A Baltimore police officer standing by an open car door and holding a radio

Charm City

Human Rights Film Festival

With a deep rooted history of economic instability, racism and segregation, Baltimore has been plagued by high homicide rates, police brutality and gang violence. The discriminatory laws and escalating street violence has aggravated the animosity between Baltimore’s citizens and police, inflicting further violence upon an already vulnerable community. In Charm City, Marilyn Ness offers an exhaustive and nuanced portrait of the city’s residents, police officers, social workers and government officials. Capturing her subjects’ day-to-day activities, Ness explores the complex relationship between Baltimore’s law enforcement and its residents, showing a fervent collective effort to break the vicious circle of violence. Visually striking and emotionally stirring, Charm City proves change is difficult; yet possible.

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Broken Windows: In post-Ferguson St. Louis, angry protests erupt after the acquittal of a white policeman in the fatal shooting of a black man. In the wake of the protests, artists come together to help a St. Louis community heal.