Two people wearing masks and latex shirts and pants crouched on a sidewalk at night

Have We Met Before?

Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Longing, loneliness, serendipity, missed connections and parallel lives are the themes explored throughout this charming short film program. Have We Met Before? documents the history of queer men’s hook-up culture, from bathrooms, cruising and the hanky code to internet chat rooms and dating apps. Spectrum follows a diverse cast of characters through a single night in Manchester’s gay village; for some it’s their first night out of the closet and in the village, for others it’s a familiar haunt with old friends. Finally, In The Dark is a peek into the sexy basement of a Berlin cruise bar, where lovers find their desires piqued and their curiosities stimulated.

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Have We Met Before? | English
Spectrum | English
In The Dark | No dialogue