2019 Toronto Fringe Festival Accessible Lottery

Toronto Fringe

What it is: A program to encourage participation in the Toronto Fringe Festival by artists who self-identify as an artist with a disability.

Who it’s for: The project goal is to increase representation of Deaf artists, hard of hearing artists, sick artists, mad artists and/or any artists with a disability at the Toronto Fringe. According to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, defining disability is a complex, evolving matter. The term “disability” covers a broad range and degree of conditions. A disability may have been present at birth, caused by an accident, or developed over time. Only those who have not produced in the Toronto Fringe Festival before are eligible.

Cost to apply: There is no cost to apply.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Accessible Lottery is open to Deaf Artists, Hard of hearing artists, sick artists, mad artists &/or artists with a disability. It is one of the Toronto Fringe Festival’s lottery categories. For more information about the Fringe and the lottery process, please see above.
    Applicants must be currently living in Canada, and have landed immigrant status, permenant residency, or Canadian citizenship.
  • Show run-time must be between 45 and 90 minutes
  • There is no additional fee associated with applying for the Accessibility Lottery. Winners will receive a bursary towards their Toronto Fringe show.
  • Participants are also welcome to apply for the main Fringe lottery and the CDAP lottery (if eligible) in addition to the Accessible lottery.

More information and how to apply on the Toronto Fringe website