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Digital Arts Services Symposium 2019

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As technology progressively transforms every facet of society, there is a pressing need for the arts and culture sector to jointly take ownership of its own digital futures.

The 2019 Digital Arts Services Symposium / Symposium des services d’arts numériques (DASSAN19) offers constructive, cross-sectoral dialogues and alliance-building opportunities inspired by pioneering keynote speakers, community salon sessions, professional industry exchanges, hackathon competition with a $5,000 grand prize, and a bootcamp for fledgling devotees to the digital world.

Presented by ArtsPond in association with Agilo Arts and BeMused Network, DASSAN19 is designed to nurture valuable insights for both emerging and experienced producers and technologists alike, with the goal of building a critical digital practice within the arts and culture sector in Canada.

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Home Made Visible Tour

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Indigenous, Black and People of Colour communities are disproportionately underrepresented in all media. How do past images unearthed from personal and institutional archives come to shape new stories?

The Home Made Visible tour brings a personal lens to Indigenous and visible minority archives through FREE exhibitions, screenings, and workshops in libraries across Canada.

More information about Home Made Visible
Home Made Visible Tour – Thunder Bay on Facebook

Arm Yourself with Capitalism’s Tools – A Financial Literacy Crash Course

The arts have a value and cost problem, and most of us don’t know enough about money to parse the difference. We know money is a thing, and yard sales to pay Visa bills aren’t a life-long solution. Financial literacy gets you ahead of the hustle. Answer the money questions you’ve been embarrassed to ask. Learn your money management style through a game. Get budget basics and tools to plan your money month over month. This afternoon-long crash course is led by Kristina Lemieux of Generator and hosted by Haley McGee. Bring a laptop with Google Sheets.

Space in this workshop is limited – RSVP by February 6!

Engaging and Working with ASL/English Interpreters, ASL Coaches and Deaf Consultants in Theatre: A Guide for the Community

A performance’s over-all aesthetic is one of the resounding factors that leads to its success or ultimate failure in the patron’s and critic’s view. Many factors impact this aesthetic when utilizing inclusive measures to incorporate something like American Sign Language (ASL). Where do you find competent theatre skilled Interpreters? How will the performance use them? Should you be using a Deaf Interpreter? What about a Deaf actor on stage? Have you considered the need for a Deaf Consultant or ASL Coach? Did you budget correctly or did you budget at all? …. And most importantly, why are you doing this in the first place?

During this workshop we will delve into these questions and many more. With the current shift towards greater inclusion in the mainstream, we will uncover the truths about access versus inclusion and what that really looks like from the Deaf perspective.

Presenters: Nicole Sander and Catherine Joell MacKinnon

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Cripping the Arts

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Cripping the Arts 2019 is three days of programming – panel discussions, co-creative workshops, exhibitions and performances – animating how Deaf, Mad, and Disability arts and activism changes how we experience art and culture as well as the ways our sector contributes, and leads to, the achievements of disability rights and justice movements.

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We invite you to join us as we explore, debate, and share emerging ideas and practices that relate to themes of representation and new models of leadership, disability culture in an increasingly digital world, and working in solidarity between disability rights, racial justice, decoloniality, and Indigenous sovereignty.

Panel discussions will be live streamed for those unable to attend in person.

Cripping the Arts 2019 is co-hosted by British Council, Creative Users Projects, Tangled Art + Disability, Ryerson University, and Harbourfront Centre.

Generously funded by Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, TD, Canadian Heritage, Re-Vision: Centre for Art and Social Justice and Bodies in Translation.

Youth Assembly

A small group of young people smiling - one person is standing, one is seated and looking to the right, and there are several people out of focus in the foreground and background

The Youth Assembly is a one-day FREE performing arts conference just for young people. Whether you’re curious or passionate about pursuing careers in the performing arts, you can explore various areas of interest through workshops, presentations, and conversation. This is your chance to share ideas, network and build community with fellow emerging arts professionals.

Visit pushfestival.ca/youth for details, or contact Youth Program Coordinator Natalie Tin Yin Gan at youth@pushfestival.ca.

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Intro to Accessible Filmmaking

A film crew on an outdoor set at night. A person on the left is using a smartphone, a person in the middle is using a camera mounted on a tripod, and a person is standing on the right in the foreground

When discussing accessibility in media, Described Video (DV) is often overlooked. Although DV has existed for decades, it has yet to be embraced in the same manner as closed captioning. However, if making your project accessible to the widest audience possible is your goal, DV cannot be overlooked.

In this workshop, run by Accessible Media Inc. described video specialist Simone Cupid, we will explore DV as a concept, its importance, and the art and science behind producing effective description. The workshop will segue into the introduction of Integrated Described Video (IDV), an AMI concept and innovation, whereby description is organically integrated into a project, alleviating the need and implications of a secondary audio track.

More information on the BAFF website