Still from "From Zero to I Love You" - two people embracing with their foreheads together in a darkened alleyway

From Zero to I Love You

Inside Out 2019

In this entertaining romantic dramedy, commitment-phobic Pete (Darryl Stephens, Noah’s Arc) and married-with-children Jack unexpectedly fall for each other, and life becomes suddenly complicated.

Pete, a gay man living in Philadelphia, has a history of involvement with married men. Enter Jack, with a wife and kids in the suburbs. When sparks fly, Pete must ask himself if he can handle yet another relationship with a married man, while Jack will have to decide if he’s ready to leave his wife. As Pete nears his decision, an opportunity arises that causes him to question whether he is better off with,or without, Jack.

Featuring strong chemistry between the leads, director Doug Spearman (Hot Guys with Guns) creates authentic characters in this highly engaging,obstacle-filled romance.

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