A person standing by a bed in a dimly light room, holding the hand of another person lying in the bed. There is a gold-framed portrait of a couple on the wall with a rosary hanging from it.

El Espanto (The Dread)

Rendezvous With Madness Festival

Open captioned.

The residents of a remote village in Argentina have a unique talent: they can heal almost all diseases. Why would they seek doctors’ help when they can cure ailments with incantations, frogs, ropes and even text messages? But there is one affliction that they are not willing to treat: Espanto, the Dread. This rare illness affects mostly women and can only be cured by a mysterious old man named Jorge, whose methods are unknown but deemed to be effective. So why won’t the local men allow their wives visit Jorge? This witty documentary digs deep into the secrets of the villagers to unravel some of the unspoken truths behind their mentality.

67 minutes. North American premiere.

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