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The Hamlet Frequency

A counter line drawing of a skull in hot pink against a purple gradient background

Relaxed performance.

Hamlet has never ceased pacing his way through time towards our 21st Century imagination and we follow him still, one step after another to the inexorable end and all that blood. Meet Hamlet and the rest of the family; mysterious, and mystified, murderous and murdered, still wandering the halls of the theatres that play them. The beautifulyoungartists take the stage and bring all the bodies back to life in The Hamlet Frequency. The grand ghosts of Elsinore stagger to their feet on an electromagnetic wave, ready to start all over again only this time they will grieve, plot and rage through the music of their minds in this reimagining of Shakespeare’s story, choreographed and staged by Denise Clarke with the beautifulyoungartists.

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A Love Letter to Emily C

An illustration of Emily Carr seated, with a small monkey and a mug of paintbrushes on a table beside her, with "A Love Letter to Emily C by Sheri-D Wilson" written in a font resembling brush strokes

A Love Letter to Emily C explores the life and times of Canadian icon and artist Emily Carr. Humorous and moving, this play is an interdisciplinary marvel like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Fall in love with the making of extraordinary art! Experience all the exhilaration an creative brilliance of Emily Carr as she playfully interacts with her monkey Woo. A quirky dialogue between an artist and the creature she adored – it is a fusion of theatre, poetry, visual art and music.

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A Timed Speed Read of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Trial Transcript with Additional Notes

A vintage photograph of a police officer and several people in long coats and hats, standing by large pillars and looking up at the sky

In 1911, 146 people were killed in a fire at the factory of the Triangle Waist Company in New York. The highly contentious trial that followed spurred the public to demand workplace safety reforms and became a touchstone for radical and progressive political movements. At the time, people swore that the victims and the fire would never be forgotten.

Three actors – from another country and century – are tasked with reading from the massive trial transcript as quickly as possible. Despite the speed, they must communicate the key points and central conflicts, while giving insight into the 1911 events and their resonance with the world of today. Can they beat their best time? Can they surprise us? Can they help us remember?

Presented by Surplus Production Unit.

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MesoAmérica Resiste!

An illustration of a variety of animals in a group - some are wearing kerchiefs and some are holding objects like clipboards, papers and a microphone

Presented by the Beehive Design Collective. Come see a mural-sized pen and ink masterpiece that took over nine years to create!

The Beehive Design Collective works as word-to-image translators of complex global stories, shared with us through conversations with affected communities. MesoAmérica Resiste covers resistance to large-scale infrastructure development throughout Southern Mexico and Central America, touching on themes relevant to any community on the front lines of resistance to corporate globalization.

This interactive presentation will feature spoken word rhymes by MC Testament of Test Their Logik.

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Remembering the Winnipeg General

Photograph with a red tint of a large crowd of people pushing on a streetcar that appears to be overturning, wth "Remembering the Winnipeg General" in large white stenciled letters across the top

DaPoPo Theatre presents a staged reading of a new play by Thomas McKechnie.
“So what do we do in divided, fearful times? What do we do with the howling, hopeless, yellow tinged guts in our frail little bodies?”

Winnipeg, 1919. Massive unemployment and inflation. In the wake of the Russian Revolution, workers, many of them newcomers to Canada, unite and effectively shut down the city. Thousands of women act as strikers and strike-breakers. The Citizens’ Committee, representing the city’s ruling class, along with the police, respond with force.

Toronto-based theatre artist Thomas McKechnie, known to Halifax audiences from A Wake For Lost Time and 4 1⁄2 (ig)noble truths, asks us to remember Canada’s landmark strike and consider the price of state-sanctioned violence and systemic oppression.

Halifax actors Madeleine Tench and Kristi Anderson lend voices to the over 40 characters in a staged reading of this rousing new play directed by GaRRy Williams and Keelin Jack.

