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An actor wearing an overcoat, hat and holding a suitcase, superimposed over the same actor smiling in formal dress and holding an Oscar, with "Lilia!" in large green letters on the left

Relaxed performance.

Austrian stage actress Lilia Skala flees the Third Reich, escaping to New York City, where she finds herself working in a zipper factory to make ends meet. But the resilient faith that carried her across the ocean brings her back to her passions— the stage and the silver screen—eventually sharing the Oscar stage with Sydney Poitier for her portrayal of the Mother Superior in Lilies of the Field.

Her granddaughter Libby, who has yet to discover the strength within, goes on a journey of her own as she guides us through the incredible life story of her grandmother.

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The Merry Wives of Windsor

Three actors in patterned dresses and towels over their shoulders seated below salon hair dryers, with their hair set in rollers and covered in pink scarves

Pursuing two respectably married women at the same time, a would-be seducer fails to anticipate that his targets will, quite literally, compare notes. Nor has he reckoned on the mischievous spirit in which the wives will use their wits and wiles to teach him the error of his ways.

Set in the 1950s, in a town not unlike Stratford, Ontario, this production brings Shakespeare’s rollicking comedy close to home – and close to our hearts.

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Xenia Concerts: Stephen Prutsman

Stephen Prutsman seated at a piano with a child, in front of an audience of young people

Award-winning pianist and composer Stephen Prutsman has been presenting concerts for families with children on the autism spectrum in San Francisco since 2012. Freedom of movement and conversational interaction between the audience and pianist allows young audience members to engage in new ways and follow the musical storyline of a particular piece of music.

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Night Cows

An actor wearing a cow skull mask crouching on stage in a velvet armchair against a shadowy background lit in blue and purple light

Relaxed performance.

Night Cows begins in the evening. A calf, or baby cow describes her mother as she removes the shackles of the day and society transforming herself into a sensual and grotesque night cow. The mother cow and the baby cow fly into the milky way to wake the crows to get their female history back.

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Night Cows Toronto Fringe Promo from Katey Wattam on Vimeo.


"Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella" in purple glittery letters, by an ornate outline of a glittery puprple pumpkin, against a pink background with white sparkles

With a healthy dose of hilarity, this Tony Award winner combines the timeless songs you know and love with a fresh new take on the beloved fairly tale. Rediscover some of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s most cherished songs, including ‘In My Own Little Corner’, ‘Impossible/It’s Possible’ and ‘Ten Minutes Ago’ as you take in the lavish sets, gorgeous costumes and an array of colorful characters.

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Calendar Girls

Four shirtless people with their backs to the camera and their arms around each other, with yellow sunflowers and sunflower petals. "Calendar Girls" appears on the left in orange letters with sunflowers

Following the death of her husband, Annie and her best friend Chris set out on a mission to raise funds for a new settee for a local hospital. With the help of four friends, the six women pose nude for an “alternative” calendar. The story soon captures the media’s attention and Chris and Annie find themselves testing the strength of their friendship.

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Peter Pan

The silhouette of a person against a green textured background, with "Peter Pan" in glittery gold capital letters

When Wendy, Michael and John find themselves whisked away to Never-you-mind-land by a mysterious flying boy, they have no idea what awaits them: peculiar pirates, a posse of Underdog Kids, a giant ticking crocodile and a very wicked, show-tune loving Captain Hook. This play is full of pop songs, hilarious jokes and encourages you to play along.

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