Still from "Anne+" - two smiling people on a cruiser bike emerging from a concrete tunnel


Inside Out 2019

When it comes to queer women and dating, we often recognize universal rites of passage: first love, the older woman, the closeted—or the wild—one.

In this smart, sexy new web series from the Netherlands, Anne is looking back on her liaisons with various girlfriends,as she moves into a new apartment. Each episode features one of Anne’s past relationships, from its swoony beginnings to the depressing, frustrating,or inevitable end. Along the way, Anne learns a great deal about herself and what she wants.

This series takes an honest, funny look at what it means to be young and in love. And as Anne works her way through her past romances, you just might recognize some of your own ex-girlfriends.

All six episodes of Anne+ will be screened in this program.

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