A person wearing black latex gloves and a black baseball cap with "Strong Resilient Indigenous" in white block letters, working on a tattoo on a person with a red baseball cap

Earthline Tattoo Demonstration and Discussion

IOTA Institute

The Earthline Tattoo Collective, in partnership with IOTA Institute, will be hosting a public tattoo demonstration. The event will start at 2 PM with an introduction from Dion Kaszas and will feature a hand poked tattoo demonstration done by Jordan Bennett.

The demonstration will be followed by a conversation with the cultural tattoo practitioners of Earthline Tattoo Collective: Jordan Bennett, Amy Malbeuf, Dion Kaszas, and Amberley John. This event takes place one month after the new Safe Body Art Act has come into action in Nova Scotia and will be followed by a conversation and question period on health and safety practices and the creation of safe spaces when teaching traditional Indigenous tattooing.

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