An Arduino circuit board connected to an ethernet cable, wires, an LCD screen and LED lights

Embodying the Mal/function

Tangled Art + Disability / InterAccess

Join artist and maker seb pines in a discussion and experimental workshop about the intersections of physical computing and disability.

Following the completion of their wearable project shrt C1RCU1T, seb will talk with participants about their process in creating the piece and talking about the possibilities of using mal/functioning tech to talk about the dis/abled body.

Participants will collaboratively work with sensors, LEDs, motors, and other physical computing components and discuss how these forms of tech can be stand ins for body parts and the experiences of the disabled body, creating a number of malfunctioning hardware pieces.

With a focus on being beginner friendly to those new to Arduino, the workshop will begin with a breakdown of the kinds of things different components can do and how we can see parallels between them to parts of the human body. Working from these parallels we will experiment with creating malfunctioning tech and how it can communicate the different ways a body can work and move.

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About the Instructor: seb pines is a queer multi-disciplinary artist/maker and academic. They hold a BFA from OCADu and are currently pursuing a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studio Arts with a focus in queer play in roleplaying games. They work around themes of queerness, embodiment, storytelling, failure, and cripping tech.