All Bodies Dance Project on stage. Photo credit: Chris Randle.

Intro to Inclusive Choreography

InterdepenDance Collective / All Bodies Dance Project

About All Bodies Dance Project: “Our work brings together artists with and without disabilities to explore the endless creative possibilities in difference. We seek to make opportunities for every body to discover dance and for artists with disabilities (and without) to access dance training. We want to widen the spectrum of who dances and what dance can be.”

Workshop topics include: ideas for choreographing difference and relationship, tools for collaborative composition, tips on how to direct in integrated dance (even if you are rotating the role in a collective), and examples of nonvisual ways of presenting dance.

Optional performance: Workshop participants are invited to be part of a group sharing (informal performance) during the Integrated Dance Forum on Sunday February 16th at Gordon Head Recreation Centre at 11:30am.

More information and registration form (Google Form)