An illustration of a blue hand with thumb, index and pinky fingers extended and middle and ring fingers folded. There is a sailboat on the folded fingers, and the hand has a cream cuff that reads "Adventure on the Deaf High Seas." There are three red apples on the bright yellow background, and "Apple Time" appears in red on a mint green scroll at the top.

Apple Time

SOUND OFF: A Deaf Theatre Festival

From the creators of the smash hit Deaf Crows comes a brand new show, Apple Time!

The play is a bridge to all realms: a magical, liminal ‘third’ space, in which Deaf, Hard of Hearing, locals, newcomers, oral and signing come together to create entire new worlds. Blending puppetry and ASL poetry with traditional Deaf storytelling and ensemble theatre, Apple Time invites you on a mythical journey of immigration and migration on the Deaf high seas. This event is accessible to all audience members regardless of language spoken.

Presented by Deaf Crows Collective.

** Stay after the 6:45 PM performance on February 17 for a talk-back with the artists!

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