Still from The Drummer and the Keeper: A person walking away from a couch ablaze in a vacant lot, with hills and two smokestacks in the background

Act Natural, Same Nightmare and The Drummer and The Keeper

ReelAbilities Film Festival: Toronto

RAFFTO is excited to show two short films Act Natural and Same Nightmare and one feature film, The Drummer and The Keeper!

Thanks to our co-presenting community partners Stop Gap Foundation, Bluenose Ability Arts & Film Festival, Autism Ontario, Rendezvous with Madness presented by Workman Arts. And venue partner, Innis Town Hall at the University of Toronto.

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Act Natural
Dir. Luca Fox | Australia | 4 mins | Narrative
Act Natural is a short film that seeks to exhibit the inner battle that occurs within people with
high- functioning autism as they engage in everyday conversation.

Presented with our community partner, Autism Ontario.

Same Nightmare
Dir. Spencer MacKay | Canada | 8 mins | Narrative
Same Nightmare shows the attitudinal barriers faced by Colby, a high school student (played by
Tyler Hall) yearning to be included.

Presented with our community partners, Bluenose Ability Arts & Film Festival and StopGap Foundation.

The Drummer and the Keeper
Dir. Nick Kelly | Ireland | 93 mins | Narrative
Gabriel is the drummer of an up and coming rock band in Dublin, who when not playing, can
barely keep a handle on his drinking and depression. Following his latest incident, his sister
forces him into a therapy where he strikes up an unlikely friendship with a teen diagnosed with
Asperger’s. What follows is a winning and completely unpredictable story of finding your family.

Presented with our community partners, Autism Ontario, Rendezvous with Madness presented by Workman Arts.