An illustration of a scene from the Ghostbusters movie, with a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, illuminated by the green rays of the proton guns held by the four ghostbusters in the foreground. The Ghostbusters logo appears in red and white with The Movie Experience beneath

Ghostbusters – The Movie Experience

The Secret Sessions

The Movie Experience, brought to you by The Secret Sessions, is a one of a kind experience that fuses live theatre and cinema together to truly bring films to life right before your eyes. Let us transport you to New York City in 1984 for a never before seen look inside Ghostbusters’ headquarters. Ghostbusters – The Movie Experience is a slime filled adventure you don’t want to miss.

While this is a participatory event, you are not expected to act, but you will have the opportunity to interact with characters around you. In addition, you are expected to dress the part! Bring out your finest 1980s attire and dress to impress. More detailed instructions about the dress code will be sent to you upon purchase of your ticket.

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