Two actors in character as Gertrude Stein and Alice B Toklas, in front of a white background with painted letters in teal blue and bright green

Gertrude and Alice

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Visiting the audience in the present day, Gertrude and Alice come to find out how history has treated them. The couple recounts stories of their 40-year marriage, of meetings with iconic artists and writers, and of Alice’s overwhelming, consuming devotion to Gertrude’s genius. Before they leave, they want to find out what has become of their artistic and cultural influence, and how their lives and work are – or are not – remembered.

Nominated for three Dora Awards and recently published by Playwrights Canada Press, the beloved story of Gertrude and Alice returns to the Buddies stage with a new production design from celebrated visual artist Sherri Hay. As our queer heroes chart their influence and legacy in their own artistic moment, the 21st century art installation in which they find themselves evolves at an almost-imperceptible yet constant pace, creating a stunning visual metaphor for the questions the play explores.

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