Portrait of Scott Jones looking up into the sky

Love, Scott

Human Rights Film Festival

After leaving a bar in a small town in Nova Scotia, musician Scott Jones was stabbed in the back for being openly gay. The violent attack left him paralyzed from the waist down. While Scott’s assailant was convicted, he was never charged with a hate crime – a widespread occurrence in Canada. Three years after the attack, Scott’s friend and director Laura Marie Wayne shares Scott’s story in her debut documentary Love, Scott. Juggling between the past and the present, the film eloquently conveys Scott’s experience living as a gay man in a small town, surviving the brutal attack and fighting for justice. Having created his own choir, Scott campaigns against homophobia, inciting positive change through love, dialogue and art. Featuring intimate interviews, archival footage and moving music, Wayne’s documentary encompasses different stages of Scott’s life to show one man’s transformation and resilience.

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Screening with: Being Okey accompanies a gay Nigerian as he waits for the response to his second asylum request. Okey reveals what it is like to live in Switzerland where homosexuality is legal but where he is not allowed to stay. And what it means to live in constant fear of being deported to Nigeria where he is considered a criminal just because of who he is. English, Swiss German with English subtitles.