Photo illustration of an astrology circle, crystals, and the phases of the moon


Toronto Animated Image Society

Animated short films on the theme of witchcraft and ritual

Deadline: May 25, 2018 (by midnight)

The Toronto Animated Image Society seeks submissions for Bewitched, a touring programme of animated short films that focus on the potential for a decolonial future through the practice of witchcraft and ritual.

This project is premised on the idea that within the current global political and sociocultural climate there is a stronger presence of occult practices in everyday conversations and the media. Bewitched aims to delve into the politics of the occult and the role it plays in the process of healing and decolonizing one’s mind and body.

Crystal healing, cleansing rituals, Reiki, witchcraft, and other practices have risen in popularity. Guest curator Geneviève Wallen is seeking animated works that address, directly or indirectly, how these practices allow for spiritual connections and reclaiming ancestral gifts. Wallen is especially interested in exploring how the occult and magical practices function outside of colonial histories, and tap into ancestral knowledge.

Historically, witchcraft and healing rituals have helped to sustain communities and fight against oppression. The spiritual impacts of these activities offer agency to those seeking cultural reclamation and reconciliation across a wide spectrum of oppressed communities. The practices are also tools for self-love and empowerment, and source of communal sustenance.

This call prioritizes artists that are Indigenous, Black, persons of colour, cis women, gender diverse people, LGBTQ2+, people with disabilities, or from other underserved communities. TAIS recognizes that all individuals are intersectional.

Visit the Toronto Animated Image Society’s website for more details and to submit your film.