A black background with the words AIDS Candlelight Vigil in white and red

AIDS Candlelight Vigil

Pride Toronto

The Candlelight Vigil is an event many in our community look forward to as a place to come together, talk about the people we love and have loved, and honour those we’ve lost. On Tuesday, June 19, join us in commemorating, reflecting, and remembering the remarkable lives that have been affected by HIV/AIDS. They were fighters, advocates, supporters, caregivers, researchers, and lovers. They are the ones who have passed away and the ones who live on in resiliency. Our individual experiences with HIV/AIDS are vastly different, but together we share a story that shapes our community. The theme of this year’s Vigil is Strength in Communities, so take time during your Pride festivities to hold the torch high with your community.


For more information: AIDS Candlelight Vigil at Pride Toronto, AIDS Candlelight Vigil on Facebook and the AIDS Vigil Toronto website.