An illustration of a birtch tree with roots, and a swing hanging from a branch tied with red string. "Broken Branches - Brothers. Sisters. Survival." appears in burgundy block letters

Broken Branches

CreateTruth Productions / Workman Arts

Rachel runs away with her daughter, arriving unexpectedly at her childhood home; Jade spends more nights in the college art studio than she does in her own bedroom; the sudden reappearance of Josh’s mother forces him to take a hard look at his life. Now all three of them must confront the truth about their childhood, as its impact on their adult lives is revealed.

Broken Branches exposes a side of family life, often hidden in plain sight. Siblings are our playmates, role models, and rivals. They define who we are, perhaps more than our parents. But what happens when sibling conflict crosses a line into something cruel, even dangerous? When the bully lives in the same house, babysits younger siblings, shares a bedroom?

Through the pain, humour, and reality of family dynamics⁠—and the resiliency of the human spirit⁠—Broken Branches makes the invisible visible, and will forever change the way we see sibling relationships.

Brothers. Sisters. Survival.

Audience Advisory: There are references to childhood abuse from siblings and its aftermath, including mental health issues, addiction and self-harm.

Some performances will be followed by talkback discussions.

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