A group of seven actors on a brightly lit stage in front of a black background with two large mirrors. The floor of the stage is made of wooden planks in a zig zag pattern and there are three piles of what appear to be dirt in the foreground. The actors are all in animated poses, some with arms outstretched

Prince Hamlet

Canadian Stage

Ravi Jain’s remixed, reimagined, and bilingual Prince Hamlet features a cross-cultural, gender-flipped cast, challenging conventional ideas of who gets to tell this story. Struggling with the death of his royal father and his mother’s hasty re-marriage to his uncle — and murderer of the king — Hamlet undertakes the harrowing task of avenging his father’s untimely death. Combining spoken word and American Sign Language, this groundbreaking production creates a fully integrated retelling for both hearing and Deaf audiences.

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