A group of children in an interior hallway facing away from the camera - one child has their arm around a shorter child

Junha’s Planet

Rendezvous With Madness / Workman Arts

Junha is a 4th grader who doesn’t make friends easily. Afraid he will attack or spit on them, his classmates keep their distance. Junha’s teachers spend most of their time with Junha trying to discipline him or simply understand why he behaves the way he does. But Junha lives on the Autism spectrum: he has little to no control over his impulses. Concerned parents of Junha’s peers question whether he should be educated in the same environment as their kids. While the school advocates for Autism awareness and encourages children to support Junha, many lose their patience. Including Junha. Junha’s Planet is a quiet and powerful observational documentary that addresses some of the most pressing issues at the intersection of disability and education.

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Autism in Ontario
After experiencing Junha’s Planet and the realities of autism education in South Korea, join a panel of educators, parents and advocates to discuss the current state of autism spectrum disorder support in Ontario. How can we support those living on the spectrum as well as the families and educators here at home?

Geoff Pevere, Moderator
Esther Rhee, National Program Director of Autism Speaks Canada
Azed Majeed, Parent & Autism Activist