Three people under a black sheet in front of a black background; one person is sipping from a cup with a straw and another is eating popcorn

100 Decibels Presents: Deaflix and Chill

SOUND OFF: A Deaf Theatre Festival

100 Decibels are back with an ALL-NEW show!

100 Decibels is a high-energy physical comedy troupe from Winnipeg that is comprised of a diverse group of Deaf artists. Hailing originally from The Philippines, Manitoba and Poland, these performers have been professionally trained in mime, physical comedy and storytelling by the award-winning Hot Thespian Action’s Shannon Guile. Their aim is not only to entertain audiences with their incredibly crisp and clean physical illusions but to reach-out with the beauty of Deaf Culture and build bridges between the hearing and Deaf worlds.

Warning: Mature content. Not suitable for children.

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