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Coming Into Our Own: Youth Shorts

Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Emerging queer, trans and gender non-conforming youth meet their lives head on in this collection of short films that showcase the diversity of experiences that they face every day with ingenuity, determination and humour. First Day features eleven year old trans actor Evie McDonald as a young trans girl who stares down bullies in her new school. In Spermaceti, a young man comes of age on a whaling ship, mesmerized by the men who lead him into initiation. 2017 Gerry Award Winner Linnea Ritland’s Amateur Dramatics is a gay teen twist on Romeo and Juliet, and Les lèvres gercées poignantly illustrates it’s own heartbreak between a gender non-conforming teenager and their mother. Anemone features the bright and bold coming of age of a young African British immigrant who challenges their family’s expectations with flair. In We Can Be Heroes, coming out to your friends is a struggle and joy all in itself; in Misdirection, falling in love with a friend poses its own complications. And the sweet and tender Maybe is a delightful exploration of a young crush leading to self discovery. This year’s Youth Gala is as dynamic and engaging as our young leaders can be.

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First Day | English
Spermaceti | No dialogue
Amateur Dramatics | English
Les lèvres gercées | French with English Subtitles
Anemone | English
We Can Be Heroes | French with English Subtitles
Misdirection | English
Maybe | English