Promo image for "I Walked the Line" with an overexposed photo of a person holding a sign that reads "Union 50 Days Strong"

I Walked the Line

Chinook Series

Relaxed performance.

Vancouver-based professional actor Allan Morgan hit a dry spell and did what most actors do in that situation: he got another job. I Walked the Line is an autobiographical 70-minute solo show encapsulating Morgan’s shift from unemployed “downtown gay actor guy” to real life suburban union hall mailroom clerk. Allan took a position in the mailroom of a union headquarters building. He enjoyed the experience and his colleagues, embracing his new role with the same enthusiasm and dedication that he had applied to his life in theatre productions. But suddenly he and his colleagues were locked out by the union management. This is Allan’s personal story of being locked out by a union, of the strike, and of his experiences in keeping spirits up while soles, and souls, are fraying.

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