A photograph of two people at a table; one is holding a paintbrush and painting on a piece of paper. The photo is frame with a light blue triangle in the top right and a yellow ink stripe on the bottom left. There is a block of light green and a strip of textured fabric in green and blue to the right. "Afternoon Shift" appears in white lettering on the right side.

Afternoon Shift

Wonder’neath / National AccessAbility Week

In partnership with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Wonder’neath is pleased to announce a free, drop-in pilot program, Afternoon Shift, that is open to youth, their families, friends, and support networks. The atmosphere of the program is relaxed and supportive, with several artist facilitators on hand to guide you through specific techniques or help you get started on an independent project.

Materials are aplenty with a range of drawing and watercolour painting supplies in one area, textile supplies including hand sewing, embroidery and needle felting in another area, and a third table with a changing focus from mixed media collage to printmaking to painting.

Healthy snacks including veggies and cookies are supplied by Pavia Galleria.

More information on the Wonder’neath website