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Audition Notice: Teenage Dick by Mike Lew

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Deadline: accepting submissions until the roles are filled

Play: Teenage Dick by Mike Lew
Director: Darcy Evans
Production Dates: August 27 – October 3, 2020
Audition Location: Calgary, Alberta, or video auditions can be arranged for those who are out of town.

About the play
The high stakes tragedy and political drama of Shakespeare’s Richard III are transported to the hallways of a contemporary High School. The play’s brilliant, charismatic anti-hero is Dick. Tired of being bullied for his cerebral palsy, he decides to cut a ruthless path to power in a high-stakes student council election. Aided by his wheelchair using bestfriend Buck, he seeks to seduce the most popular girl in school while overthrowing bullish Eddie from his station as student council president. Dick’s razor-sharp wit, charm and persuasion are in full force right up to the play’s explosive conclusion. Produced in association with The Shakespeare Company and Hit & Myth Productions, this marks the Canadian premiere of Mike Lew’s Teenage Dick.

More information and how to apply
Audition notice (PDF)