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Most Imaginary Worlds

A row of people wearing colourful shirts, holding maps or globes, and looking around in different directions

Created by Inside Out Theatre’s Point of View Ensemble Presented by Quest Theatre

A mysterious man lives on a bus, serving ice-cream and wisdom…
A star gazing mermaid floats in the ocean…
A fearsome pirate Captain can’t get her crew to follow her orders…
A student discovers she can control time after an eye-popping chemistry class explosion…

These fantastic characters and more are waiting to be discovered in Inside Out Theatre’s Most Imaginary Worlds. With magical worlds coming to us right from the sparkling, vibrant universe of imaginations of Calgary children with disabilities, Most Imaginary Worlds presents stories of hope, gems of hilarity, battles with equality, and triumphs of the human spirit.

Created by Inside Out’s Point of View Ensemble, Most Imaginary Worlds plays with the Social Model of Disability, which says that “disability” is caused by the way society is organized rather than by a person’s difference. By imagining with young collaborators worlds free of these barriers Inside Out has created on-stage worlds and stories built for their happiness and designed for their success.

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Gaelynn Lea in Concert

An illustration with pink, white and cream coloured flowers with blue leaves along the top against a pale pink background, and "Kickstart's 21st Anniversary Concert and Fundraiser: Gaelynn Lea in Concert" below in mint and white text on a periwinkle blue background

Come celebrate Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture‘s 21st anniversary with a concert featuring a visual arts presentation by Mujtaba Saloojee, a performance by David Roche, and a music by Gaelynn Lea!

VIP tickets include a pre-show cocktail reception with the artists and special VIP seating for the show. Get ready for an amazing silent auction and a signature cocktail for the evening.

Kickstart supports and promotes artists that identify as living with a disability.

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Welcome to My Underworld

A stippled illustration of a person with one arm outstretched, wearing a pale blue dress and standing in front of a leafy tree

Nine blazing hot works written and performed by new Canadian dramatists with gate-crashing ideas, delicious poetry and unique characters woven into a spectacular journey to the Underworld, in search of the self.

These hot new Canadian dramatists bring gatecrashing ideas, serious politics, and fresh bracing language to the stage. They have created current, compelling characters never seen on our stages before, showing us how the very concept of human identity is shifting.

The playwrights include: Bilal Baig, a queer Muslim artist; Ellen Ringler, who has navigated the mental health system; Nikoletta Erdelyi, a young poet who uses a wheelchair, Radha S. Menon, a brazen South Asian British Canadian playwright; Grace Campbell, a fearless writer, performer and visual artist living with a disability, Maddie Bautista, a Saudi Arabia-born Filipino theatre maker and composer/sound designer; Simone Dalton, a queer Trinidadian-Canadian playwright; Samson Brown, is a self described, Jamal Of All Hustles, with a primary focus on trans advocacy and the arts; and Carolyn Heatherington, an 89 year old internationally acclaimed actress who has proven to be an extraordinary playwright.

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Square tents with peaked roofs, lit from inside, in a courtyard at twilight with trees silhouetted against the dark blue sky

Walk through a pop-up city of stories. Comprised of a cluster of tents and 9 local storytellers, Trophy lights up Fernwood Square. Inside each tent, encounter a person who tells the true story of a moment in their life when everything changed. Move through the city of stories, visit as many tents as you feel drawn to. As the day passes, the tents transform into multi-coloured structures covered in stories of change. Trophy is a living monument to the experiences that make up our lives and a compelling conversation about change.

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Jellyfish Are Immortal

Silhouette of a person wearing a jellyfish costume with trailing tentacles against a white background

Welcome to the ocean. Grab a life vest. You’ve just floated upon a theatrical explosion between the self-help aisle and the marine life section of the bookstore in this ted Talk/theatre mashup. A love letter from the academic and the artist to the planet. Jellyfish are Immortal is a bizarre yet thoughtful look at the monsters we see on our screens and the monsters we see within ourselves. We’re going deep, but it’s going to be a party.

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