A composite image with a photograph of small pieces of white paper with black writing on a blue paint-streaked wall, an aqua band across the middle with Deaf Slam Poetry with Sage Lovell in black, and a photo of a person on a stage in pinkish light

Deaf Slam Poetry with Sage Lovell

Deaf Spectrum / Paperhouse Outreach Collective

Experience the visual-tactile beauty of American Sign Language (ASL) through Signed Poetry. Create new written works and witness them being transformed into life through the dance of our hands.

TTC tokens / tickets available for youth (13 – 29). Healthy snacks!

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*Deaf Slam Poetry is part of XYZines — a 4 month zine, artist book, and digital residency at the Cedarbrae Library, as part of the Artist in Library programme. XYZines is in partnership with Paperhouse Outreach Collective, Facing History and Ourselves, Toronto Art Book Fair and Koffler.Digital and is funded by Toronto Arts Council, Canada Council of the Arts with support from Facing History and Ourselves and Koffler Centre of the Arts.

Sage Lovell is a Queer Nonbinary Canadian Deaf Artist who likes to work their magic using different art mediums to shift perspectives and spaces. As an individual who works across multiple disciplines; it is essential for them to incorporate their passions of film, languages, theatre, and accessibility into pieces of art. deafspectrum.com

Photo credit: Alex Filipe