A woman on a darkened stage, lit by a spotlight



bug is a timely reflection on the cycles of abuse and addiction in which too many Indigenous women in contemporary Canada find themselves. Yolanda Bonnell, an exciting young performer and playwright of Ojibwe and South Asian descent, was named one of NOW Magazine’s Toronto theatre artists to watch in 2017. Bonnell gives life to this story with visibility and resilience through poetry, prose, and song.

bug is a solo physical theatre piece about the life of The Girl; taken from her alcoholic Mother and cycled through the damaging foster care system, The Girl develops an addictive personality that clings to anything that gives her power or makes her feel loved. As The Girl grows so do her addictions and they manifest as the creature Manidoons (Ojibway word for bug, insect or worm). When Manidoons takes over her addictions become more and more dangerous.

There will be a post show talk with Yolanda Bonnell following each performance.

For more information: bug at Luminato

You canĀ purchase tickets onlineĀ or call the Luminato Box Office at 416 368 3100 x254. TTY calls from all Relay Service Providers accepted.

June 23 at 1:00 PM
June 23 at 6:00 PM