A group of teenagers standing in the shade of some trees


Rendezvous With Madness Festival

Open captioned.

A group of teenagers rob a convenience store in the affluent suburb of Karaj, Iran—not out of need but sheer boredom. They boast about their perfect crime until one of them realizes that the videotape from the security camera is still at the store. They decide that Golsa, a girl from a much more modest family compared to her friends, will take the risk and retrieve the tape. But was she ever given a choice? Or was this predicated by Golsa’s background long before the incident even occurred? Through Golsa’s story, Pooya Badkoobeh scrutinizes the rigorous class divisions of Iranian society.

Screening to be followed by a panel discussion in English & Farsi. 95 minutes. Canadian premiere.

گروهي نوجوان در يكي از مناطق مرفه مسكوني حوالي كرج جهت سرگرمي و تفريخ دست به دزدي در يك بقالي ميزنند. زمانيكه مشغول به فخر فروشى بودند ناگهان متوجه ميشوند كه سرقتشان در دوربين مغازه ثبت شده است. از ميان خود گلسا را كه از رفاه مالي كمتري نسبت به ديگران برخوار بود مسئول بازگشت به مغازه و تصاحب فيلم ميكنند. آيا به أو حق انتخاب داده اند؟ و شايد به جهت وضع مالي خانوادگيش أو را كانديدا ى مناسبي مي بينند. با بازگويي داستان گلسا، پويا بادكوبه به بررسي پيچيدگي هاي مسائل طبقاتي در ايران ميپردازد.

More information and tickets

Pre-Film Reception hosted by Iranian Canadian Resource Centre. To reserve your $20 ticket (includes dessert, art, socializing & film) please contact I2CRC at 416.388.9314 or I2CRC@I2CRC.org. Note: Tickets bought via Eventbrite are for the film only (no pre-film reception)