A person in shades of blue with bright yellow lines superimposed over their hair, set against a grey background with illustrations of white branches

I Call myself Princess

Native Earth Performing Arts

A Paper Canoe Projects and Cahoots Theatre production in association with Native Earth.

When William, a modern-day Métis music student, is handed a 1918 opera about Creek/Cherokee Mezzo Soprano Tsianina Redfeather, he learns more than just an aria as he begins to unravel the complex circumstances faced by Indigenous performers past and present. Seen and Unseen worlds collide as Tsianina appears to William, the two learning from each other as he makes a decision about his future as an artist. Combining drama, biography, and contemporary opera, this interdisciplinary work explores the tension between representation, inspiration and cultural appropriation. Written by Jani Lauzon.

I Call myself Princess is inspired by, and features music from, Shanewis: The Robin Woman, the real opera about Tsianina Redfeather composed by her creative partner Charles Wakefield Cadman, an American composer in the early 1900’s who was part of a musical movement using Indigenous music to create a distinct North American musical identity.

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