An illustration of a person standing in front of a large gold-framed painting in the style of the Group of Seven, with "Assassinating Thomson" in bright red letters resembling dripping paint

Bruce Horak – Assassinating Thomson

Tangled Art + Disability

In his critically acclaimed one-person performance, Horak paints a portrait of the entire audience while simultaneously telling the story of how he came to be a visually impaired visual artist, revealing his deep love of Canadian Art History, and unravelling the mystery of who killed Canadian Art icon, Tom Thomson. A 60 minute performance, followed by a live auction of the portrait.

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About the Artist
At the age of 18 months Bruce Horak lost over 90% of his eyesight to Cancer and identifies as Legally Blind/Visually Impaired. Using assistive technology, acrylic, oil, and canvas his paintings celebrate the vision which remains by delighting in the play of light and shadow.