Three people on a stage lit deep orange with a lighter orange spotlight on the backdrop

Dancing Without Excuses or Limits!

Cinédanse 2019

Double program with Shara Weaver (Ottawa) and Lazylegz (Montréal).

On our stages and screens, in the city as in the countryside, professional dance is reinventing itself. More and more artists who practice the ritual of dance are giving it a new social significance. Some invite young people from diverse abilities and backgrounds to be part of dance companies, to present works that transcend their physical state, and help redefine expectations.

Discover, through the three films of this double-program, how Ottawa choreographer Shara Weaver and her company Propeller Dance, LazyLegz of Montreal and the French Virginie Combet breathe new life into dance.

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A film by Propeller Dance (Ottawa)

Circuit explores societal and individual transformation, a journey through lands past and present. It is a call to get out of our heads and back to the heart of why we exist. Circuit is Propeller Dance’s premiere dance film, the result of a soulful collaboration with DRUMHAND.

Le pays où tout est à prendre au sérieux
A film by Virginie Combet

This film is the result of a year-long choreographic and cinematographic work with adolescents hospitalized in two psychiatric departments in France, Paris and Marseille. It is co-written and interpreted by them.

“Pas d’excuses, pas de limites” with Lazylegz (Montréal)
A film by Christian Lalumière

Lazylegz, a professional b-boy, has a condition that makes it almost impossible to use his legs. Pas d’excuses, pas de limites tells his incredible journey and his commitment to young people through his Project RAD, which trains urban-dance teachers how to work with children with physical and intellectual challenges. This film is in French only.