A film crew on an outdoor set at night. A person on the left is using a smartphone, a person in the middle is using a camera mounted on a tripod, and a person is standing on the right in the foreground

Intro to Accessible Filmmaking

Bluenose-Ability Film Festival (BAFF)

When discussing accessibility in media, Described Video (DV) is often overlooked. Although DV has existed for decades, it has yet to be embraced in the same manner as closed captioning. However, if making your project accessible to the widest audience possible is your goal, DV cannot be overlooked.

In this workshop, run by Accessible Media Inc. described video specialist Simone Cupid, we will explore DV as a concept, its importance, and the art and science behind producing effective description. The workshop will segue into the introduction of Integrated Described Video (IDV), an AMI concept and innovation, whereby description is organically integrated into a project, alleviating the need and implications of a secondary audio track.

More information on the BAFF website