Performers in a row with their hand on the head of the performer beside them, while another performer hangs in a hoop above. "Circus Sessions" appears across the center on a torn strip of paper

Circus Sessions – Professional Artists

Femmes du Feu

Circus Sessions is a weeklong circus laboratory and think-tank that will offer a small group of contemporary circus artists the opportunity to work with internationally renowned circus artist/ instructor/ researcher. For the first time, this year Circus Sessions will run for two weeks – one for emerging artists and one for professional artists.

You are invited to join artists and mentors in a showing that will feature the week’s explorations.

More information on the Femmes du Feu website

Michelle Man (mentor)
Stacie Dunlop
Tania Marin
Sara Torrie
Samantha Halas
Jessie Fraser
Allara Gooliaff
Raquel Madrid
Coco Framboise
Jessica John
Kiki Belle
Winnie (Natalie Fullerton)
Kook (Angola Murdoch)