto for an album release concert under the auspices of Polyphonic Ground. The co-presentation with World Fiddle Day Toronto welcomes Ariko to the bill – the dynamic fiddle stylings of the Lefaive sisters. Until now Gaelynn Lea has presented most of her songs using only a few tools: a violin, her voice, and a looping pedal. Her latest effort involves several of Minnesota’s heavy hitters including guitarist Dave Mehling who joins her on tour. Stay tuned for the release of “learning how to stay.”

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May I Take Your Arm?

A digital illustration of two people walking arm in arm through a city street with buildings outlined in yellow. One person is using a white cane. The street is covered in blue outline illustrations of objects found in urban spaces.

A multidisciplinary sound piece integrating walking art, storytelling, and tactile installation co-created by Alex Bulmer, Anna Camilleri, and Tristan R Whiston. Presented by Red Dress Productions.

In a downtown Toronto neighbourhood, blind artist Alex Bulmer takes the arm of community members; together, they walk, listen, and share stories of place. Experience their journeys through this multi-dimensional portrait that considers the past, illuminates the present, and evokes possible futures.

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Precious Little

A photo collage of hands on a pregnant woman's belly, with the eyes, nose and mouth of a gorilla layered on top

Three women across three generations play 10 characters in this ensemble play about the connections we form when language fails us. A 42-year-old lesbian linguist gets unsettling news about her pregnancy. When the grad student she’s dating is no comfort, she turns to two unlikely sources: an elderly speaker of a dying language… and a gorilla at the zoo.

Duration: 90 minutes

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Angels & Aliens

A person with hands folded and an illustrated pair of wings and a halo standing by another person with hands covering their chest and dark contacts concealing the whites of their eyes

Fringe favourites Jeff Leard and Sydney Hayduk team up in this bold comedy to answer the big questions. Questions like: Are we alone in the universe? Are we living in a computer simulation? And what do two irresponsible roommates eat for breakfast the morning after awkward sex?

In short: No. Yes. And eggs.

Duration: 60 minutes

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