Photo of DJ Kurs

DJ Kurs Workshop: Performing ASL/English Theatre

Citadel Theatre / SOUND OFF: A Deaf Theatre Festival

Citadel Theatre and SOUND OFF: A Deaf Theatre Festival are excited to welcome DJ Kurs, Artistic Director of Deaf West Theatre (Los Angeles), to Edmonton for a one-day theatre workshop on producing and performing integrated ASL/English Theatre with Deaf and hearing creators/performers for Deaf and hearing audiences.

The group will discuss:

  • How to go about creating a new piece of ASL/English theatre, including script adaptation, best practices and methodology;
  • Working together in the rehearsal room and backstage;
  • Preparing staff and building;
  • Challenges & successes in creating ASL/English theatre;
  • The way forward for Deaf Theatre practice in Canada and beyond.

This workshop will be a great tool for professional hearing actors and creators who are curious about the Deaf arts and who want to learn more about producing ASL theatre, as well as professional Deaf actors and creators who want to explore creating integrated work and sharing practices.

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