Still from "Jack and Yaya" - two people looking out at the ocean at sunset

Jack & Yaya

Inside Out 2019

Growing up trans in a rural community can feel isolating and lonely. But Jack and Yaya, who grew up with neighbouring backyards, had each other every step of the way. Years later, despite living in separate States, they remain best friends.

Jack, only a few years into his transition, struggles to decide whether to move forward with gender-affirming surgery, while Yaya tackles the bureaucratic nightmare of legally changing her name in New Jersey, an eighteen-step ordeal. Through Skype calls and visits, Jack and Yaya are behind each other for every setback and every milestone.

Drawing on home videos and conversations with their eclectic cast of friends and family, Jack & Yaya proves that hardships and distance are no match for a friendship that seemed destined from the start.

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