Promotional image for House of Mirrors at Luminato - with a diagonal grid of reflected photos of a hallway of pillars with lights strung between them

House of Mirrors

Luminato 2019

Relaxed performance.

From Narcissus to Alice, reflections have fascinated and intrigued us throughout the ages.

House of Mirrors is a reality-bending, sensory-altering, mind-dizzying experience that has enchanted audiences across the southern hemisphere. Sitting at over 12.5ft and weighing in at over 55 tonnes, this reflective wonder makes its North American debut, taking Toronto by storm, simultaneously mesmerizing, disorienting and delighting Luminato audiences.

Optical illusions meet vanity in this house-sized kaleidoscope where reflections are fragmented: shadow, ghost, stranger, or is it just you? Nothing is what it seems as you stumble around thousands of bewildering reflections.

Seeing is believing…or is it?

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