A black and white illustration, with red accents, on a cream textured background. A typewriter sits at the bottom centre on a red background, surrounded by illustrations of a persons head and torso, a large sword in black and red in the centre of the frame, and a person wearing a red sweater under a black jacket with their hand on a bannister. There are outlines of old fashioned weapons arranged around the typewriter


Vertigo Theatre / Inside Out Theatre

Relaxed performance.

Sidney Bruhl is languishing in his Connecticut home, struggling to overcome a bout of writer’s block that has seen his Broadway success turn to near bankruptcy. But the answer may have just arrived when Sidney receives a fantastic script written by his former student, Clifford Anderson. Anderson just wants his old mentor’s opinion, but Sidney will do whatever it takes to get back on Broadway. The DEATHTRAP has been set…but who will come out on top in this spine-chilling thriller?

Presented in partnership with Inside Out Theatre’s Good Host Program.

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