A child colouring on a series of multicolour artworks with a green marker

Community Youth Program

Indefinite Arts Centre

Participants in the after school art program will be offered exciting and fun art instruction employing a broad range of techniques and mediums. Artists will be given a chance to build their knowledge of the foundations of art, art history, and technical art making skills in mediums such as painting, sculpture and ceramics. This semester will explore diverse ways of working and will feature a special workshop by IAC artist Andrew Harding, where students will create plaster works while blindfolded.

Over the course of thirteen classes participants will receive age appropriate art education in a fun and encouraging environment. Young artists with disabilities are warmly welcomed and encouraged to participate in this mixed abilities class. All materials will be provided.

Classes will run September 10th to December 3rd with no breaks.

Registration is open until September 9 or until the class is full. Register at info@ourIAC.ca or by calling 403-253-3174.

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