Still from the animated film of Biidaaban, wearing glasses and a coat with the hood up, against a dark snowy background

Short Films – Relaxed Screening

imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival

Relaxed screening.

Carrizos — 12 minutes, Spanish/Mixtec with English subtitles
Carmen and her grandparents live in Oaxaca’s Mixtec region. When a drought threatens her family’s livelihood, Carmen finds a practical – yet profound – way to make it rain.

HOOGHAN — 10 minutes, English/Navajo with English subtitles
Larry A. Lowe and Carmelita B. Lowe talk about the history of their homestead as we witness the construction of a Hogan, a traditional Navajo home.

Tama — 9 minutes
Struggling with the realities of living with a broken father, a deaf boy finds courage and strength in his culture, which holds promise to heal his family’s wounds.

Qilliqtu (Shiny Object) — 5 minutes
Kevin Joseph Tikivik makes insightful and beautiful use of archival footage while reflecting on both his cultural teachings and personal struggles.

Gobmemáinnas — 7 minutes, Sámi with English subtitles
Storyteller Áslat Pieski shares a gripping story from his childhood. As a young, Sami boy, his usual trip home from the store turns into a chase when he realizes he isn’t alone.

Mahiganiec (Baby Wolf) — 5 minutes, Anishinaabe with English subtitles
A grandmother sits around the campfire telling her grandchildren about a young girl who was raised by a wolf. When the young girl is found by a woman, the worlds of wolf and human collide.

Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes) — 18 minutes
Biidaaban, a young, Anishinabe maple harvester, defies the rules of time, space and gender in this compelling and beautiful stop motion short, told through different times and dimensions. Biidaaban carries on the tradition of harvesting maple syrup in present time in urban Ontario with help from her friends, including Sabe, an ancient shapeshifter.

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Image: still from Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes).